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    jarni and co are like machines. i can't do 24 hour raids anymore. hehe.
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    We just arrived on that bl and went immediatelly towards your blob with less than 25 and wiped the floor with you all way to your spawn, then let AR farm you. It's funny you say whole 2 blobs when we had outnumbered on map and AR just had a guild and some more pugs with them... Nice try twisting the facts but in the end you just a pile of human waste as a player and fit perfect to that guild. Where's your clicking skill videos of your amazing DH gameplay btw? Like i said, only Dye the char is worth fighting aggainst, form Deso, strong challenge.
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    If you mean the screenshot, then that was also Maelix She sent that to me, and I simply reposted on the Saltcord
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    Good fights yesterday on EB. Except the skilllag (well EB) it was one of the best evenings in a long time.
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    Lol good joke. What I'm hearing is that there are a fair number of players/guilds waiting for Mag to open so they can finally transfer in.
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    jarni's mushroom vs totori's golem. =') always wondered how like minds think. fury and salt mushroom gods
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    Forgive me your grace
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    Yeah we do did a 24 hour raid last Thursday.
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    Idgaf what you think I said. You haven't won shit lol. You read it a particular way and made multiple responses to denigrate 1 aspect of the post. Instead of being a forum warrior, how about actually playing the game instead of being a whiny bitch about you misunderstanding my message. The relevance of the post remains the same. Walk the talk Celantius. Let's settle this. 8-10pm est, 5-10 vs us roamers.
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    I'm not a Mag player. But from what I've read on here, the official forums and reddit, and heard on TS from multiple people, as well as observed I think it's an accurate statement. BG literally refused to fight Mag from what I recall when Mag went T1, so again another example. I'm just a filthy casual compared to most of the people here. ­čśü
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    Okay boy sorry for misunderstanding then. Peace o/
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    Blood red rare Flank Steak with herb roasted potatoes and some bright attractive vegetable to ignore. The dream.
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    RoF losing T3 SM to a handful of drakkar while they try to capture our red keep on EB with 30+ and having 5 trebs on anza hills. Never go full-focus.
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    A lot of guilds will blob and nut hug sometimes but generally at least try and fight alone at some point during the week. DOCCCPKRTA hug each other no matter what. They hug each other against big groups, they hug each other against groups of like 20-25 and they still lose even though they outnumber them and will port off the map, they hug each other while they ppt empty keeps and towers. That's what it means. People meme about it because they will avoid fights to go ppt things even though they have 3 guilds who stack on each other. They're a joke.
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    Sounds fun m8. After today I have a few days off and should be on quite a bit. An impromptu fight night would be great.
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    Gotta say, FSP has some rather stubborn commanders, not giving up after 4 wipes in a row in Deso Garri
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    Nein is the only German word I know! Also regarding the shadow play dude, do you happen to be recording on to the same HDD that your game is also installed on? If so maybe consider getting a separate HDD and running your recording software off that, or getting a SSD if you don't have one. That should fix your lag :P! Weaver looks like it's going to be fun! Although I'm a little sad that they've went the hybrid route, seems like celestial will be meta again! I'm still gonna stick to power based stuff myself tho, and d/d ofc! already got my builds figured out!
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    Moaing not pinsniping any more hmmm...and fate ran like 22 and sg had pry 10 ish (not 100%) oh did i mention that the whole que was on the Mag tag KEK
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    Btw the servers got down cause we missed our purges so bad they landed on this site sorry team!
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    Had a blast tbagging Doc on his alt! Was hilarious when FA tried to Zerg us down but our fellow bros from vT got our back to Match Numbers. Lol 111111111
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    Hello everybody, i know this is an English Forum, but the target people for us are German players. IF, however, international players are interesetd, i will glady translate this for you. Best Regards Illu ########################################################################################################### Dzagonur ist eine kleine und gutm├╝tige Community. Egal gegen wen Dzagonur k├Ąmpft oder wie viele es sindÔÇŽ Wir geben niemals auf und haben immer Spa├č! Das ist Dzagonurs gr├Â├čte St├Ąrke! Aufgrund der Gr├Âsse von Dzagonur haben wir seit dem 26.08.2016 einen Linking Partner. Gilden die eine neue Herausforderung suchen und in der Primetime spielen wollen, k├Ânnen wir nur sagen... Kommt zu uns ! Auf Dzagonur gibt es einen harten Kern, der alles Erdenkliche tut, um das WvW und die Community zu verbessern. Viele dieser Menschen sind bereits seit Release auf dem Server und werden es auch immer bleiben ! Was Dzagonur euch bietet: Tolle und engagierte Gilden , die ohne Drama Hand in Hand zusammenarbeiten , die gilden├╝bergreifende Events planen und die die Liebe zum Server verbindet. Wundervolle Menschen, die gerne mit Rat und Tat zur Seite stehen. Eine entspannte, TS-freudige Gemeinschaft, die gerne im Public l├Ąuft. Ein funktionierendes, eingespieltes Scout-Netzwerk innerhalb der Dzagonur-Community-Gilde. Ein Projekt-Team welches jeden Wunsch der Community umzusetzen versucht Veteranen die mit Rat und Tat bei Problemen helfen Ein 2 W├Âchentliches Community Meeting bei dem alle WvW/PvX Spieler eingeladen sind. Dzagonur ist ein sehr demokratischer Server und wir freuen uns ├╝ber jeden, der sich bei uns einbringt. Gepflegte Community-Plattformen wie Teamspeak, Forum und Homepage Was suchen wir: Wir suchen WvW-Neulinge, wie auch Veteranen. WvW-Neulinge werden bei uns immer herzlich empfangen und gef├Ârdert wenn dies erw├╝nscht ist. WvW-Veteranen k├Ânnen bei uns ihr K├Ânnen zeigen und Dzagonur mit uns nach vorne bringen ! Warum ihr zu uns wechseln solltet: Weil man mit Dzagonur noch etwas ver├Ąndern kann. Dzago ist ein sehr junger Server, der sich gerade neu erfindet, und in dessen Gemeinschaft ihr eine zentrale Rolle einnehmen k├Ânnt. Ihr wollt euch als Gilde einen Namen machen, wollt, dass die Community auf dem Server euer Tag erkennt? Ihr wollt eure Mitglieder alle auf einem Grenzland versammeln, ohne dass euch eine andere Gilde dazwischenfunkt oder ihr an der Queue scheitert? Organisiert euch mit uns! Lacht mit uns! K├äMPFT mit uns! F├╝r Ruhm, Ehre, Beutel, Pips und Dzagonur! Sollten wir euer Interesse geweckt haben, besucht uns unter: Dzagonur Forum Dzagonur Teamspeak┬│ ts.gw2dzagonur.de Wenn ihr Fragen zu unserer WvW Community habt, k├Ânnt ihr euch an folgende Personen wenden: Dzagonur Ansprechspartner Liebe Gr├╝├če & bis bald auf den Schlachtfeldern ! Dzagonur WvW Community
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    Nice to see Lyroc still goin strong on RS : ) he has been doing this aslong I remember, Personally I enjoy the most to fight RS over any other servers, imo u can bring the most organized blobs and almost never commander focus, RS have my respect and if I see someone in my blob focusing RS commander, its a name and shame for sure : ) we all enjoy this game so lets keep it friendly and enjoy the awesome gamemode! : )
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    Impro sounding like a 2000 lbs. fat man bragging about how easy it was to break the springs in his mattress.
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    get 100% rekted son, not even with 10:1 and going vs TC and CD you will be able to pull that off 100% REKT HEAR THIS WELL, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT REKTED SONS
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    Update: Who are Salt? A rag tag bunch of pve scrubs playing wvw 90% of the time in voice coms. We have a core group of 10 dedicated officers and 148 members a daily active players of 40 to 60 daily. What is Salt? We define it as that which adds flavors to wvw and gw2. When does Salt play? 4pm server time to 8pm. We have three active drivers. Sov - Guild leader. Bug - Guild leader. And Suggee wvw raid commander. 6pm to 10pm server reset. May adjust depending on decision. Sundays is salt guild missions and pve raids. Thursday is Salt drunk raid. Where does Salt play? We serve desolation as an independent guild. How does Salt play? We run guild wvw raids. We theorycraft builds. And we play a bit of pve. We do our own thing based on our one rule. We do what we want (what sov wants) Why? Because we love to raid. If you are interested to join us, pm me here or in reddit or in game. If you want to skrim or gvg, please pm me. We are beginners but any experience helps us. 10v10 or 15v15. Please let us know in advance because we dont accept any fights on the day unless sov decides and because we all are working professionals irl. Tldr; Love wvw? a little pve? Enjoy a community of professionals? Salt is for you.
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    tldr; Love doing nothing in WvW and getting wiped by roamers? Wanna raid during a reset with 15 people on offensive border and be useless? Wanna get talked to like a baby? Enjoy a community of braindead weebs that click skills? Love being disliked amongst most of the server? Salt is for little 10 year olds like you! Tell your mom 5 more minutes and sign up here!
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    Well i pretty much summed it up in the Introduction and believe me.. Enigma is one of the nicest people in Ash there is WAY worse people hue~~ So thanks for the free bump, u can keep creating accounts and do this everyday, it saves me work. Still looking for people to join the personifcation of toxicity.
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    We dedicate ourselves playing open field raiding in WvW taking upon 40man blobs with our 25 man core. established guild wars 2 guild since 2013-2017. TIMEZONE: North American timezone starts at 6pm on PST, 8pm on Central and 9pm on EST for 2-3 hours of mainly hardcore open field fights on MONDAY TO WEDNESDAY GUILD ENVIROMENT: We are one same mentality on every aspect of WvWing and GvGing. Win or Lose we get back up and fix our errors and get the best plays for it. REQUIREMENTS: Discord with working mic and 3 days of raiding (Monday to Wednesday). SERVER: BLACKGATE CONTACTS AND INTERVIEW: Since our site is no longer operating, add me in-game: Spitfire.4690 or add me through discord - Jarvan#4875 for guild interview invite. [RISE] YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/c/TEAMRISE MESMER - 1 REVENANT - 1 GUARDIAN - 1 ELEMENTALIST - CLOSED WARRIOR - CLOSED NECROMANCER - CLOSED THEIF - CLOSED RANGER - CLOSED ENGINEER - CLOSED
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    SBI has a lot of good pve'rs. Every corner I turn while roaming there's 10 people on a camp flipping route. WvW is PvP for people who don't actually want to fight, just look at it safely from afar to feel risky.
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    And "Roaming" is for people who are no good at SPVP.
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    HoD getting wiped continually by DUI and pugs despite fighting under siege from Bay in HoDbl last night. Wish they hadn't turned and run into the portal forcing us to take camps and build siege to get to our enemies. Run less, fight harder. Thx for the bags!
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    Most of those 2000lbs are from my penis Not my fault a Temple in Orr is harder than wiping you shitting on you..like always
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    Nice to know that TC needs NSP to place second this week.