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  1. MAG - NSP - SOS

    Scourge has a lot of potential with the AoE corrupts and condi application. It's actually pretty strong, less mobility than Reaper but your overall control is much better imo. You can have traited cleanse and corruption every 4s around you and your shades, the barrier is actually pretty useful (just wish it didn't go away so fast). The sand trail is pretty fun to kite with, it can really punish overextenders quickly. The elite is nice if you have some shades in it to combo with f4. Spellbreaker is pretty interesting with their no-fun zone, can block a push pretty easily if you just drop it directly in front of them as they come. My friends seemed to like it a lot. Renegade is pretty bleh. Soulbeast seems ok for roaming. Holosmith has good damage, okish cleanse and defense. Deadeye is pretty annoying, but can be dealt with if you have any way to kite with LoS easily. Mirage is okish, their Elite seems interesting for some small mobility hops. Firebrand is kinda in a weird spot as a lot of it's support is casted instead of instant like base guardian.

    Are you saying that moaing is not pinsnipe? The way you phrased that is kinda weird. Your DH's pulled Nacho 5+ times even when he was in the middle of the stack, at one point getting chain-pulled from the east bridge on zerg island to the water on the north side, so yes I'd say that was pinsnipe. VR moved to DBL with their 25 or so soon after capping Garri (the map que I guess you are talking about since [KEK] doesn't run reset) leaving Nacho to pugmand. He barely had 25 most of the time after VR left, and was down to 16 when I went to play PUBG with the bois.

    Pretty boring reset, was funny watching [Fate] and [SG] hug up and pinsnipe all night though.
  4. Mag-FA-NSP

  5. Mag-FA-NSP

    Here we go.
  6. BG-MAG-YB

    That guy has been on YB forever trolling.

    ? "You also fled up the stairs when you were pushed by North gate forcing them to push up the stairs" "You also pulled back across the bridge every time pb pushed." I showed these precise examples you gave and how you were wrong. You didn't give any more, so I didn't post any more. I showed that too. Twice. We had 28 on an atypical night when we had a lot of people online. We were at 21 tonight, fighting RISE who was at about 28. I still think RISE is a fights guild even though they had a larger group. By the same logic your opinions don't matter since you dislike KEK and are just flaming. I already told you why I'm not rendering a 20 minute video. I've already shown more than have (which is nothing, btw). Ball is in your court on that front, bud. Post something proving me wrong or shut up but either way I'm tired of reading your shitty PvF. Point out where I said that. Make my day. ??? It's obvious you aren't up to date with any of the guilds on NA atm. 20-25 is/was very normal for BoRP, RISE, KEK, BOO, SF, OnS, GS, Hymn, Agg, NS, BMO, and many others. All those guilds are fight oriented and run 20-25 on the regular. BOO and SF in particular are very popular with pugs and have huge groups, but still GvG regularly. Hell, NS and Agg often had 25-30+ when they weren't GvG'ing and they're some of the old hallmark fight guilds that were very respected. So far you've demanded that I post vids but refuse to post anything and try to put the burden on me.

    We didn't even have to push the stairway though? We were just walking over to the gate when NSP pushed lol. I also showed what happened when we were out of the keep in SWC, and another when we pushed on flat ground inside the keep while NSP was building AC's lol (spoiler, they just ran). I called you on your shit, you couldn't back up anything, and now you're bored? lol As compared to whatever guilds you are in? I literally posted every instance that you complained about and showed what a crock of shit your claims were. You haven't made mention of anything I haven't given a response to. Fuck, dude even the guys on SBI are telling you that you're wrong.

    It takes 30s to find the clip I want and another minute or so for gfycat to make a 15second gif for me. Pretty easy to do since it doesn't require 3/4 of my system resources unlike rendering a full video in 1080p. I made the gifs to show you the instances you were complaining about, and even then you tried to go against what was blatantly shown before getting shut down and resorting to handwaving and calling it "cherry picking". You just wanted to complain about something and couldn't even back up your claims, unlike me. He lives in an alternate reality where facts that counter his arguments are simply an inconvenience and handwaved away.

    The majority of the fights were over in the "8 seconds" I picked or otherwise spent waiting for NSP to respawn and come back. Dodging siege cows for minutes at a time isn't very interesting. You say it like it was a constant battle going back and forth when PB or Os would onepush or jump back into the water towards inner and we would have to wait again. Oh, no. How horrible that you would think so lowly of KEK. Because you spouted some obvious bullshit that you won't and can't back up. You cared enough to post several times in defense of your position. You don't give much of an impression of not caring.

    I posted the bits you contested. I am not waiting around for 3-4 hours for a 15-20minute 1080p video with overlay to render just for you. Sorry bud. Did you not have any recordings? Or anything to help your arguments? If you've got something showing the contrary, maybe people would be more inclined to see it your way. Relevant quote here.

    I literally broke down your post and posted in response to every part. We had literally just walked over the plateau from NE bay outer after destroying the siege there on our anti-siege pilgrimage. But ok. I doubt it. with another guild group gunning for the AJ on the back. We were also clashing on the same width choke with more space for NSP backliners to spread and avoid being rolled over. Guess that's why they tried to AJ a lot. There is also a lot of PB there for just pugmanding. Looks more like an open tag guild group to me, but whatever. I didn't see that on the guild charter. They're fun but there are more things to do than only seek outnumbered fights at all times. Anyways with the PB+Os group I guess that would be an outnumbered fight, huh? Not typical, generally at around 20. Could have asked, they'd hid enough on inner near siege for enough for us to doubt they'd stick around. It's almost like people have varying opinions. Os is ok, just needs to commit more heavily sometimes and they'd fare better imo. Star has an alt on SBI, but after rewatching the footage I had nobody is saying anything about it. I dunno. GS was also fucking gigantic on reset tho. https://gfycat.com/WhimsicalSillyErne In case you missed it.

    "You also pulled back across the bridge every time pb pushed" https://gfycat.com/CleanUnselfishFallowdeer I guess we're seeing different things here. "You also fled up the stairs when you were pushed by North gate forcing them to push up the stairs" https://gfycat.com/LightWebbedCanadagoose You should invest in some glasses. Bonus: #evenground: https://gfycat.com/JadedAngryBergerpicard #NoAssJams: https://gfycat.com/WhimsicalSillyErne @QuickRain has also sat by and let us kill KRTA even when they attempted to hide behind AoEs and sat on the sidelines while KRTA/DOC tried to voltron. Does Os never AJ guild groups, or do they only AJ when they feel like it(which seems to be a lot)? I'm getting conflicting messages here.

    First, PB easily matched KEK numbers wise, not counting Os (who was often trying to come from a different angle). Numbers aren't an issue here for anyone. Second, being in between two zergs is anything but an advantageous position. I'm sure we could have kept PB sitting on the stairs unable to push, but look at where they are in the picture I linked. Free and clear to walk right on up. There's that "even ground" you so wanted. PB was actually in a better spot than KEK, as we had to walk everyone through the bridge whilst you could afford people to freecast AoE with no repercussion from the water side and wall side. You had a good spot, you just played it like shit. Once we saw PB was actually coming we pushed, and they died. Os backed off as PB clashed, ruining a perfect sandwich. Again, a good advantage wasted by poor play. Nothing tactical about putting yourself in between two forces, bud. Why would we leave the keep when we have no supply and would have to break in again (likely under some annoying siege)? If Fabian or whoever was driving Os wanted us to come out and meet em why not just whisper Div or Star? Or anyone, seeing as we can talk with each other and relay things. They'd stopped coming out, so what was stopping them from taking a lovely stroll back to garri? If anything, a prolonged keep fight is to NSP's advantage as the invaders have significantly less room to maneuver against the 2 separate groups NSP was running.

    Yes, such positional advantage with a zerg on either side. Os is a good 20 or so, with PB being at the least as large as KEK but likely more. And when PB died on inc, Os didn't push. Take a look for yourself.