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  1. Post Your Rig!

  2. Forums Stable!

    Question for registration has been updated.
  3. Added New Theme

    Hello Members, I have added a new theme called Brave. Please go to the bottom of the site and on the left click the "Theme" dropdown to select the the new theme. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers, Faulty
  4. GW2WvW Discord

    We don't kick/ban anyone for shit talking. The most possible reason you were kicked is that you probably didn't set if you were na or eu. There is a cleanup weekly and you probably had not set that up.
  5. Pain management for cancer patients?

    You wont taste it, because if you look at guides, you will be adding the contents to the oil and then using the oil to cook whatever it is that you want to make. Also you can just buy edibles from the dispensary. And no there are no dangers.
  6. Pain management for cancer patients?

    Weed brownies with high cbd content, being completely honest.
  7. nerdkitten
  8. GW2WvW Discord

  9. GW2WvW Discord

    Caephire, if you look towards the bottom right of the home page of this site, you will see a connect button in the discord window.
  10. Forums Stable!

    Woah now, I think you might be on to something!
  11. Forums Stable!

    Community Members, We are now stable and there should be no errors, thank you for your patience. We have also changed the registration process slightly, new members trying to register will just have to answer one question relating to guild wars wvw. It not hard but it will change from time to time, if you know someone trying to register please do make them aware of this. Thank you and enjoy, Faulty
  12. Site Issues

    Please change your theme manually, see attached screenshot.
  13. Site Issues

    Hello Community, As you might have noticed that the site was down for about a day or so and it was due to a failure during the upgrade process. We are still working out some of the errors, I ask humbly that you give us a bit of time to rectify any remaining issues and please do post here if you see any errors. Thank you, Faulty
  14. Site/Theme Changes

    Hello Community, I am currently working on the site to make some changes, you might see some errors and anything you come across please post in this thread. I have mentioned this before(I think), but you can change the background to your liking by clicking the image icon located top right of the nav bar. Check the image attached. Cheers and enjoy, Faulty