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  1. Dramalation, SFR+FoW, Gankdara

    Woo wee stop building acs. When we have proper amount of people and good enough commander, no problem. Deso literally consists of pugs and salt members or some other shit. As my name implies i was miscarriage myself. Still cancer to adapt to this condi aids.
  2. Dramalation, SFR+FoW, Gankdara

    also there was something about it being couple of people not one.
  3. Dramalation, SFR+FoW, Gankdara

    Yeah as soon as the objectives get swords they get capped. One person tried to prevent capping and saw no walls down. Its too fast for tier 3 objectives so not enought people react in time unless they are right next to it. Hard as hell to catch while being on enemy team.
  4. Dramalation, SFR+FoW, Gankdara

    Seems like sfr hackers or whatever still going strong during night time. Apparently Veloka and Mendons (not as sure abt that) were taken so. If any1 has any info please share or at least please report them.
  5. FSP-PS-BB

    Are you by any chance from BB? If FSP please be ashamed.
  6. Desolation-Riverside-RIng of Fire

    Then why are you still here? Im curious.
  7. Are you an artist?

    Wow thanks for info.
  8. General WvW Fights

    Someone seems to be upset.
  9. Basically anywhere but HBL. Better this way.
  10. Oh shit, this gonna be long road of vengance. Where are my crunchies mom????
  11. If it drew hundreds of people away we wouldnt be full...
  12. We gotta throw some sort of celebratory party. :v
  13. ??? How can one be boosted on wvw? This isnt League of Lego. Also if you are talking about negative kd. Ahem. Are you talking out of your ass or you mean all of our pugs negative kd?