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    you are all shit
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    You talk about other players playing plain and average...... I see your video...... Best thing you can hope for one day is to play plain and average yourself. I am not sure if you are just trolling us all with this bad gameplay vids.
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    How i picture a conversation between Sov and Zenith
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    Please stop trying to bullshit us. We all know that Bijuu couldn't have typed that sentence without misspelling atleast 5 words I call FAKE NEWS
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    As Seven said, what matters is that you're having fun and enjoying raiding with your friends. That said if you want to improve as a guardian there's a few things you could do: Key bindings is far superior to clicking skills. Bind your key skills so that you can activate them instantly and don't need to drag your cursor to it. You go down at some point because it takes you that extra second to reach your healing skill and there are other moments throughout the videos were faster reflexes would have helped you a lot. Renewed Focus is great but if you use it when all your virtues are off cool down you waste a huge part of the skills. It recharges all of your virtues so you might as well use them first if you're going to RF (though since you're running DH instead of virtues it's not as easy to spam them beforehand). DH is good for roaming but regular guardian is way better for zerg fights. I see you had AH & PoV so you sacrificed your virtues lines just so you could use longbow? Virtues will give you extra stab and stun break, condi cleanse and sustain, lower cd on Purging Flames. Don't use grid view for the squad. Your main role is to provide stability to your party along with the other guardian. With grid view you have no idea what boons are up or not. You also can't see if your party could use some help cleansing condis. Grid view's only good for the commander that needs to have an overview of their squad's health. Stick to the tag. Especially as a Guardian. Every time you're more than 600 away that means your party might not benefit from your stability, you might not benefit from the other guardian's stability or from your revenant's resistance or your tempest's healing, etc. Not trying to be dismissive or anything, we all start somewhere. I figured you got flamed enough and that I would try to provide some more constructive comments.
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    Sie wissen, dass etwas nicht stimmt wenn Ihr Google Chrome fragt die Seite für Sie zu übersetzen
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    I decided to only follow commanders on deso before I left, I was fucking BORED...Dye was pretty much the only guy who got stuff organised and got something done, Sov again I dont remember him win a single fucking fight, always bad movement, never people on TS, just shitty clownfiesta : ) Biggest problem with him was that he never improved, Dye again always understood what did go wrong, Sov blamed numbers and no people on TS, boring monotone shit so u fall asleep : ) Deso was my home for so long, but even I left it cuz of people like you, Think leading 12hours a day make u the king of the server and trashtalk others, meanwhile u havent improved a single fucking bit since u started commanding, One of the worst commanders I have seen in this game, there is a reason good players are leaving I dont care what people think about me after reading this, But sov is a trash commander and will always be : )
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    what is that gonna change? vabbi is like FSP was for few months(or a year as people claim) it made me quit from fsp (the game but w/e) u just press numlock and hold 1111 and u smashed through everything. its fun once but its boring as fuck over a period of time. now i returned and FSP is no longer what it used to be in all terms but its fine time will turn again and servers will rise and fall. vabbi will die also cus of above reasons if the 1111 move forward is fun for people id suggest going for PvE its same shit with better loot ;). I do understand why people have left FSP though, the amount of salty people on FSP (right now is insane) is not even funny, they cant accept getting wrecked by other groups. only Dudu seems to be fine, yes there are more commanders but im a filthy casual and i didnt meet any other decent commander thats not raging after a few loses.
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    I N C R E D I B L E A C T I O N T H R I L L I N G G A M E P L A Y E N G A G I N G C O M B A T
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    I doubt anyone has to focus you to actually kill you. You're probably one of the retards that die due to random cleave and the inability to dodge
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    "pretty weak" >clicks skills Good one, couldnt continue to watch after 5 seconds. @Zenith edit: hopped to a random timestamp. At 11:45 you had your F1-F3 ready but still panic click on RF, dude ur gameplay is utter trash. I suggest to no longer make any videos to stop embarassing yourself.
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    All this trashtalk makes you forget the next week GH will drop back down again
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    Hello guys, I'm Streaming since 2 months Scrims/GvG in europe. Here you have my channel if you wanna check some videos or next streams going on: https://www.twitch.tv/katosj I'm Streaming as I said all gvg/scrims and I stream since top tier guilds like ash/amp/Lays/Prg or more lower ones, and I try to do that for help GvG community and also guilds, I don't win anything I do it cuz I like game and GvG. In my stream I never help any team or make rude comments I'm correctly and fair in all fights trying to show the strategies/movements etc... Thnks for your time I hope see you soon in the stream and see more guilds doing this gamplay!. My contact: katos.9204 If you guild wanna send me your videos or logotypes for the stream!
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    It depends if you enjoy reading about a female hybrid of zenith and sov being delusional about why she got kicked from a guild when even the screenshots provide enough info for literally anyone outside of the guild to understand why it got kicked. It's an IQ drop fest in here.
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    I don't mean to interrupt this 10/10 dramalation wars. But if you play for the game and not drama, then wth you doing on salt forum, inciting drama? I'll show myself out back to spectator mode. Keep it up
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    Oh look, Anya joined the conversation:
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    Mag comes out at 8am and wants everyone else to know how much stuff they flipped while you are busy at your place of employment. tldr shut up about Maguuma's lack of OCX, FA's EU gap is MUCH larger. ~ Kovu
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    Perhaps you should all stop abandoning ship like a bunch of frightened rats and show some server loyalty for once. Bandwagomers that move every time a server has an issue are the cause of the imbalance that blights WvW.
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    Here the underwater fight from saturday against Chris before the normal BvBs. Love, pigface.
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    You literally insulted our members unprovoked and talk shit with no knowledge or basic understanding of the English language. We're fine with being toxic to the people that deserve it. We're not expecting a piece of shit such as yourself to take any criticism, god knows it must take your mother several attempts to tell you to eat your greens. Your leader doesn't even have the nerve to attend the meetings himself or help participate in any organised community events. And by the way it's "You reap what you sow" you fucking retard.
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    biju is just another commander sniper, at least hes so bad hes gonna rallybot him back up
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    So i heard montaser was bragging on /w to others that he farmed us :)) good challenge monthy Btw thx to gankdara tup dude, gave us the most challenging fights of the week .
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    I thought I was playing much, but damn. 18k hours. 10 hours on average a day. Do you even work? Aren't you 30 years old or sth? How can people spend this much time in game, holy shit. Getting so worked up over who farmed more kills, who no-lifed harder in the past 5 years like it's everything that counts. Rage posts in broken English, probably living in your mom's basement. The fuck...
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    gunnaabi and fsp flaming each other while gandara is just like (dodging all that salt)
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    Im getting 2013 flashbacks from reading this shit, not sure if I should be happy or sad this shit isnt going on on SFR anymore. Some things just never change hm? Atleast Bez is still crying about everything lel
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    I like you...keep doing what you do and playing how you like to play! As long as you're enjoying yourself and having fun nothing else matters!
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    Add ''Disgrace to Guardians'' to that titleline
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    Just wanna say, as someone from TC, really sorry about that flying Mesmer early in the week. Hate to see any cheating, regardless of if its my server doing it or not. Took his portal once before I knew what was going on, but once I learned it was a cheating Mesmer, I quickly reported him, and left the map so that I would have nothing to do with it. People like that spoil the fun for everyone.
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    And we have our own deity, which you will be asked to worship once you join
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    honestly mate, do you even keybind ?
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    Haven't even posted anything related to u or ur guild in over 2 weeks (srsly go check) yet I get dragged into this conversation by some mongoloid and his sugardaddy Who then proceeds to cry... WAHH EVERYONE SO MEAN TO ME
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    FSPer since headstart. So I was following Bez yesterday after reset. Quite "entertaining". First he was screaming "gtfo from my border", then rage kicking ppl from sq for being killed by enemy. Last week on server ts meeting, before weekly reset, someone said that all he cares is himself and not ppl or server. So immediately respond was like this "who the fuck r u?!". I havent met so toxic, cancer and egoist person ever, 100% not recommended. Too bad he joined my FSP server ~3 y ago
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    so you lose k/d ratio vs a server that dodge fights ? that's sad
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    I thought there would be some toxic shit already lol Was nice flextom thanks for the fights, the only ones we got with Blobbadons always running away even if we only were 13 ppl o/
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    No idea what I just read , but it sounds salty so I like it
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    oh that pleases me, AMX.
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    Such a profesional gipsy farmer, what are you doing in bronze?
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    Each day at around 6am CET there's a large spike/drop that mainly affects FSP and Gandara. Looking closely at skirmish #41 from around 5am this morning, FSP's K/D was 9.35 (954/102) and Gandara's was 0.07 (75/968). FSP seems to be scoring an unanswered kill from Gandara roughly once every 8 seconds while most of us are still asleep. And even with so many additional points-per-kill, FSP still isn't winning all of these spiked skirmishes. (log scale used for vertical axis) Are fluctuations like this also being seen in other matchups? Is there a nasty glitch in ArenaNet's stat logging? Is FSP rising at dawn to blanket WvW with teams of invincible Gandaran-hunters? Anyone?
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    That's pretty inaccurate as before we left we even told Kresh we would return and most people were already back on sfr before the season ended as we had already helped secure blackgates victory some time early. Just sayin'
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