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  1. will be using reddit recruitment page and official forums for this.
  2. I'm done here. Talked to that arse in ts. If it happens again, it will be addressed in game. You outsiders mean nothing. As my last post here. It may seem funny to you to attack me because i stand independent from all these groups, i give effort to protect my team, but those in deso knows and thats all that matters. Now laugh hard and hide behind that pc. When it happens to you, and when you try to defend others, but everyone paints you black, you will know how i feel standing alone in this. but even if i am alone, i am strong. to tomi, thanks man. peace out and fuck you all.
  3. do you mean you need help you piece of fuck? Yes, id even pay for your psyche check. and you dare mention my wife? When i see you in ts later. we are going to have a talk. this is personal now.
  4. do you mean, when we wipe the enemy. hide behind that lemon pc of yours. you can only spout this shit because internet.
  5. scroll up biatch. everytime your guild shits fuck up you message me for forgiveness. you piece of shit, you disgust me. i am ashamed of you.
  6. you fuck by riding the bully train. because i actually am effective in deso, all this hate happens when i am independent and protect my allies. well fuck you all. what a bunch of internet warriors. this may be the only place you guys actually matter because in real life, you sit in your moms basement, leeching for scraps because you cant make it in life. well tough.
  7. guess what, he's already pass that stage. oOo this you see is the problem. you assume the zenith who played gw2 for the 1st time is the zenith who plays now. your a sad case son. a sad case.
  8. and guess why it was nerfed jackass? hopefully. eu is 6 months behind for now.
  9. 1. i am from eu you shit. i came to na and back to learn gw2 wvw. and for now eu is x times behind na now. i tag yellow because i can, and because some of my guys are color blind, no one can compel me to play otherwise. 2. i allow people to break the meta since i am one of those who made them in the first place. this is what i encourage for people to actually think and not just follow what i made before. 3. oh yes, and my mates love it. 4. where you got this is beyond me. you are a curious case of alternative facts. please do give effort in life. i mean it could save you from further embarassment by hastling me for being me. and because i protect my own. sorry, you are not welcome to join my guild. i dislike people who think abandoning others is the right way to go. about dye, well fuck him. the arse has been a thorn to my guys just because we do our own thing. your opinion dont matter. the only thing that does to me is that my guys are having a blast.
  10. you envy me dont you? hahaha. because i think different and because i dont conform to your thinking. and because i am effective. well shit. you and your little circle of internet buddies, who gang up on me in this forum need to learn this one thing. the secret, you dipshit, is this. give effort. You think i am a yes man? if yes means i am successful then yes, i am. i understand that you envy me now. well there can be only one sov. you have got to find your own identity. time to grow up. oOo if the issue here is about zenith well it is simple. i protect my own. i defend my guildmates. if you go hating on them and expect me to turn my back? well fuck you. i dont sell out my guys. i may not have the best people in game but in real life, they are awesome. oOo now you really are beneath my level. -- i say to all who play gw2, you paid for this game, do your thing. dont be sheep. think for yourselves.
  11. must be nice being a forum warrior.
  12. good. now i can go back and do my closed raids again with ts invite only. =p haha.
  13. meh, you arseface can cock suck each other. yeah i quit. happy now? cock sucking piece of shit eating troll.
  14. =) thanks for the bags today. was beautiful farm.
  15. Long bow is pirate ship meta. Know your profession. God tier fight server does not post in troll forums.