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  1. WSR vs Rivercart vs Gankdara

    Go back to them then if they liked you so much. If a few people can make you transfer, then you defo are taking shit too personal lmao. Fyi: I left CK and moved to UW weeks before others even moved, so idk bruh. You do you, I'm just fucking around most of the time.
  2. WSR vs Rivercart vs Gankdara

    I HEARD MY NAME? Butterd isn't wrong tho, Zoi/Charr left RoF cus noone liked him - then came back to RoF forums whining about how toxic and rude we were towards him Good to see you're still kissing his ass tho, Agno. I bet it makes him nice and hard. I don't really understand how you people can read Zoi's posts without getting a headache? Fucking hell what a mess to read.
  3. Not exactly sure how that's considered racist but okay. I'm not English or German, but you do you. I just find it hilarious how you people can't open field without siege. Literally such a faceroll
  4. Was too ez on reset tbh. Not gonna lie tho, you guys seemed to sort of learn even though the amount of siege you use now is fucking mental. Always fun fighting the siege of the shit germans.
  5. EB Ogrewatch Exploit

    Hasn't been fixed yet afaik.
  6. Anet decided to change the terrain when they added gliding. GG on fucking it up. Literally just need to hold Pangloss and then you can glide from the hill on the outside LUL