[tS] Is Now Reforming

Hi guys, as i stated in previous posts on this website, [tS] disbanded becuase of cancerous attitudes with certain people (i wont name any names here).

But we are now after a long break coming back to the GvG scene to take it with storm, we have one of the most stacked rosters in GvG history and if i was [Ash] i would be afraid of the number 1 spot as a GvG Guild.

We are going to reshape the meta as we know it, invent new strategies, new comps and so much more.

We are going in with a vision of teaching new guilds the ways, we will keep this community alive, i promise you.

Accepting all challenges, new guilds, old guilds. Everyone, we will defeat you.


 We have spots open for Thief and Daredevil, whisper "Ajaze" in game with the message "rope" to start your application!

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[Ash] will gladly shit roll your shit roster, literally [KISS] has a better fucking roster than you shitbags.

but im sure your only response will be


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CAN someone PLEASE ban this fucking impersonator?

His ruining my guilds rep.

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//Banned - Imposter IP


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