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    WHO IS THIS FUCKING AROS?! Greetings, Myrmi
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    Err what? There was no tag on map, so I tag and take two towers on Piken same of the map, both just before the tick to maximise points. There was no scout report in team chat, those orange swords on SM could have been all the FSP EB heroes who fell off their acs on the roof and caused 25x falling damage.
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    111111rape on KISS all night long
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    gg, [KISS] one push... ez fights Greetings, Myrmi ehm Lyroc
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    Nice fights on RS BL today ... [KISS] one push trololololo
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    thx for bags KISS <3
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    wtf , KISS was too ez and go eotm and make it great again
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    How can Deso improve when we have people like Zenith who openly admit to not having the right build but goes on forums saying how deso is shit
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    Honestly, FSP can farm whoever they want on borders, we just get 70 players stacked and slaughter. If you want to farm us, do it on EB, we're just come cuckold cloud clown fiesta there without ts. And please do actually, so they all leave to somewhere else.
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    Atleast that retard is quiet now He fucked up my reputation Polish help me x3
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    Kiss, meet for bag farm tomorrow?
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    Thank you for the scrimms today!to bad that most guilds just were 1 pushes,maybe you should buy some decent gear! What happend to FSP??are there only fcktards left on that server?
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    thx for 1 push farming
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    Hello! KISS is the very best guild to onepush! VERY NiCE ;-)) best regards ^^
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    FSP are a shitty bunch of toxic bitches for allies. sometimes I wish there was friendly fire enabled so I could shoot a few of you. all ya big mouths do is talk big in team chat but die like flies in a fight. useless shits. Bijue dont run mesmer ffs. Fuck EB, Fuck FSP. Piken wtf you guys are made of paper or what? go back to pve. and take back your rally bots and toxic cunts off my server. drown faster please. RS: strong reset blob there, even managed to wipe us on piken bl. Mr.Harry you're not as balls deep as you may think so get out.. sadly all died down after midnight. not a beep. what got school or something? also fuck you fgt Skai, PS: Fuck this game
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    I've been reading along with this back and forth for the laughs, but this is utter bullshit. What you are describing has nothing to do with competitive spirit. You are freely admitting that you are more concerned with a KDR and winning than you are with challenging yourself. Tell me exactly how that equates to competitive spirit? Instead I see several people that are willing to engage superior numbers for the challenge. THAT is competitive spirit. I'd rather die fighting than spend hours watching from a tower wall waiting for the guaranteed win. There is no fun in the predetermined outcomes you are espousing. But hey, that's just me. I guess titles and achievements are more important to you. If that's your idea of fun, then you have my sympathy. I think you are missing out on the experience.
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    Hello everyone, we are Meta Apes [mA]. Meta Apes is a recently formed Gandara-based hardcore WvW guild (Linked with Underworld). We are currently looking for dedicated and experienced WvW veterans to complete our raiding and scrim roster. Raids take place on Monday through Thursday evenings, starting at 19:30 UK time, and will usually consist of 15-20 players max. Additionally, each week we try to schedule at least 2-3 GvG/scrims, against both matchup specific opponents in OS and top-tier European guilds in Guild Hall. We try to maintain a fun, drama-free atmosphere during raids, but also remain serious and dedicated during any fights or GvG’s we have. Our expectations from all members. You need a working headset/microphone, and must be able to understand and communicate in English on TS during raids. Builds for whichever class(es) you are applying for must be changed to align with guild builds (Many of our builds are somewhat flexible armor-wise to account for expensive/hard-to-get stats) Must be able to attend 3 or 4 raids each week. Everyone should be at raids slightly early to ensure you don’t get stuck in queue, as well as to attend any pre-raid meetings we might have. Must show improvement and a willingness to learn and adapt, as well as the ability to both give and receive constructive criticism in a respectful way. Drama will not be tolerated. Trial Process. All trials will last for 2 weeks if you’re application is accepted. Participants must show that they have at least some knowledge of how an organized guild raid works, and must be able to adapt and show improvement throughout the trial. Attendance is very important during trial phase, you must show up at least 3 times each week, and you should be on time for each raid you attend. Communication is key, and will improve your chances of being accepted as a raider. Anyone who attempts to start any kind of drama will be kicked immediately. After 2 weeks, guild officers and raiders will discuss your performance and vote whether or not you will be accepted as a full member. We are currently recruiting for a select few classes, but are always looking for exceptional players to join our ranks. If you are interested, please fill out an application by using our website , or by messaging xIReFleX.9250 / roxz.6123 in game. http://metapes.shivtr.com/ Currently Recruiting : 1x Revenant 1x Necromancer Any other guilds wishing to set up a GvG or Scrim with us should whisper xIReFleX.9250 in game.
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    Maguuma has 30+ in ebg at this moment. They chose not to defend their map. Unrelated, is english your second language or do you intentionally prefer to sound like a blabbering child? ~ Kovu
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    Sorry to disappoint you but believe it or not, the only true mag bl is actually EBG.
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    Had fun having a 3 man Jd guild raid on EB, Cheerios~
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    I think pin sniping is totally legit and I think the people who tend to get mad at it are lemmings who need a driver to know what to do in a fight. Do you really need someone to tell you what to do in order to know how to play the game? If your guild/group requires one guy to stay alive for the entire fight for the rest of the guild/group to have any chance at succeeding then you have a glaringly exploitable weakness. Don't be surprised when someone punishes you for allowing that weakness.
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    Nourdin you talk too much jeez
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    Got no screenies, Havent been in WvW much, only for gulldraids
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    can you guys list all the names in one post of this aros character and when I am home I will go ahead take care of it. thanks and cheers!
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    I leaped in Kiss ...20 kills GG EZ
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    Thanks Holy & pA for nice scrims! After the scrims we went hbl to protect paper hills against AGAIN handholding little deso shits... LOOK! they all went down! :') after getting surprised by just 15 gang they melted on the stairs.. KISS as always brings 30+ idiots to a fight against 11 or 12...... its so fucking pathetic to see them handholding and blobing up since they aren't capable to do anything on their own...
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    If you hate Sov, You're retarded
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    i miss Fort Dankwood.. was best pairing in recent memory
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    <3 DOLO, welcome back!
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    wew bijuu mode still talkin bullshit in here will keep throwing ballistas on youre ded body and tea bag you with my full zerg you suk git gut bijuu <3
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    DOCCCP when are you guys gonna just merge guilds? Running 60+ so much skill yet wipe to any decent guild. Running half your numbers
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    Israel is a country, you fucking idiot fat retard ps. i wan fuck your wife pss. im not on beers i swerz psss Whats the deal with black people. they're not black, and ther not people #Swag *winkyface* pssss. cel i want to shove ur panties into your mouth and fuck you through ur computer desk n keyboard. leto would be in a servant outfit making sandwiches for when wer done. le-heh-heht's do ittttt
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    FSP EB cucks struggling to cope without T3 SM to carry on EB, we had to resort to this after Deso farm us...
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    Too much wall of text you filthy helion fanbois virgin Harries. Old Sfr was better that this wanna be cloudFormationShiverPeeks. Wheredafk is fellina?!!! Git Gud x3 :3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 :3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 :3 x3 x3 x3 x3 Greets, MymriMymriMymriMymriMymriMymriMymriMymriMymriMymriMymriMymriMymriMymriMymri
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    unless you mean to tell me mag blobs in DBL too :thinking:
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    what the hell is this? this thread is pathetic and should be deleted
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    Based on every post you've ever made, I can 100% without a doubt ensure that you are indeed retarded.
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    That really awkward moment when Fort Aspenwood is winning a T1 match lol..
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    Must say I agree with this. Taking a t3 (main) keep is one thing, but upgrading it to t3 and not allowing the opponent server get a foothold into the map and play is something that doesn't sit well with me, and I would also like to offer my own apologies.
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    Apologies to RoF with your Eb keep being t3 as a member of gandara I am disguisted to see this and can only sincerely apologise for the matter. i also know we have a lot of numbers (even without a link I think we'd be fine) so sorry for anet matchmaking. i just hope these people will play the harder matchups where we don't roflstomp everything
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    Boys it was a fking joke...and you fully engage in it👌
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    I knew we were going to get linked, I didn't think we'd get ring of failure of all people, hell I would have preferred gunnars
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    Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like? You've got to be kidding me. I've been further even more decided to use even go need to do look more as anyone can. Can you really be far even as decided half as much to use go wish for that?