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    Thx Etheri and Loves for fights on the weekend Have found buff food for Rav
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    I find it quite bit retarded that many people in the salt forums still havent realized that in majority of blob fights its the people that carry the commanders, not vise versa. Commanders are simply there to provide opportunities for people following in killing enemies. The more experienced people following, the less brain power needed on any commander on giving those opportunities of wiping. Meaning even a complete moron of a commander can wipe anyone if the people around him are long time veteran WvWrs who know what they are doing. So yeah i do find it bit sad when ever any commander in salt forums surrounded by veteran WvWrs who have played this game mode for many years think they are OP as fuck and everyone around them sucks hard when it all comes down to simply who has the most experienced players in their current server. Commanders youre not some special snowflakes whose IQ is above everyone else. Your normal average Joes just like everyobody around you (including me) so get your head out of your arses with those high egos and enjoy the game. Any time you steamroll enemies and call them shitty then switch to that server, get a tag up and see how youll manage in their position, in their terms and status. Just my 2 cents. Let the salt unleash ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    About us; Second Law [Scnd] is a hardcore WvW/GvG guild recently reformed for PoF, currently located on Vabbi. The aim of the guild has always been to progress and improve as both individuals and as a unit in order to compete at the highest level. Now that the first few months of our reform have passed, allowing us to adjust and finalize our core roster, we are again looking to recruit players for the specific classes we need. We are looking for both veteran and new players of GW2 who have both the correct attitude and ability required for [Scnd]. Currently recruiting; 3 Revenants 1 Scourges 1 Thief 1 Mesmer Raid days (UK time); Sunday 19:00 - 22:30 Wednesday 19:00 - 22:30 Thursday 19:00 - 22:30 Expectations; Positive competitive attitude The ability to be self-critical and take on board constructive criticism in order to identify and address weaknesses in your gameplay Regular discussion regarding builds, strategy and tactics is an important part of the guild. We value people who can contribute to this theorycrafting in order to optimize our playstyle Microphone is required for raiding Commit to at least 2/3 of the weekly raid days Being able to record is a massive plus, but isn't strictly necessary. Please note that without the ability to directly see your gameplay, it can be much harder for us to make an informed decision as to whether you are of the required standard. Contacts and Applying; The trial period lasts for 4 weeks, and it is recommended to both attend as many raids as possible and also to record your gameplay. This will help us to see if you are a good fit for the guild, and to enable us to give better feedback/advice. Contact either myself (Snowstorm.3897 / Sylas Scorchrazor) or Soul (Wompage.4586 / Soulo Bomber) for details regarding applying or if you have any questions regarding the guild. If neither of us are online, feel free to leave a mail and we will get back to you ASAP. Alternatively, we will review all applications sent in to our (now inactive) website. The vast majority of our guild management/community aspect has transferred over onto the discord server, but all of the required information that we need to know is located on the application. Apply @ http://secondlaw.guildlaunch.com/
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    RIP WvWvW https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/26547/world-restructuring
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    CC is a friendly European based semi-hardcore WvW guild (Currently on Gunnars Hold). We promote a fun, mature atmosphere that allows a good group of people to come together to enjoy WvW. Currently CC hosts 3 weekly scheduled WvW raids, closed and open raids. Raid Days are as follows Mon Tue Wed Experienced Leadership. Friendly atmosphere. Support from the leadership when faced with difficulties. Support for personal progress that benefits the guild. Guild website and TS. You can send us your application using http://www.coordinated-chaos.com/recruitment Any questions you might have can be answered by the following people in-game: Jinty (jinty.2854) Kim (Boja.8179) Brooky (brooky bud.4658) full.png
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    Thanks to [oD] & [Ice] & [III] & [FTW] & [CA] for the fights tonight. Obviously I'm mostly just showing our "wins" here, but you guys whiped US pretty good, too :D. We, [DîrT], still have a long way to go - but atleast we're on a good path imho, and sometimes we even give you good fights ^^. Keep up the nice Raids, boyyyyyys \o/ Kind Regards, Kroko
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    Wow, UW is main server now, epic. Pretty good. I seriously UW will def have the population to maintain competitiveness even if most of the Vabbi bandvagoners ditch the sinking ship leaving women, children and wounded behind. GH also. Pretty good. Flextomming thro hardships. Teapotting for casual fun. This is the terror of the current links. Tbf i dont even remember where my main acc is. Some ex sfr link, but gotta get ready for the Flexpotvagon. Merry xmas, dont fill deso link 2 much <3
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    Frage mich schon ein bisschen wie Drakkar es schafft trotz chronischen Wegrennens die meisten Tode im Matchup zu haben. Da fragt man sich was passieren würde wenn bei Gegnerkontakt mal nicht instinktiv der Mauszeiger zur Wegmarke geht. In 1-2 Wochen hat sich das ganze dann aber eh gegessen. Drakkar gehört spielerisch nicht in dieses Tier. Wenn sie meinen sie müssten das Gefarme noch 2 Wochen ertragen, kann man da auch nichts dran ändern, aber ich bin mir sicher auch den letzten Karmazombies wird irgendwann der Spaß daran vergehen. Hoffe zum Reset gibts wieder ein spannenderes MU.
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    Bla bla bla ich bin erwachsen und begebe mich nicht auf euer Niveau, bla bla bla ich hab nur Luft im Sack bla bla bla Meld dich nicht im shit forum an wenn du nicht geflamed werden willst
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    So das du es verstehst: ----> JA !
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    Sry ich weiß leider nicht wie so ein Ausweiß aussieht und hab mich an die Vorlage von https://www.myhandicap.de/schwerbehindertenausweis/ gehalten. Und fix mit Paint was gebastelt. Du kannst mir ja nen Bild von deinen Original Ausweiß geben, dann würde ich mir mehr Zeit nehmen und das Professionell machen Danke für deine Mitarbeit