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  1. # Changed Man
  2. Perish knows that EBG pugs had to much MC Donalds
  3. And jumping on toxic FSP corpses
  4. @Zenith in your eyes u playing well but for the most of ppl.. you are shit cuz u jumping like a monkey as a DH with cepter in your own backline around .. take it or leave it maybe your guild should join RoF lol they love PPT like [Salt] and have the same playstyle
  5. Buy a tag and lead i think u can do it mate #kek
  6. ahahahahhah this picture LMAO so gud
  7. u can only pirate ship when the other do it aswell lul thats why u loose
  8. So much salt here i love it. Keep going
  9. i dont said that pugs cant join yellow tag. its on the most server thats blue is open and yellow (scout/guildraid/whatever) read boi but u dont know that he had only his guild ppl on him so y
  10. whenu have yellow tag for closed raid no wonder u cant gather more ppl on you kek. maybe u should use the blue one to gather pugs also
  11. U jealous about AMX? Joke! WSR know how to PPT and we also got ppl back with the new link ^^ and in the morning?? the word is coverage buddy
  12. Idk what happend to deso and idk also who was leading on green bl for u.. but boi .. srsly.. i tought u were better than frenchies but u build more acs in a paper keep then JS and AR together! What happend? Even when i take over ..u boiz was running away and glide into bay! Sad! I hope we gonna see some more action in this week. Cheers