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  1. johnpaul4318@gmail.com
  2. This was done, because people were either abusing the site's features or posting porn avatars. I would ban them and they would make a new account, so after dealing with this shit for a month I decided the only way to stop this is give them a bit of fear. These people are not banned because of shit posting, you can do that all you want.
  3. New list
  4. can you guys list all the names in one post of this aros character and when I am home I will go ahead take care of it. thanks and cheers!
  5. Just started playing breath of the wild on PC. Very nice title, I would recommend!
  6. Humans..... you tell no and they hear yes.
  7. Still in Exotics. stillin.exotics@yandex.com 04/18/2017 Members
  8. I think this should be good.
  9. So I was trying to see if I could just add gw2skills.net here but it seems they do not allow iframe and therefore we would need to build an editor ourselves which would be something to consider later on as I do not have that type of time to invest.
  10. gimme a color suggestion, until then ill leave this ugly one.
  11. hansaljohn cricbattips.com@gmail.com 04/14/2017 Members
  12. First IP -- bruceamj sunildubey0106@gmail.com 04/07/2017 Members
  13. User Shiver used his one shit posting, next time his IP will be here.
  14. Women must love the length of your fingers after looking at that key setup.