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  2. Understand why SBI getting arsed kick keep sticking to their condi and siege humping ,gotta come out to play or you lose
  3. We only been back for a few days but he small-scale fights have been fun as well as picking off parts of zergs. Hopefully next matchup brings even more roamers o7.
  4. Everyone dead in here cant see any chest beating ,calling a blob draw?
  5. clash of clans because my wife commanded me to.
  6. MagCloud is meta Kings of NA
  7. Hey all, thanks for the fun @home bl. Hi to Gandara and Kodash. Why we in water shot is because I fell from the bridge and so had to make do by asking everyone to jump in with me. haha
  8. Fun roaming fights this week. Cheers
  9. Yesterday
  10. Those AC's on that wall were a troll move as a reaction to what we were facing.... so yeah... go figure. Today was on the other hand not great at all. It like Iv said once before, when we have good commanders leading big pug blobs we do fine, when guilds go closed squads things do tend to fall apart. Mostly because the closed tags are small, and none from the other servers will respect that so they get zerg stomped. Kuddos to the few that still practice GVG, but thats an exception.
  11. Yeah there is. CD + link is prob always gonna be the lowest of the low but that makes it fun imo
  12. depends on the day Mag pubs on like reset night are literally the worst. The weekday regulars are good.
  13. almost 2 week old thread... lol
  14. Wow guys, seven servers and not even a full page. Way to suck
  15. So Jarvan. Who does cloud better, barcode or mag pugs?
  16. Anyone thinking of trying out Dauntless whenever it becomes available? I'm a sucker for Mon Hun games, but the Switch is failing me with no MH title. It looks similar, not a huge fan of the more "cartoony" graphics though.
  17. The [ASIA] guild on Dragonbrand are like magicians or something, I was in a guild group of three the other day roaming, when we ran into two [ASIA] member, we downed one, went for the stomp, but then there was four of them, then seven, and then while we're laying on the ground dead/downed, there was nine... Wish they where on YB, we could really use some SEA/OCX guilds for sure.
  18. ye ye i lead rs all mornig to the landfill.
  19. man wish i could stay up that long. good job because fights were enjoyed.
  20. Is there much activity on IOJ and/or their link? I'm considering moving servers and am looking for people similar in size to dick around with.
  21. we had 20q at 0am with 35ppl on tag and the other 15-20 on kazo and it went down around 1am after kazo tagged down and we lost some ppl, no q since then no 40q/no ts3 and you came to sm every time so no wonder the guild buff is active there btw deso, I think you were the one with the acs at that time as we started building siege in sm at 2am (I know this since I was the one who had to place it) but still nice fights^^ too bad kodash went full retard and sneakcapped everything while we were fighting
  22. Today was an epic evening. Best fights after a loong time, also record in bags for me. Especially the fights between us (Deso) and Gandara on EB were glorious. At about 1AM you finally overwhelmed us as we had only about 320 left and you had full map with 2 commanders and 40 man que all aimed at us + camping behind AC's and clan buffs to the boot. Well, anyway, GG.
  23. Last week
  24. Thanks MA for the skrim at kod bl. >3< Thanks Kod and Gand for the fun fights at deso bl. My crewe says hi. See you again later.
  25. more pls
  26. People bitching in FA map chat about the fact CD has more people running around than them. Lol, its about time someone found our coverage gap to pvdoor. Its been there the whole time. ~ Kovu
  27. I dont judge RS, really. I enjoy when FSP get farmed aswell, or cry about no sm, But the AC's were a bit too much for me to not leave you a splendid message on here *wink*
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