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  1. Mag - BG - JQ

    Inspirational message of the day.
  2. YB - DB - NSP

    Have a great week everyone
  3. FA-HoD-SOS

    Rhys is back in full force so yes SoS will be busy with PPT and blobs aplenty. I thought HoD employed pve guilds to watch and upgrade keeps, run yaks and generally play that game. I've certainly seen them try this week.
  4. Mag - BG - SOS

    He's hilarious. I adore Impro and his senseless yelling.
  5. DB - HOD - SBI

    Those fights were epic! I'm so loving the reinvigorated GoM!! Been looking for this level of interest in wvw on the server for a long time.
  6. Mag - BG - SOS

    You flatter him to presume he has any impact on the chart. He is too busy 100% rekting pve world bosses and shit talking to make any difference to kdr
  7. Mag - BG - SOS

    lol Impro 100% rekted tequatl on the weekend.
  8. DB - HOD - SBI

    Lol no dude. Where were you? We never had many players but we were a solid community that worked well together and defeated our opponents that were often more populated than us. That, sir, is what feels good.
  9. DB - HOD - SBI

    GoM has been inconsistent with active wvw populations. Although never enough players to compete at T1 level, at T3 we once held the record for the longest unbeaten streak and won the bronze tournament. Fast forward to now, there's some decent guilds around. It's positive to see.
  10. DB - HOD - SBI

    Did you even read my post? I said CCCP built a an open field treb. Not Hate. GoM was linked with sbi for 2 consecutive runs and we got to know them well. I know Bullyfoot from Hate wouldn't direct the guild to build Siege. However, that didn't stop us turning them into bags multiple times the other night. Also, DUI are a good GoM fight guild, they usually don't run more than 25 at a time though unless with pugs.
  11. Mag - BG - SOS

    100% rekted but don't have a keep in eb... oops 🙊. The bigger the ego the more satisfying the downfall. Someone needs a history lesson.
  12. DB - HOD - SBI

    We wiped Hate 5 consecutive times on Monday even after responding to their request to fight further from our spawn on sbi bl. I was not on for the GvG last night and so don't know the outcome yet but I'd place my bets on Grim. As for cccp, they definitely built a guild treb and while some pugs follow Grim's tag and might have placed siege, I can say with all honesty as someone in their comms that siege is not something that Grim would advocate nor encourage. He's an old school GoM commander who prefers open field fights. They're a tight guild and I really like running with them.
  13. Mag - BG - SOS

    Hate whispers as salty as they can seem are actually signs of respect, they should be treasured. They are also pretty funny.
  14. DB - HOD - SBI

    GoM and Grim on GoM & Void on Mag