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  1. Supposedly its been working better than the other client. I remember on my iMac, it would just crash unless I played it on 1080p and various other bugs.
  2. run a tracert, maybe your ISP routing has some issue.
  3. Discord, really straight forward. Grab the Mee6 bot and maybe another music bot and you are set!
  4. gregorpayne
  5. here is a little glimps
  6. Best guild NA!
  7. Been using it since day one, the only real issue for me is that I cannot customize audio input and output.
  8. As the title states, post your gaming rig! Let me clean my filthy disgusting habitat so I can take a picture.
  9. have always just used CCleaner/Malware Bytes and Win defender since like windows 7.
  10. johnpaul4318@gmail.com
  11. This was done, because people were either abusing the site's features or posting porn avatars. I would ban them and they would make a new account, so after dealing with this shit for a month I decided the only way to stop this is give them a bit of fear. These people are not banned because of shit posting, you can do that all you want.
  12. New list
  13. can you guys list all the names in one post of this aros character and when I am home I will go ahead take care of it. thanks and cheers!