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    nah i just dont bother to come here as much as i used to coz bitches like you are boring compaired the good old day salt

    is best part of gw2 nowadays

    sinds when is a group of gypsies a race? what a retard
  4. FSP-Gandara-PS

    u recruting still atoss?
  5. think 1 pushing vabbi on os till fsp got bored is moral enough
  6. i love having rav and his gypsy inbreed crew vs fsp it always makes the forum get spam shit.
  7. u went there coz u get your ass filled daily. no other server wants you anyway
  8. you the one rav said who double dodge into bombs?
  9. weird i saw the ques i coudnt get in
  10. Piken Squire - Vabbi General - Seafarers Invader

    yes when i log on vabbi i never see ques 24/7 but its becoz we have bigger dicks then others and win every fight outmanned
  11. Desolation-Riverside-RIng of Fire

    think only vabbi now. fsp seems a bit weak atm
  12. wvw salt

    im sad to report the salt in wvw forums is slowly dying. my popcorn stack is growing but nowhere to eat it while reading salty crap from everyone to everyone... :'( RIP: forum salt. 26-10-2017 u will be missed
  13. FSP-PS-BB

    think hes from wsr
  14. Far Shivercarts vs Cavemen Vabbi Feat Baruch

    lets agree atleast that bb server should be deleted or send to NA