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  1. More drama pls ,I believe in you ppl
  2. Fsp is obviously being carried. Bez,take some lessons from maybe the best players in EU that carries your fat ass server (grabs corn and cola )
  3. Far Shivercarts vs Cavemen Vabbi Feat Baruch

    Bez getting owned once more in game and in forum . And I'm not even on vabi Cant wait till he actually wins a fight and come here to /flex about his commanding abilities and ofc for FSP
  4. 2 "special"kids that once met in a "special"server but couldn't deside who is more "special",are talking to a forum about which one is more "special" . Just out of curiocity: wasn't you rav ,that u somehow "created" that fsp server and especially bezainas? what in hell u expected to be the outcome seriously? Years now we have 2 servers (one that was made from you)and one that u wagon(every now and then) ,fighting in forums while ingame they are maybe the most boring and retarded servers full of drama and QQ ,that can only blob under the command of you guys and make for a couple of hours a few and boring "I have the most guas" fights. Meanwhile in all other servers even in BB ,thousands of ppl enjoy the game and pray not to get one of you "special"kids. Just so you know Note:No one beats SFR in autism ,so stop trying seriously .
  5. I think its time for anet to allow servers to be linked with national servers cause over half of the EU ones are a bunch of carebears or full of tards(SFR) . Even if you merge all the linked servers to SFR ,this ppl wont win anything (PPK or PPT wise u name it)and everyone in FOW cant wait for the new link since 1st week. Rav is right SFR can fight only when Perish(which is a FOW com) or Joey or another good FOW com tag up ,in all other cases its a massive fail.They have one! com that has to tag up for over 8 hours in order to make sfr keep up with anything . Even piken can win them and I remember piken as casuals AF with the exception of 1-2 coms they have.AT least piken has much much less drama(incredible isn't it?) than this shithole called SFR.
  6. General WvW Fights

    This happens years now,some ppl are way to new in this game obviously and imo everything is needed in www. All kind of guilds,those who play fully www,those who focus on ppk,those who focus on ppt and ofc the small scale ones that do w/e pleases them. If u don't like the fact that many guilds only do gvg's then change server or talk about it with your server leaders,wont change a thing and it shouldn't cause in the past when ppl started complaining about gvg guilds all the legendary comm's and players left the game and game became a mindless and skilless karma train fest . I'm happy to see that game is balancing lately in terms of www. Everything is needed in WWW (except imo dueling which I find pointless since u specc to do one thing and u are an absolutely useless slot in a map except some ppl that are so skilled that they can do everything with a duel specc) This update is so awesome, don't ruin it with QQ about things that have happened years before and almost made this game a zombie train .
  7. FarShiverDicks - PPT's Rest - Kantdara

    One push both enemy blobs (in Eb) for the whole reset=confirmed. Perish had a blast
  8. Desolation Seafarer's Rest Vabbi

    Same old ppl spamming k/d ratio from 2014 till today I mean Ravya. No one cares get over it. Its a game , u ppl like to play 4 hours per day and spamm k/d ratio in forums and some other ppl like to actually not hide for 20 hours and appear only for 4. You cant kill someone that doesn't play . I understand that this is how you ppl like to play this game so hopefully you are all gathered in one server, but not everyone likes that . TBh I think that the big majority of this game doesn't like that but ok lets talk about this 5 ppl that actually like that and are commanders at vabbi . Lol just lol Lets sum it up though:its a nice MU overall .
  9. Desolation Seafarer's Rest Vabbi

    Desolation at this MU is far more fun than Vabbi. We can actually fight all day vs deso's and have lots and lots of fun both of us. I hope the new MU will be SFR-DESO-PIKEN cause vabbi actually belongs to t3 and gives no challenge at all most of the day.
  10. Desolation Seafarer's Rest Vabbi

    Exactly ,numbers are not lying. You play 4-6 hours per day(meaning your server is no were to be found) and SFR +FOW has more kills than you. Do the maths. Anyway and since I cba to talk about k/d ratio and ppt and all this nonsense , you ppl can do w/e is that you are doing and all other servers their own . Talking about k/d ratio or PPT is so 2014 ,really. I just dislike playing 4 hours per day pressing one button.You seem to like it. Nothing else to talk about actually .
  11. Desolation Seafarer's Rest Vabbi

    Lol dude,when we cant find you 18 hours per day anywere and we only find you when your gvg melee Cancer-condi train is online and STILL we have same kills as you ,I really think you should re-think what you said ,cause obviously its not in your favour . In a couple of months when you will get bored again and wagon to another server,the same story will be repeated.You ppl /flexing about you K/d ratio for a couple of hours per day while everyone else will play the game and enjoy it. Seriously,get over it.No one believes you and your stories anymore. HF in w/e you guys do I suppose
  12. Desolation Seafarer's Rest Vabbi

    When vabi desides to play at least 8 hours per day,we talk about it again lovebug All I see is a server afk all day .Ofc no one can fight you when u don't exist anywere.Then the gvg blob comes online like u gonna find anything to fight vs any server. Anyway long story short: all servers except were you ppl wagon fights all day and night.You fight only when win is 99% sure. Happens years now,everybody knows it, its not something new, and if u ppl fail to understand it its your prb .
  13. Desolation Seafarer's Rest Vabbi

    1st of all u wont end up 2nd cause obvious reasons that it seems u don't see. 2nd ye SFR will obviously drop without Fow's link and 3rd u are getting farmed 20 hours per day and even when your main and one blob u have is playing u winning only at EB, with SFR+FOW having random coms without even talking at TS. Feels bad man
  14. Desolation Seafarer's Rest Vabbi

    Same old same old. Anyone who doesn't play the way our server wants ,are noobs and our server is no1 fighting server. Not everyone likes to wait 16 hours per day ,for one comm to tag up so they can blob up and play. Vabbi is going down rapidly and QQ already started . Well said to the guy above btw,but I doupt that the players who are now at vabbi really care about actually playing this game. They never did tbh. All they do years now is QQ and do what we both correctly said.
  15. Gandara - Vabbi - Riverside

    No one cares about KDR. You win some u loose some .Sometimes you have a good commy and others don't and some times the opposite happens . For example :Vabbi has one good and solid blob that plays at EB every day at prime time(and not only at prime time)while many other servers don't give a penny about EB. Also many servers have medium scale guilds while vabbi has the blob going here and there farming KDR vs 20 man guilds and so on . Just play the game and stick to what actually counts while you are trying to win as many fights that will make you feel good about your servers mentality.