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    It was funny that your commander told the PvD members to whisper me salty things I had a good laugh in teamspeak thanks Well sorry If my firebrands are pulling (F1 -> Chapter 3 if you haven't realised it yet) the front line of PvD when I ask them to In your frontline is also your commander from PvD running what a surprise I'm really sorry. Next time I pull the moa's at the moa walls. Well about my nationality you have no clue either. Even If I speak fluently german I'm not from germany :* One thing I don't deny is that I decided to play yesterday defensiv. But if you stay in our mortar fire the whole time its not my fault. And the idea about destorying the mortar you got after 2h right?^^ As a 40 man PvD group + pugs I expect a bit more brain than this to be honest. Most Vabbi people (eZ, TT etc.) know me. And they also know that I love to fight and I would never commander focus. Also remember you fought 75% of Gunnar's Hold people yesterday and we don't belong to be honest in T1/T2. A happy matchup CAZZO! btw: Did you really create a forum account to insult me here? I feel honored.
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    Is there a guide for the forum meta insult rotation?
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    oh shit one of rofs molested choir boys joined the conversation! Bring Jak and Dez to sing a song for us please!
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    In Tier 1 you find the Servers that do the most PPT, like constantly caring for Towers and even camps... - Vabbi does not PPT . Wth that I mean is, if attacking or defending a structure gives some good fights, yes, they'll gonna do it, but not for the purpose of capturing or keeping the structure, or keeping a tick. BB, FSP, Gandara, RS, Piken, SFR, etc... u have all these little grps that go around and care for camps and towers where Vabbi players just give a damn if its not resulting in a great zerg fight. Vabbi does 60%-80% of their points by PPK when they have something to fight, "only" 40% if enemies dont want to really, and even with 40% they are still #1 at "Points per PPK" EU and NA. You wanna be #1 Server in WvW? Cap stuff when Enemy is offline and bunker in there with loads of siege. Additional to that have loads of little groups flip camps and attack stuff all day long. Easy.
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    not even close LUL, pikens k/d on blue boarder is the most impressive
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    What in the world fsp even carries lol, they have to ppt to beat vabbi only border that fsp has positive kda is desert . Keep ppting bois as u said kda doesnt matter to you, u seem to enjoy getting steamrolled
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    10 out of fucking 10 Implies that rof has multiple molested choir boys Random enough to make it funny Takes down other people with it, I actually like Jak and I don't know who Dez is, but it's funny regardless Posted just below Butterds comment
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    Dude, we farmed your ass with guild raid. Don't need to tag up to farm you, you iliterate autist trash. Next time don't go "afk" after losing fights though. Stay till the end. Your attempt to trashtalk is as bad as your gameplay
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    Why's everyone so mad... Can't really argue that RS has one of the better blob in EU and RoF link probably had the better guilds in this MU. That said it's funny to watch RS players trash talk about PPT when they hardcore PPT just as much if not more than other servers or the logic that if one of their commander loses it's because it's a bad commander and it doesn't count but if one of their commander wins it's because they're the best and enemies are trash.
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    It stands for League of Flachwichsers
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    they reformed just to take that piken keep
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    wasn't me i use at least 30 golems for a keep 11 golems, must be some random, lul
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    next time we will build 3 catapults to open your doors ok?
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    You are on the wrong server then lul.
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    than why you joined squad , you were never on top 10 dps
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    lul you were following me in eotm like a dog today thx for rams
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    i am leading eotm right now better enemys than you , more challenging come there, you ri tard
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    We all know Vabbi isnt stacked
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    "Destiny2 giving more challenge"
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    how to play this game?
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    Stfu and keep dodging fights
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    he goes offline and prefers to play Destiny2
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    That was probably bez, he's good at dodging shit
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    I see Shoxor turned into a real forum warrior clapping people on forums and game
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    Excuse me? We tried to get fights for hours on blue border, but FSP camped inside bay the whole time, continuously building siege and refusing to come out. Then when we switched to green border, where FSP had a T2 bay, the exact same thing happened. So that's both alpine borders where FSP did nothing but hide from Gandara... our comms ended up tagging off after three frustrating hours.
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    RoF got so tired of arguing with me that they've started arguing with themselves instead lmao
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    I am not even vabbi and I really like how easy u idiots get triggered. I am only here because it is the most salty thread kek
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    What about you gypsie stfu and tag up for once? Oh wait you cant, your grannie is prolly keeping you busy. You shittard have 0 rights to come here and talk to any of the people playing since your balls got cut off for thanksgiving 1999. Go l2grow some shitfartas.
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    Hyped? Nah, most of us didnt give a fuck tbh. We actually disapointed seeing the so called big N strong server getting one pushed by FSP zerg and most left after OS. That's why you didn't waggon between dozen servers before settling on a server full of hardcore gvg wanabes. Oh snap, you did.
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    nobody left to go ppt, most prefered ppt over fights:D we never had a queue, he told you that to feel better, cause i heard kill players were hyped fsp can win some fights against vabbi
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    While the role has remained unchanged for a long time, I've noticed that people recommend running full Celestial gear for that build more and more (wvw chat, forums, metabattle, etc). I have checked the EH & EP stat differences between Celestial and Soldier and Celestial is worse in both cases. Minor condition damage increase on the same build hardly makes a difference at all and healing power doesn't make a big difference either (though it did have a decent impact when running merciful intervention/ mace.shield & pure of heart but that's another build). In any case, most squads now run with ministrel tempests so there's already a healer role, some minor extra healing from guardian doesn't seem worth it. So why are so many players hyped about Celestial vs Soldier when the advantages seem very limited? If soldier's too easy then why not just swap amulet/weapon with berserker and that gives you a decent DPS boost, while still being tanky enough for front line, at a fraction of the cost of a full set of celestial armor. I haven't seen any discussion about this just a bunch of players saying it's better but not backing it with any evidence. So what's the deal with Celestial AH frontline Guard? GW2 Power numbers:
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    Thx again for the lot of fun \o/
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    Thunder getting loot? very unlikely.
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    The picture is from this morning. The sentence is related to the prime time in the evening: P
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    pm el cid for details
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    Yeah because 10/10 is reserved for where u cried because u got farmed by SA.
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    I'll give that a 5.5 out of 10
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    Oh shit this dude is still alive. I thought he got arrested for buying scissors without 3 different permits.
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    aaaah the shino guy whose crying when he gets farmed by our roamers is dat you ? seen screens of you flaming on whatsapp EDIT: is Ring of Fire always one push ? PS: Jak is a fag and RoF got no good players ^^ WsR only i guess
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    Idk. I guess so. Not extremely good. But a solid good on my skill level. At least I understand under roaming not to attack poor Zerglings on EBG.
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    Might be a little late to the discussion The small critical chance matters not individually but if you think about the synchronised mighty blows the a squad can do, so about 20 guards in a full squad , thats where the crit chance and extra crit dmg comes into play. Also, synchronised purging flames hurts more even with that little condition damage when placed by several guards at the same time When in blob v blob you want to have stronger 'spike' damage. Sustain damage will be outsustained if the enemy zerg has eles so that's why you wanna save your damaging skills for the big spike, where your aim is to just melt people down. In that situation the crit rng really matters.