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  1. Deci goes Spellbreaker

    Hey! I tried to roam with Spellbreaker. I gotta admit that its a lot of fun!
  2. A Teef Tries To Roam Vol. 3

    Huya, guess whos back <3
  3. A Teef Tries To Roam Vol. 2

    Heya, well.. since nobody liked my last video (i really dont know why tbh) I tried to make a new one to see if you guys like this one better! I hope you enjoy it, I really do.
  4. ArenaNet Hates Him!

    Hey! After my 3 subscriber special, I got 2 more subscribers. I think thats the time to present you guys my newest video <3 I had some funny moments while roaming. Have fun! <3
  5. 3 Subscriber Special!

    Hey guys! Since I hit 3 subscribers I think its time to make a subscriber special! So here it is! Have fun <3
  6. Ode to Thieves

    Heyho, I'm back with another video! Today I present you my Ode to Thieves. I really dont like Thieves, thats why I made this short Video about kiling them! :-P Have Fun! Deci
  7. Revenant Roaming

    hey guys, im totally new to this forum and i just made a roaming video. would be great if you guys would check it out and give me some citics! Deci