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    Liberius Bombwalker always complain about focus because he getting focused from aoe skillz ....
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    I will be leading 6:30 pm UK time on Green Borderland tonight. Looking for good fights! I hope to get some nice blobs
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    And now hes with " rapido vamos vamos"
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    Best joke I've seen on these forums so far
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    The Whiteside Ridge [WSR] We are server guild based on WvW that operates mostly during EU primetime. Our current focus it to get good prime time blob for push up server and fights.Although all experience leveles are welcome and encouraged, if you are willing to learn or if you are veteran or pro, you are expected to help. If you are new to the game or class, you are expected to reach out for help and accept construcitve criticism. INTEGRITY- We must do our part to ensure the guild/server stays free from toxic and cancerous behavior. As such, putting down other guilds on our servers and elitist behavior will not be tolerated. RESPECT- Having respect for your guild members and allied server members is important, we accomplish this by assisting them both on and off the battlefield. Respecting our enemies is as just important. Both a win and defeat on the field has lessons to be learned. We are using discord that is requirement.In the interim, just listening is just fine but communication would be much better for all. Representation in WvW we are server guild rep in Open raid witch is 2 days, rest Friday and Sunday prime time. Transfer for WSR is 500 gems we are good server with good wvw core players and really good community, we welcome all join us today !! atm we lack of PPT comamnders. For more Info pleas whisper: mika.4523 , Samlair Steel.2304 , Echo Steel.7849 and Jandra Steel.7069