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    shoudn't you reply on sfr forums discution about this topic ? , as FoW president ? you tring trong bong3
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    Hi @Sov I'm just an unk pleb from Piken, but I have been following this topic and looked into previous ones. I just have a few questions, From what i've seen from these threads you're in, you like to personally attack a lot of people. Normally with childish, unrelated, snide remarks. May I ask why? It also seems you're mocked a lot across all these threads, over and over, again and again by most servers and the commanders on them. I'm not familiar with the commanders on deso, besides the ones that normally make an impact, Discharged and Filthy from KISS and Dye The Char from LOOK. I was under the assumption they were the only commanders as the rest of Deso's blobs/zergs behave like a bunch of tagless pugs with zero co-ordination. So I can't personally comment on your skills as a commander, I can only comment based on what i've read in multiple threads, but I diverge. I guess what i'm trying to ask is, why do you feel the need to comment here constantly, you normally start an argument you cannot win. In all of your posts it looks, at least from my perspective, that you are never in the right, but fight your point adamantly and stubbornly. As someone mentioned before me, are you alright upstairs? This doesn't appear to be healthy behavior, it has actually concerned me so much to do some research and create and account just to ask you. Even if it isn't a mental illness, it still seems dangerous as it appears you are immensely ignorant. Please stop attacking other users, I read earlier you are a married man, try act like one. Unless your "wife" is your medical care, that would explain everything. Regards, Everyone with a brain
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    Guys, seriously though. I know you guys don't like Salt, and that's fine. But it's really uncalled for to screw up their recruitment topic here just because you apparently have to stalk them to spread the salt. Just let them do their thing, and enjoy WvW with the other guilds instead of being toxic in here. We are already known as Dramalation, so no need to add to that reputation. Thanks in advance.
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    Did I miss something? So we have a known k Trainer on RS who pvd about 3-4Hours a Day. Against a Server who ppt almost all day and another one which is stacked as fuck and makes enough ppt just by numbers and you complain? Hopefully you get Augury Rock or Baruch back for your competitive fights. As many others said enjoy the Game at prime be happy about some decent fights nothing else matters. Greets Myrmi
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    actually, blackgate sucks
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    Hey guys, I'm posting this on behalf of Enigma, he's the one who wrote this, however he doesn't have a forum account. Hope you enjoy the read Hey everyone, so as you know the game has been in a situation where you go to raid and get on the bl you have guilds "scrimming" and fighting Guild versus Guild. The open world is completely dead and each time you fight a guild when they're supposedly "not ready" there's hateful whispers and people are annoyed and all that. Yesterday we had the luck of having a couple of guilds pushing us without even saying a word, which was great, but then when we would turn and kill/chase them, they would express their frustration and anger at us for doing so. As we all know the game is quite old now, and all the guilds have gotten accustomed to the "new" way of doing things - what I just wrote. I am curious where all the open world competition has gone. I miss the days where you saw a guild in open field and pushed regardless if they were ready or not, when it wasn't about setting up fights and going into the bl and 3 other guilds watch you scrim just because they're waiting or something. It literally has become a clown fiesta and it is a dot of what it used to be. I would like to encourage people to engage fights more without all this settling "oh we don't have the numbers, oh this, oh that".. Go engage and whatever happens happens, no cds, no this, no that... If you want to have a scrim go in OS and do your scrim equal numbers. But all this BS of whats happening right now,people being full hypocrites and all is just ridiculous. There's already people crying about what PoF might be; "Condi or no condi, metaball or not a metaball" - I really miss the days when people had more balls, didn't go emo and weren't like "oh we won't fight you" for absolutely no reason, if one guy says something to your guild the whole guild is like "oh you insulted us, you're an asshole". Why not just go and fuck that guild up? Where is all this so called competition? People are just killing the game with the attitude of not fighting because somebody insulted them, pushed them or anything in this manner. If you want to have a healthy scene and want to have more people trying to get into the scene, then the very least you can do is give them a chance let them do what they want and don't be negative towards every new guild coming. Another bizarre part is the "gg" call in openfield. For example yesterday vI pushed us while we were afk and I believe that's what open field is about and that's what every guild should do. I commend the guild for doing so. But at the end of the fight there were people standing around ressing while the other guild watched and I don't think that should happen. BooM was another guild that pushed us and we had a massive 3way under mortar fire and cannons and it was the most exciting night of raiding since a long time. I think if we as a community start doing this it will lead to more competition, more fights and above all more fun for everybody in the game. However that won't work if guilds and groups give up after just losing 1 or 2 fights. This is a problem that affects everyone, not just guild groups, and moving forward everyone, including Ash need to make sure they're not giving up after 1 or two fights. Cheers lads o7
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    Where is @Impro at this week.
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    Where is Sov Tomi? Can you bring him back?You are funny but with Sov its 2x as funny.
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    1. Drakkar 2. Abaddon 3. Elona (PPT) 1. Elona 2. Abaddon 3. Drakkar (PPK) Correct?
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    You really must be a shitter if you'd rather do tequatl over grub busting
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    I'm the Goddamn Boogeyman and your worst nightmare! Or maybe not... I'm one of the guys of one of the many zergs that 1 push you
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    @Zenith in your eyes u playing well but for the most of ppl.. you are shit cuz u jumping like a monkey as a DH with cepter in your own backline around .. take it or leave it maybe your guild should join RoF lol they love PPT like [Salt] and have the same playstyle
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    Da fck i just read... You are as bad forum warrior as you are ingame. Low level trash
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    Long story short: some girl who got caught lying about being kicked from a Deso guild to incite drama and presumably her Lord and Saviour Sov gave her the same We Protect Our Own and Beat The Meta™ speech, now she's on a mission to downvote everything that we post like some annoying Jehovahs witness
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    // Sorry for our english guys but it is easier for me and it just has to get out i hope you can forgive me 1stens: Ich weiß wer du bist 2tens: Ich habe deine IP --> Ich hab deine Eindeutige TS-ID --> Ich hab deine API-Verifizierung 3tens: Ich habe tatsächlich deinen Wohnort --> Dazu hast du gegen das Deutsche Urheberrecht verstoßen mit deinen Printscreens 3.a = Ich hab deinen Fake Acc 3.b = Ich habe deinen Main Acc --> Was passiert wohl, wenn dich alle [FI]'ler Melden ? 4tens: Es steht keiner, aber absolut KEINER hinter dir! Du bist ein Niemand, nein noch weniger du bist einfach nur der Abschaum der jeder Server irgendwo rumliegen hat. 5tens: Ich werde dich in Zukunft nur noch Stinker nennen ( I Love GoT <3 ) und jetzt noch zum wichtigen Teil: Du Nennst meine Gilde scheiße ? Du nennst MICH scheiße ? Du behauptest ich wäre an allem schuld ? Du behauptest ICH würde einem Fight aus dem weg gehen ? Einmal Step by Step für dich HARTZ-IV Empfänger: - Natürlich besteht meine Gilde nicht aus den ultimated Pro's aber für viele Gilden reicht es aus und es macht Spass, weil man uns kennt. - Ich bin mir nicht sicher wie viele Fights ich gestern verloren habe... äääähm 1ner... nach 15 min... 4 mal RoF & 3 mal Elo gewipt, ja ICH bin scheisse ! - Ja ich war tatsächlich in dem Team, dass das alte TS abgelöst hat und ich würde es nochmals machen, diesmal einfach ein wenig diplomatischer.. - Du behauptest ich würde einen Fight Dodgen ? Ja natürlich, wenn ich sehe dass es unmöglich ist den Feind zu besiegen (z.b. 30 ggn 60+) dodge ich den Fight aber nicht wegen meiner Ehre oder sonstwas sondern weil es useless ist Punkte zu vergeben wenn es nicht möglich ist. Also hör auf scheiße zu erzählen und verpiss dich wieder ! Und gewöhne dich an den Namen STINKER ! Ich freue mich wenn wir uns wieder sehen Stinker // German End ; // Hate End; // Flame End;
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    Oh boy. If you claim to know something, at least really know something. EU Prime starts up about 11am - noon PST. If you're getting run over at noon EST, that'll be SEA staying up late to make you whine. FA historically doesn't have good EU coverage. Even the stat site is placing FA's EU below YB's. Or as Chuckles would say, FA doesn't have as many seniors during the day as YB. https://wvwstats.com/timezones
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    Im from mag and just to confirm with you - yes VR doesn't impress anyone but their flexing e-penis but also because it sounds like a guild that bloodie was on and he still doesn't have his visa yet. Only other notable guild in mag is GGGG however we wont be back till pof is started up. But before that we've been the kings of mag and before that ioj. You dont need to compliment us - because any compliment thrown back at us is seen as a threat. Rather just shit talk us till reset like the other servers do The best time we had on mag is probably carrying DOLO in GVGs back when second child was alive P.S Helio is a shitcunt and begs for t6 to t1 mats in mapchat and guildchat all day pls everyone delete him from life ty
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    Oh, please, tell me more about "basic sense of positioning and dodging" so I can take some notes. You should maybe add some instructions to your videos. Ty
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    I interrupt this salt mine to bring to you a reminder that today is national steel beam inspection day.
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    JQ wins because Scotland is forever.
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    Right back at ya. Edit: Oh, and if anyone else wonders, when Look moves to the map, see what Deso has to deal with instantly: These idiots shittalk everyone at any time, and then they flame others for Deso being where it is. What a joke.
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    Oh fuck off. You transferred off deso since no one follows your open raid as you get the guys killed fighting other servers. Me and my guys, we give effort. And anyone can always tag up if they want. I dont mind hopping off a borderland the only reason were even there is because hbl asked for help and my team always comes to try and save.
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    The people who leave need to leave. Can't coddle trash. Veterans don't want to play with people who will leave when they get called out anyways.
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    Public video of our Tuesday open raid is online! Sorry for the slacking, I only put up a video every once in a while and many of the videos I upload are meant for FURY only.
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    After not playing this game in maybe 9 months, bar a handful of logins, I played a lot the last few days to see if it is worth coming back to and wow, it seems like SFR & Deso play like French servers these days. So much hiding in towers with siege, despite having numbers, actually running from fights when Vabbi had the outnumbered buff, losing T2/3 objectives with not much resistance then you look back 10 mins later and you see orange swords from these sad cases PvDooring, really why even play a PvP game, it is pathetic. It is pretty sad, SFR & Deso were once two of the most fun servers to play against / on, I guess it just sums up the state of game, most of the WvW players have left, PvE heroes who consider pressing 1 on an AC or smacking their face into a door as "gameplay" are mainly what is left. And yes certain Vabbi players bang on way too much about k/d, and seem to be suffering from some delusion that blobbing in GW2 is highly skilled gameplay rather than the faceroll joke it is, but still at least they are actually fighting in a PvP mode, which is preferable to a lot of what I've seen from SFR/Deso in the last few days. But even with the Vabbi delsuion over "skilled" gameplay and the k/d ratios, what they do show is the sort of servers Deso/SFR have become, that in the supposed 18 hours a day that Vabbi are barely present SFR can only manage 2k more kills fighting Deso, whilst Deso have 9k less kills, than Vabbi gets playing 6 hours, it speaks volumes (especially about the BS claims of "good fights" more like 'what fights'), PvDoor, avoiding fights of any size, bad PvE players, congrats you are Augury Rock. I guess I'll try this game again some time after the expansion to see if WvW picks up, but I won't be holding my breath (or wasting money on the expansion), dead really is the case it seems.
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    inb4 WvW there was.... WW
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    Haha. what a fucktard. Here me and mine steadily improve deso quality but there will always be players like morr(g)on who want to keep us down because we are united. Try harder. Salt is here to stay.
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    Vol 8 is out. Its from yesterdays fight vs SFR and JS, enjoy.
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    I think killing blobs with lesser numbers will become easier with scourge and spellbreaker. Especially if you got a choke point.
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    Has this forums ever seen an insult like that?
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    Loool this guy is still going , did FSP touch you in certain places or something? Don't know who to to give the biggest autist reward to , Sov or Zenith. No wonder deso is so bad nowadays since they have both of them on the server.
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    Its the same like here on the forum see you later on the battlefield
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    every minion counts as a kill, so it's basically a gvg
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    Meanwhile on SoS...
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    @Spoon, read his description. He just recorded last 30 magic minutes. @maq try harder to defend that shit. Its [FURY] open tag, means wvw guild (hehehe) plus randoms (~40 i guess) against a - like dominate said - 20 at max guild group. What does that even mean? Okay lets break down. I jumped to random times in the video and saw following guild tags:[FURY] [Salt] [ROCK] [TLA] [KISS].I am by far not saying this is the crème de la crème of WvW but I let these guys they know some basics atleast which makes them harder to kill than the usual SFR random pug ranger. Maq you try hard since, I dont know how many yrs, but still you are just some nameless random in this game. EDIT: I also like your "MOA counter" Jarni. But getting moa'd once per fight is nothing mention worthy. Getting moa'd 4 times in a row and be more a bird than a charr I can get it, but making a counter for a single moa? ;-) Also you didnt got pulled once, (atleast not the fights i half hearty watched) so dont try to make it sound like "comm focus".
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    thx for fights , were fun We were betwen 27-30 on ez squad with some guests ( we had 3 mesmers) The mesmer pulls were not dirrected towards you specialy as you saw they were aoe On tower was fun to run in cirlce from you, i tryed ress my downstates
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    @Bigg Illu Naja sich über "unehrenvolles" Verhalten echauffieren ist ja ganz nett. Deine eigenen Member verhalten sich aber auch gerne mal nicht "Ehrenvoll". Sprengen hier und da mal 1 vs 1 Sessions und die antworten darauf unter aller Sau. Stacheln Leute zum Corpse Jumping an obwohl man sich gegen eine Übermacht stellt und nicht davon rennt. Erst vor der eigenen Türe wischen. Ich respektiere dich, gerade weil mein Mate "Biker" mal bei euch war bzw mitgelaufen ist, aber knüfpe erst mal dort an. E solothurner macht das ja eigentli....^^
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    FoW tries to fight fair most of the time. Thats why they never left T9
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    thanks jarni. =) haters gonna hate. because we protect our own and allies.
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    Damn Packit, you poaching so hard that the egg is hard boiled! Fuck that runny egg breakfast!
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    5 years. That is a long time of trying. We have a nice coverage because old names popin because of pof. Also its nice seeing Aux (Major's team), Glue (Rawr's team), vQ (sky's team) and Fury (jarni's team) becoming active in their respective times. In addition to all other guilds raiding that I need not mention.