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    lets agree atleast that bb server should be deleted or send to NA
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    Dawn of the Dragon [DAWN] is recruiting!!!!! Who are we? DAWN is a WvW/GvG focused guild based on Ring of Fire. We like to have fun regardless of what we are doing or however many opponents we face, but still be serious during fights. Even outside of raids some of us will roam around having fun while working on our co-ordination skills and more. What can you expect? Friendly and fun environment with friendly and crazy people. Never pointing fingers and blaming anyone if we lose fights. Always striving to improve and learn from our mistakes, as well as from our opponents. Theory crafting as a group and making builds based on our playstyle. Making sure everyone understands their classes and builds. Working together as a team to face any and all challenges that come our way. What do we expect from you? If you are online we expect you to join our raids. Be willing to obtain guild raid builds and change them according to our plans. Must have Teamspeak and use it during raids, mic is highly recommended. You must rep the guild during the raids. Outside of raids you can rep other guilds, however it will be appreciated if you can make DAWN your main guild. We understand you can't always on for raids all the time. If you cannot make a raid let us know via in game or whatsapp group chat. Have respect for everyone in the guild, server and opponents we face. Bad behavior will not be tolerated. Most importantly HAVE FUN!!! When do we raid? We raid 3 days a week for 2-3hrs and expect for people to be online for at least for 2 of them. Sunday - 7pm UK time Monday - 7pm UK time Wednesday - 7pm UK time Also thinking about adding Thursday. What classes do we need? Look down below for what classes we are looking for. If your class is not listed and you wish to join, then still apply we will evaluate your skills for 2 weeks before making the final decision even though we are looking to strictly keep it 20-22 man group. If you are interested in joining the guild then please whisper or send a mail to: Kai - snake.6734 (Guild Leader/Raid Leader) Vince - TidalTrident.4013 (Officer) Sebastian - TinySebasH (Officer)
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    Nah 1 to 5 is a zerg 6-10 is a blob 10 or more is '' Wtf why are they building ACs in open field''
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    I'm still pretty sure of the fact you're a trash blob guild (ikea whatever tiru's guild was called). Just dont RQ to Vabbi like him kk? Or did you RQ RoF?
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    Or people stopped caring trying to expalin things to delusional people.
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    wow... mu is over and people still like... https://i.imgur.com/iBZYI5W.mp4
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    FSP - BB - Irrelevant server 2 weeks in a row
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    White Knight detected
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    https://youtu.be/DY1s9SmrQRE Yee boi.
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    But you mean everything to us because every time you get farmed, you affect us positively both in bags and in spirit.
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    isnt this like.. illegal?
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    Thanks for posting that video. While on a frame by frame basis, the outcome would have been changed, but shit happens. I think it actually helped towards their decision to slightly nerf epidemic along with a few other videos. I attempted to use this video as evidence in response to a thread on the official forums as a counter to someone making a thread about dealing with conditions, such as condition duration reduction food which would be useless in that situation. However, said post was deleted. When I asked them why, they gave me this gem: So according to Arenanet, epidemic actually has nothing to do with conditions. In that case, i've been looking at it completely wrong. Pls teach. Note that I actually don't give a shit about it either way, but lol.
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    That requires them to have access to a computer with gw2 on it, which isn't always the case