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  1. Great Winter [Ice]

    BUMP, Still recruiting. We are looking forward to the upcoming xpac and are eager for more skilled players to join us!
  2. Great Winter [Ice]

  3. Great Winter [Ice]

    Great Winter [Ice] is a new guild that will start raiding July 28 on Whiteside ridge! Great Winter [Ice]is a guild that will strive towards the goal of have a lot of fun while being successful in WvW, thus we will consider ourselves a hardcore WvW Raiding Guild. We are focused on open field fights. [Ice] have been around in the WvW-borders 4-5 days a week for more than 2 years now with some smaller breaks but under the guild Armored Spearhead [echo]. We were a relatively small guild, raiding usually with around 15~20 people. Therefore, we’re looking for players that can attend as many raids during the week as possible, to ensure we always have a competitive number of players, our numbers goal is a average of 17-22 raiders. We will raid at 20:00-22:00 (CET/CEST) on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. We will occasionally do GvGs/scrims against other guilds(OS or border we don't do arena fights). We are currently seeking to recruit several players and get a solid roster setup with players that have a like minded play-style, mindset and a dedicated attitude to become better as a player and as a group. We value skilled players but more important is the mindset and that you fit in the group. A few of our requirements: Have a microphone and be willing to use it during raids, Speak English fluently enough to be able to communicate with the guild, Be active and willing to always perform at your best and improve if necessary. In case you have any further questions, feel free to contact us: Joker Skogserik.5970 Tova alfieb.4506 Fræne smr.1683 http://greatwinter.shivtr.com/