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  1. Hi @Sov I'm just an unk pleb from Piken, but I have been following this topic and looked into previous ones. I just have a few questions, From what i've seen from these threads you're in, you like to personally attack a lot of people. Normally with childish, unrelated, snide remarks. May I ask why? It also seems you're mocked a lot across all these threads, over and over, again and again by most servers and the commanders on them. I'm not familiar with the commanders on deso, besides the ones that normally make an impact, Discharged and Filthy from KISS and Dye The Char from LOOK. I was under the assumption they were the only commanders as the rest of Deso's blobs/zergs behave like a bunch of tagless pugs with zero co-ordination. So I can't personally comment on your skills as a commander, I can only comment based on what i've read in multiple threads, but I diverge. I guess what i'm trying to ask is, why do you feel the need to comment here constantly, you normally start an argument you cannot win. In all of your posts it looks, at least from my perspective, that you are never in the right, but fight your point adamantly and stubbornly. As someone mentioned before me, are you alright upstairs? This doesn't appear to be healthy behavior, it has actually concerned me so much to do some research and create and account just to ask you. Even if it isn't a mental illness, it still seems dangerous as it appears you are immensely ignorant. Please stop attacking other users, I read earlier you are a married man, try act like one. Unless your "wife" is your medical care, that would explain everything. Regards, Everyone with a brain