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  2. Gw2 Power Reaper wvw Solo roaming vol.17 -Drunk in Power-

    reap dem foes mayne
  3. save yourselves + contemplation of purity

    I don't know about all those losers back in the day but I'm responsible for everything post 2 months or whatever ago. besides who the hell would remember anything from way back then? all you noobs ran purging flames as if it still had any impact.
  4. Today
  5. Vivacious [vÍ] (Underworld, Piken Square)

    Updated for expansion
  6. FA-HoD-SOS

    Nah. Evil is going to enjoy tracking the BG/Mag/HoD match.
  7. Yesterday
  8. save yourselves + contemplation of purity

    i think youre very late to the party unless you did that before 17th october 2012 synergy mentioned even on fucking wiki lol https://wiki.guildwars2.com/index.php?title="Save_Yourselves!"&diff=404085&oldid=323356
  9. FA-HoD-SOS

    Well played. I wasn't paying attention, but I should have been. 2nd place (certainly SoS at this point) gets to deal with the Shit Sandwich of a match with YB and try-hard JQ. So evil!
  10. enable the dark side of the forum...
  11. yep I'm officially claiming responsibility for this mighty combo. I first mentioned it when I was linked with fa, randomly said it in ts3 now everyone is using it. your welcome heathens.
  12. FarShiverDicks - PPT's Rest - Kantdara

    WSR noobs getting carried by the big boys
  13. FarShiverDicks - PPT's Rest - Kantdara

    im WSR and I always got a big mouth
  14. Mag - BG - JQ

    Didn't play this week but it looks like it was a decent match. This is a good sign imo. Get ready for spellbreakers and scourges everywhere.
  15. FarShiverDicks - PPT's Rest - Kantdara

    Wednesday, went open from about 22:30 to 01:30, CA tag.
  16. [AmP] Amplified Wrath PoF Promo

    Sexy stuff <3 Greetings to joey
  17. FarShiverDicks - PPT's Rest - Kantdara

    FSP got a big mouth again when they got a link :\
  18. Day, time and tag?
  19. FarShiverDicks - PPT's Rest - Kantdara

    Yeah the outcome could have been different I suppose. However CA had the best numbers I've had in a while (20+) so I wanted to run closed for a while. Plus I knew the pug commander so we could work together against you though the coordination between his group and mine wasn't great that night. Did go open later on when we were down to a dozen members but the FSP blob we faced was lead by someone else. In any case, it seems that FSP is back in T1 and there to stay so we will have plenty of opportunities for blob vs blob or Zoi vs CA. Next week vs Piken would be good if it wasn't for PoF release as I think many players will be in PvE for a little bit.
  20. FarShiverDicks - PPT's Rest - Kantdara

    Yea I supposed but each server had enough if you made one tag could have done better and we would have done so fights more hehe But yea thx our melee train was good and stacked well not even many necros but they drop same time 45 on ts etc so dmg was coordinated too. Even fsp tho not running updated builds if they did all of em fights would be even harder lol but hey at least they join ts I'm happy with that haha
  21. FarShiverDicks - PPT's Rest - Kantdara

    You guys had the best group on the map and neither us nor the Gandara pug commander could have taken you out alone. Even when working with the pug commander all we got to kill was randoms yoloing into us or moving away from your tag. I also did push you from the flank when you were fighting AmP and they were retreating (around south camp and your eastern spawn exit). We got some kills but eventually your melee prevailed again. Saw an opportunity and took it, our only advantage was you probably had big skills on cool down, your zerg seemed more spread than it had been before and hoping AmP would keep providing a distraction but they just disengaged entirely. Cheers.
  22. FA-HoD-SOS

    Why would we we stop what we are doing to do a 2v2?....I suppose a "GvG". We play 2 hours a night..if you wanna fight our 2-4 man xfer to the server we are against and fight us. If you think we gonna run to guild hall cause you asked for a 2v2 your mistaken. We could care less if we fight neo or you lmao as we rather get our bags in wvw. Game too stale to sit around in a guild hall for 2 hours doing 2v2 when we have fun roaming the maps. You will get your "gvg" when AR gets paired against us and we can see who has the better roaming team? Lol
  23. Mag - BG - JQ

    +1 can agree
  24. FA-HoD-SOS

    @Hadan You talk to us til we bring up GvG then disappear from Chat all night
  25. Mag - BG - JQ

    Have fun with hod next week, they're a complete joke in the few fights they don't run from; bags with legs.
  26. Last week
  27. FarShiverDicks - PPT's Rest - Kantdara

    Never had one, once we get some guild stuff sorted be nice to fight Ca again tho
  28. Desolation - Gank Me Harder [FURY]

    Still regularly checking this website so make sure to drop a message
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