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  1. KOTA SF WvW

    You guys need to run more guardians...
  2. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    Hopefully Anet will open Mag up so you guys can rebuild a little. I enjoy bitching about Mag but at least you guys are good for some interesting fights. This week all I can do is dodge BG blobs, definitely not the most exciting game play.
  3. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    Hell, you'd lose half your population...
  4. BG-FA-JQ

  5. SBI - DB - HOD

    Good shit man!
  6. pussies

    Bye then.
  7. SBi jq fa

    Really doesn't matter, he'll get mad and quit in a week or two.
  8. JQ / FA / YB - Nothing Happened...

    LOL, WTF are you smoking?

    Lol, I highly doubt that will happen. Unfortunately Zerguuma has forgotten how to small man, they gotta blob extra hard for that KDR. The sad part is they totally accept and defend what they have become. #fightsservernomore
  10. Mag SoS FA

    So you're a chicken shit.
  11. Mag SoS FA

  12. Mag SoS FA

    I really liked and respected that Mag.
  13. Mag SoS FA

    There's not a whole lot left to care about in this game. I was pretty serious for the first year or two but now I just log on for an hour or so, look for some fights and then log off. I honestly couldn't care less what goes on when I'm not playing. I don't really worry about score anymore. I don't care who wins the matchup. I don't care who it is I'm fighting against. I don't care about PPT. I don't care about KDR. I guess you are right, I really don't give a shit about much in this game. Come to think of it I don't care about these forums either, they just give me a quick distraction at work when things are kinda slow.
  14. Mag SoS FA

    It's "psychologically satisfying" for you to hide inside a fucking tower until you outnumber your opponents and then you call it "competitive spirit"? OK, LMAO
  15. Mag SoS FA

    I play the game to fight other players not to look at some meaningless numbers on a webpage. What extra rewards do you guys recieve based on your KDR, none? GW2 is probably the least important thing I do all day. It is fun to play and I like to have good fights but I don't care if I occasionally die. I sure as hell don't want to hang around a tower or keep and only engage the enemy when I have a sure fire bullet-proof win. How fucking lame is that?