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  1. Hello Old friends
  2. team wise wondering

    1. durability

    2. hoelbrak

    3. melandru

    4. soldiers

    5. mercy

    6. monk


  3. copy may be some guy who i blocked then. cheers
  4. i doubt we will reach t1. we stil t3 at deso. salt will not leave deso. =)
  5. spirits is good
  6. why so salty? of course we will run from you. fail? its a drunk raid. not going to take any fights serious, when we get lucky yey. when we wipe, part of the game. and you are many and we are few. as for the screen shots stuff, not really feeling it with all the hate from dye and co. will do it later though when i lead. at least even if they ask you to wipe us i wouldnt mind because its wvw because it makes us strong. but we had a lot of fun because they had to actually whisper ur guys to target us first. thats how toxic it is here. so you made our day better. and thank you. =)
  7. =) suggee and sf farmed them though. but when we were solo, we ran haha. fighting 35 or so with 15 is suicide. =p was a fun drunk raid. and our raid lead, as drunk as he was sustained our tipsy team.
  8. see you later. =) we do open raid because it is reset.
  9. i ask those who bully me, my team and friends to stop, think for yourselves and not be sheep. time to play gw2 instead of forcing others to play what you believe is correct. because by experience all players learn to build their own characters and get stronger if they love them. to my friends, thanks for defending us. i blocked most of these people so i dont read their messages or posts. lets shake these haters off and play gw2 instead. =) open raid later for reset. your heavy loot bag commander, sov
  10. thanks everyone for the week. -Heavy Loot Bags.
  11. thanks kill for the skirmish. made our drunk raid lively
  12. thanks. i wish they'd make books of each season hehe cheers
  13. aye. =)
  14. time to start reporting. not sure what the admin will do but bullying shoudln't be a standard in this forum.
  15. all good then. deso is lucky to have you. and of course we have to deal with these ppl too.