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  1. Far Shivercarts vs Cavemen Vabbi Feat Baruch

    dead game. lol more fights on forums then in game hehe exde
  2. Gandara - Gunnaabi - BB

    Sorry next time I will play full berserker guard with staff and hit up to 2k+ with wave of wrath and eat all the retal while I have 13k hp and at the end I will rallybot 5 guys like Hox normaly do :^)
  3. Gandara - Gunnaabi - BB

    I feel it to man full sentinels. Pls write something useful. Other than trash coming out of ur mouth.
  4. Gandara - Gunnaabi - BB

    mkay? don't see whats funny here I run sentinel/soldier accessories if I feel for it, but normally I go for full cele. Anyway I'm using my guard only for casual stuff :^)
  5. Gandara - Gunnaabi - BB

    @Lendoiro k
  6. Gandara - Gunnaabi - BB

    @Sinlag Maybe gankdara pugs can get some use of it :^)
  7. Gandara - Gunnaabi - BB

    It's always fun to fight u guys Gankdara <3
  8. What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Tales of Berseria Awesome game with really good story,combat and characters and it's JRPG