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  1. clash of clans because my wife commanded me to.
  2. Hey all, thanks for the fun @home bl. Hi to Gandara and Kodash. Why we in water shot is because I fell from the bridge and so had to make do by asking everyone to jump in with me. haha
  3. man wish i could stay up that long. good job because fights were enjoyed.
  4. Thanks MA for the skrim at kod bl. >3< Thanks Kod and Gand for the fun fights at deso bl. My crewe says hi. See you again later.
  5. fa is where my old guild mates are. it should have a decent sea ocx players. i cant recommend sos since it lacks coordination the time i was there. dont go jq since it is already stacked. mag is well... mag kills everything so dont go there too. sbi has always had a special place in my heart but they only have 15 or so sea players. cd in similar state. my first na server. tc is working its way back. just a mind set thing. so if u plan, go fa. __ guild drama sucks. i know how that is since we recently had that at salt. straightened it out by being a dictator. =p
  6. eu is pretty dead in na though. u.u;; why transfer?
  7. Thanks for the fun at home bl. Man you had most of our stuff; so we had to muster some salt. Anyway, salute. Strong gandara and kodash. Hi deso. See you again later. My crewe says hi, Support the chak skins. -sov
  8. Back from vacation. =) Excited to join the fight later.
  9. =) Thanks for the fun and frolic in home bl. My crewe says hi.
  10. thanks fsp and rs. =)
  11. hehe i suggest, in this case, you make the cups to electronic scale. =)
  12. spanish ensaymada is beautiful try it out. i could share a recipe
  13. you will probably get gandara. we ddint ppt strong this week.
  14. Drunk raid done for me. Led 4 to 6pm server time. Had some fun. We were mostly warriors, derping. On the plus side, we hop to home bl defending hils and eb defending keep and it was fun. Was supposed to be a close raid but I don't turn down a pm if someone wants to join when I lead so it became open for awhile. Thank you rs and fsp, hope you had fun. Salute my deso. I will see you all Monday next week if we get matched up again. As for deso players, the quality is commander dependent, imo. The better the com, the stronger they become. So, if we die a lot, it is because us com's need to evolve and try new things. This I learned fighting strong players like you guys, fsp and rs. so, thanks for the tips. as for pugs, they not that bad. when I lead, they able to def, kill, and fight. probably just numbers and builds. As for kiss, I help if they ask. It's just how I am. I do what I can because I can. if people don't ask, i dont, i have my own agenda, which is to do some rp walks around the borderland. hehe peace, Sov
  15. I check this every now and then, but there are times when clicked, peopel can get in. Ah, yes, eu in na isn't so good now. Anet needs to merge servers to make it more fun.