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  2. You do realise that willingness to take that sort of shit does not correlate to skillfulness of play. It correlates to overinflated ego. An actually good player or a player with the potential to be very good knows when they screw up and doesn't generally want to hear someone flip out about it. An egomaniac thinks it's someone else's fault and or doesn't apply to them and therefore doesn't care.
  3. If guilds want to run fat or build some ac's its whatever. Doesn't make them not a fight guild as long as they actually fight they can do whatever they want tbh. Also hate will leave a keep even if they have it sieged up to fight open field if you ask them to, even if they get wiped over and over, not really the best example...
  4. ty for proving my point that you're a pug shitter with that above statement. go kys now o7
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  6. So because they don't run meta, they're not a fight guild, gotcha. Just because some guilds run fat or nun with other guilds doesn't mean they don't like to fight, it's extremely common on just about every server -- one server or guild runs an omni blob and the other servers are forced to do the same or they have no one to fight. Also, you don't know me, so don't pretend to know how I think, thanks.
  7. I didn't even tag up yet^^ Nor planning to, except raids
  8. Females should be banned from the internet to be honest , they cause nothing but troubles and bring nothing in return. GG to those idiots that made an internet connection to their kitchen
  9. Good. Yo'd hope a fight guild would have more than one comm
  10. not my matchup but looked funny how half zerg suicide to save a woman
  11. *celestial blob, everyone has their alternative facts it seems
  12. Nice alternative facts Was fun fighting the trailblazer blob with only 2 revs in squad, was good challenge, enjoyed it. Bit disappointing that after numerous wins in a row for 1-2 hours after taking over from Shmeady, we suffer 1 loss when I leap wrong way into bomb we lost about 20 players and could only manage 40 in squad. I guess it was late and home border, but it was a shame as there was a good group to fight still. Anyway, thanks to the Gandara lads and many many ladies it seems, was a fun challenge.
  13. Lol yb does ppt though. Yb is just willing to fight while ppting.
  14. I see Scarr tagged up quite a bit?
  15. Bez, can you stop the ppt please? So we can have a rof vs fsp mu.
  16. so ur saying nobody else in VR can fucking command except for bloodie? weak
  17. question for sfr peeps, on which map was your "strongest blob" on reset? Because ppl told me after my lead not to worry about getting destroyed ´cause sfr had strongest blob on ebg with Love or w/e the name is judging from my fights on ebg and gbl scare had the strongest one
  18. Those are exactly the sort of people who we need to get to leave. The problem isn't that they're leaving it's that they're not leaving regardless of how many times we lose the ppt game.
  19. Great to have kodash in tier 5.... not.
  20. we don't fucking ppt - we fight. When we have numbers we fight hard. At least most of us
  21. I'm pretty sure someone told me that Bloodie's power source died on his desktop, so he's been playing (or trying) on a laptop. I've seen him on plenty of times, but only for short periods. I'm pretty sure Scarr has been driving VR lately.
  22. Jinx have a strong NA and OCX force. That's why they appear to never sleep
  23. Don't forget yb ppt. It's the ppt matchup. Interestingly, I'm fairly sure that both yb and db will provide more and better fights than mag right now.
  24. You can disagree or agree the is no true fight guild on SBI...aoe is the closest thing and they don't even run guild builds and have been casual for a while. You yourself are just a pug amongst the SBI blobs so ofc you think other wise. You idolize those types of guilds(cccp DOC krta sin hate) etc etc. You rather bring more numbers to fight than actually getting good at the game and learning to fight with less. You bore more spit shit and can't back it up smh.
  25. @Packit Right now Wai said in /map "I can't even get enough people to turn a camp." /Team "If you are roaming, come to MGBL and help take some towers." Then you hear him on TS talking about the "fucking pugs". LOL...... People don't want to play with Assholes that talk shit about them. Like I said a while back, you don't trash people and treat them like shit and expect them to support your ass in a volunteer game. I guarantee you that a good portion of MAG is transferring off or waiting for Wai (the boy with mulit-screens to get an advantage in field of view play), to leave the game or take his cancer to another server. Bloodie got into it with some of DOL, so they are not talking. Bloodie doesn't tag up or even play anymore. Of course, it's because there are no fights. LOL "Sour Grapes Syndrome". I am enjoying it watching MAG continue to fall apart with their lack of ability to even get along with the server and cooperate with the PUGS. @Wai.... still crying that you hate the pugs, but you still want them to follow you. HAHAHA What an Asshole. ^^I don't think Wai could actually play in a fair fight. You take away his Field of View, he wouldn't be able to command.
  26. it will not being the same if it's not the same tag </3
  27. Yeah I had a nightmare of a night and scares blob was just like a 60-70 man melee train so couldn't do much was happy to win the 2-3 fights but just disappointed in my overall commanding performance
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