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    Sulla is in CCCP, but might as well be DOC and Krta. Lol

    Fought an omniblob of at least 25 HoD on Sunday, not sure if they were coordinated. They spent most of their time close to the safety of their keep rather than fight us, even when they had mortars, cannons and acs. Again, I'd be happy to organize an equal fight with as many ppl as you can get. 10pm est.

    I'll happily set up an equal fight for you with a guild from GoM, who are currently paired with NSP. Tell me how many you can bring and we'll do it.

    Too afraid to fight a girl and lose?

    Idgaf what you think I said. You haven't won shit lol. You read it a particular way and made multiple responses to denigrate 1 aspect of the post. Instead of being a forum warrior, how about actually playing the game instead of being a whiny bitch about you misunderstanding my message. The relevance of the post remains the same. Walk the talk Celantius. Let's settle this. 8-10pm est, 5-10 vs us roamers.

    If you read the whole thread you will see I was responding to someone claiming Mag had the best guilds and fighters. I am disputing that and if you are on Mag, I will happily put that to the test if you can come up with 5-10 players 8-10pm est.

    I wasn't clear in my first post. But you've managed to drag out the Mag=T1 component of the message without grasping what the post is meant to represent. Good job. I edited it to make you happy. You can stop crying now.

    Where did I say they should be closed and not be linked? I said "why do you think anet hasn't linked Mag with any other server." And I also said BG and JQ have traditionally been T1 servers, though Mag has a high popn. of wvw players. They fluctuate, but in my experience, they have no problem running 35+ on most maps and have a tendency to run fat. My entire discussion is around determining the quality of players and I believe the way to prove that is to conduct fights where lag doesn't interfere with play. Blob spamming skills and running over enemies in massive numbers doesn't imo equate to skilled play.

    Why do you think anet hasn't linked Mag to any other server? Wake up Celantius.
  10. SBI-DB-MAG

    Mag jostles around T1-T3 a lot. Don't even try pretend like they don't have a high wvw population.
  11. SBI-DB-MAG

    If you define "the best players/guilds/wvw server" as having the highest kdr every week then you might want to look closer. Mag, like BG and JQ, have high density wvw populations. Although not traditionally a T1 server, their popularity as a wvw server means that new players, returning players and those getting into wvw translate that into big fights, lots of wvw activity and bags aplenty. However, fair weathers and non-dedicated players ramp up the blobs so that a genuine win depends on who has the most players in the fight and has the best cpu and internet speed so their skill lag isn't compromised and they can actually play the game! If you want a genuine test of skill, then look at the outcome of fights where coordination of players is a factor, skill rotations, party comp, etc. i.e. <20 a side. On that note, any roaming group on Mag or DB put your money where your mouth is and we'll happily school you in how to fight.
  12. SBI-DB-MAG

    lol acknowledged by Mag that they have the best guilds and best players NA? Totally valid.
  13. NSP HOD TC

    HoD getting wiped continually by DUI and pugs despite fighting under siege from Bay in HoDbl last night. Wish they hadn't turned and run into the portal forcing us to take camps and build siege to get to our enemies. Run less, fight harder. Thx for the bags!
  14. SBI-DB-MAG

    Certainly princess. Though, you'll have to beat me on the battlefield first.
  15. SBI-DB-MAG

    Prepare to get served.