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  1. t1-t4 mu thread

    RIP WvWvW https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/26547/world-restructuring
  2. t1-t4 mu thread

    If KDR means nothing then that means Magumma must not kick every other server's ass in fights?
  3. > @MaLeVoLenT.8129 said: > > @"X T D.6458" said: > > > @MaLeVoLenT.8129 said: > > > No one wants a link. Aandrie Youre wrong. We're tanking to avoid T1, tanking to open. Welcome to the meta imposed by 1 up 1 down. > > > > Help me understand here...JQ tanks to avoid t1/BG, but you want to open up because? > > JQ wants to open up because just like many JQ has been bleeding. JQ has been locked for 6 months, moving to a 7 month period since before the expansion. During the expansion players come back to the game and they want to play with their friends. These players have been waiting for longer than a half year in the wake of an expansion. Meanwhile during the 7 month period JQ has lost substantial coverage and guilds alike, yet we still remain locked. JQs overall ideal Tier should perhaps be Tier 1 second or 3rd place. However because of the capacity situation posted about in various threads, the only thing Tier 1 itself provides is a slow degrade to implosion and the general population avoiding the most stacked server and organized server, that can still beat every server while being half dead and bored. The same effect has been happening for ages, even to the days of my alliance and way before that. The only difference now is 1 up 1 down greatly intensifies this disaster of a WvW system. > > The common response I get to this is, they why don't you xfer to a lower server population. But yet the same folk who would give me that would also cry when I do and call me a bandwagon when the same outcome happens. > > TL DR JQ is trying to save its life. Just like the rest of you. > Oh I feel so sorry for poor Malevolent (OnS) who backstabs his own server and tries to destroy them repeatedly by stacking to servers to break the T1 wall. Before his lack of sportsmanship and wanting a challenge drove him to create the alliance of TW and several other cross server repping guilds. Yes go ahead and stack another server like you did to TC and YB. Tanking is no problem when there is no honor to be had because nobody has any server loyalty anymore. Thanks to you and your ideas for WvWvW Arenanet listened to you and we have the rotation you wanted so much for years. Whats the matter doesn't it suit you when the game is dead years later? This is from the old forums when he used to run Blackgate as server leader. "Greetings I’m Malevolent Omen, a server leader of Blackgate and the guild leader of [OnS]Onslaught. Blackgate is seeking Oceanic, South East Asian, and European guilds to fulfill our community’s coverage during Season 2. We seek guilds and individual players who want to join the server that maintained the lead in WvW Season 1. Since I came to Blackgate, I found that Blackgate has a great community with many people willing to work together to strengthen the server to better the community. Resilient is the word to describe Blackgate, which is one of the reasons my guild chose to come to here a year ago. No matter what trials and tribulations we go through as a server, in the end we always work together and get over them. These same tribulations have made us strong. Whether it is being the world’s first Tequatl kill or our will to win Season 1, Blackgate has always put its best foot forward. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdecWAAJcMQ Coming to Blackgate isn’t an easy win and Season 2 will be a much more competitive environment. If you are expecting easy wins here, chances are you will be disappointed. The competition is fierce and our Rival Servers want our heads on a stake. If you are interested in Blackgate, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for like-minded guilds and players that want to come compete in North American Tier 1 WvW. If you are worried about Blackgate being Full, please note that our server status changes depending on time and we have been monitoring it so we know when players are able to transfer. If you are worried about the cost to transfer to a Tier 1 server, please know that on Blackgate we help support guilds and players that are interested in our community. Join us on BEASTGATE!" Website: http://www.blackgatewvw.com South East Asia & Oceanic Contact • Death Dollie (Tenebris.9258) Europe Contact • Skugg (glorius.1235) • Smokee Gee (Smokee.1754) North America Contact • Malevolent Omen (MaLeVoLenT.8129) Malevolent as leader of BlackGate stacked the server with the help of the community warchest. Another post from reddit about the history of WvWvW and the 2v1 because of lack of sportsmanship. "I want to start with a disclaimer that for story purposes, the servers are presented as simplified groups, in one case in particular, the characters presented as a server are a small subset of that server's population which gave that server a bad name. There are tons of great people on BG, and very often I've had some great, enjoyable fights with them. Once upon a time, I was on Sanctum of Rall. I did not begin playing at launch, closer to around the January of the first year. I joined the server and guild of a relative who'd been playing since launch. This particular guild had a longer history of being an RvR guild, going back to Dark Age of Camelot. We had our own vent channel, we had a commander to lead guild raids in WvW, our server's standing was improving rapidly. Life was good. Soon after I started playing WvW, it became apparent that our server, SoR, was on it's way up to T1, to compete with the big boys. One week, we were fighting Storm-Bluff Isle and Tarnished Coast (whom we considered enjoyable opponents) The next week, we were up against Sea of Sorrows and standing champion Jade Quarry. Looking back, I wish we'd never hit T1. We did alright that first week in T1, placing second. That partial success seemed to change much of the attitude on the server from "We enjoy WvW" to "We are good at WvW". The server, our guild included, got much more competitive. SoS soon fell out of T1, replaced by a new opponent, Black Gate. As competition increased, tempers began to fly. No longer were our opponents other great communities with whom we had enjoyable fights. No longer was JQ the admirable champion, whom we sought to dethrone, and no longer was BG the rookie, the newcomer to greet with the same good-natured battle with which we greeted other servers. No, now this was war; the other servers were just scumbags who sucked, and we found every possible reason to call their play dishonest. BG called themselves BeastGate. Not ones to pass up the opportunity, we called them every name under the sun (BadGate, BagGate, HackGate, etc). We also took to calling JQ "JQQ". I don't know whether or not they had names for us. Then, in the midst of all this, WvW Tournament Season 1 came about. At the start, it was assumed that JQ would win, given that they had the best seed. But while we at SoR decided to just fight like usual and bitch about it on the forums, BG took action, and by action, I mean they bought a shitload of big WvW guilds from other servers, including a massive Russian guild. They wiped the floor with us and had us eat off of it. I want to take a moment to reiterate, before I go further, that there are dickbags in every server, and that there are lots of nice people in BG. Those in BG that did bad things are not representative of BG as a whole. It was at this tourney that SoR died. One of the biggest things was that our server-wide teamspeak got DDOSed, a lot. It was also noticed that our teamspeak, without exception during this tourney, got DDOSed if-and-only-if we were facing BG that week. Tensions grew. "They're a bunch of hackers and cheaters." the TS got moved from its public ts that everyone knew of, to a secret one which was given only to wvw guild leaders. It also didn't help that BG had made several guild purchases for the tourney; we said they'd "raided Mommy's wallet", and added to their name list monikers such as "BuyGate" and "BribeGate". As the tournament came to a close, SoR fell in status, WvW guilds transferred out, having tasted T1 and not wishing to leave. As a result, SoR fell further, and the loop continued until SoR hit its current spot. My guild was one of the guilds that left. We came to TC, our old enemies friends, the next guild moving up in the ranks. We only did so after TW, the server's flagship guild, abandoned ship. This fractured the guild immeasurably; only about half transferred. I almost didn't; I almost stayed in SoR, but my relative in the guild offered me the gold needed to transfer. Because we were split between worlds, it was much harder to get those who played less into groups. The guild died. Some moved to other games. Those that stayed found other guilds, including myself. SoR as a whole suffered a similar split- those who left got split mostly into JQ and TC. Few, if any, went to BG. There was far too much bad blood. BG, of course, lauded themselves on victory, and in the weeks leading up to season 2, boasted to JQ and TC of how badly they would wreck us, like they did season 1. This was a mistake on their part, for three reasons. -Reason 1: TC and JQ now had many guilds from SoR, expatriots of their home server, due to events for which they blamed BG. Exiled from their home soil, they were out for blood. -Reason 2: Most of the rest of JQ had been in the server for Season 1. They'd expected an easy win, and were none too pleased with BG's antics either. -Reason 3: This is the biggest reason of all. BG, in all their "Beast Gate" chest beating, forgot that they were taunting TC. They pissed off a Role-Play server. Never piss off a Role-Play server. Thus began the farce that is known as the Season 2 2v1, or as I like to call it, the reaming of BG. In a hastily contrived plot, JQ and TC agreed to focus fire on BG, trading wins week-by-week, so that by week 7, BG could not win. We'd then duke it out for 1st on the final week. BG didn't like this, and took to the forums to demand Anet's divine intervention. They didn't get it. We added "BlubGate" and "CryGate" to their name list. It's worth noting that by now, Anet had locked the WvW matchup forum category, forcing discussion to move to an unmoderated third party forum. It began unmoderated, at least. The 2v1 resulted in one of the biggest flame wars I've ever seen. Several players laughed, saying BG got what they deserved. Several BG said they never deserved anything like this. Several non-BG painted a picture of the 2v1 as a Jihad against the unrighteous. Several BG compared the other servers to an evil empire. There were several reaction pictures posted, of laughter, and of rage. Moderation finally got introduced when someone attached a massive picture of a butthole to his post, for the world to see. JQ won in the end. TC came second, and BG got third. After it became clear that TC couldn't win, we almost managed to sway public opinion towards letting SoS beat us in the matchup, to put BG in fourth, but alas, nothing came of it.TC solidified its identity as the new third T1 player, and BG got butthurt. All was right in the world. And yet, not all was right. In the end, winning isn't much of a victory. I don't play WvW much anymore. It's not the same- no one from my old guild is on anymore. If I run, I run with strangers in mumble. TC is a welcoming and rich community, but I must confess it's not as good as it was. I miss SoR; I miss what it was. I miss having good fights with opponents we respected. I miss doing raids on a keep, with the whole giant group all in the guild. I miss the people ion the group being there to have fun, not to win. Sometimes, when I run in wvw, with a particularly friendly commander in mumble, just for a moment, I feel like I'm back there. But then the moment passes. TL;DR: Tier1 is full of drama, someone please come up and knock us down to T2." We created this hell for ourselves and now we have to live with the consequence of our actions. GG WP NO RE. Reposted here because Arenanet keeps removing my posts on the forums and giving me infractions. [–]MaLeVoLenT_OnS 2 points 2 years ago I heard about this Weeks before HoT even had a release date. Arena Net wasn't kidding they've been working on this for years. I even hinted at this multiple times and i told various commanders and leaders. The information was provided to me by Arena Net hired beta testers and streamers. The same folk who provided me with this intel are the same folk who warned me if a season was coming or a certain patch. The information is legit the only thing thats not is the fact that they've been working on this for a year + so what we have as a leak could be vastly outdated. When TW, OnS, WHOA, TS, EK, fK, LUN formed "The Mad Court Alliance" we also knew about this. We also didn't like how the Tiers rotate and we wanted to break it. We wanted to play with who we wanted and fight who we wanted. We didn't want the stagnant pace of WvW and we believe that GW2 WvW community is a global community and friends and guilds are what builds communities not the server you are currently on. So yes "The Tier destroyer alliance" is real and the list of guilds within will probably keep the alliance going(hoping its just not 3 guilds). Malevolent was removed as server leader of BlackGate because he along with these guilds started cross-server representing. He wanted revenge on BlackGate even though he made it into what it is himself. The hypocrisy of some of the people in this world...
  4. The old GW2wvw forums before this were filled with trolling as you speak of. My old username on the old GW2wvw forums was Hammer Train Meta. I remember Columbia and the great 2v1 of BlackGate during Season 2. There are many reasons we don't care as much as we used to. The most important one is that we lost years worth of content of history of GW2wvw when the old forums were changed to these forums. I was permanently banned for trolling over years in game and the reports eventually caught up to me. My old username in game was Ricky.2679. The playerbase is much more casual than back in the old days. Pvp isn't even supported to become an Esport anymore. Even though we all knew that WvW was the true end game and a unique game mode which if given support should have become a new type of Esport. Apathy over years of neglect with only more rewards given to WvWers basically confirms Arenanet's idea that we're all just Pvers wanting pixels. It's not that we're boring it's just that game companies don't cater to hardcore pvpers anymore. There's more money to be made from casuals who want to make their characters look pretty especially with the introduction of microtransactions. Guild Wars 1 would of kicked League of Legend's ass if it kept being supported and updated. That game was very well balanced and encouraged teamwork rather than GW2's everyone can do anything builds. The majority of the human race want easy to understand gameplay that the stupid braindead sheep of this world can be entertained by. If a game takes years of practice and theorycrafting to learn and perfect it's just not viable anymore in this dumbed down society. They brainwash us with advertisements so that we become consumers of the global corporation's products. Banks control our world through the stock exchange making sure any business that wants to make a profit has to bow down to shareholder's demands. We are living in an age of slavery to the rich and it's only going to get worse for our kids if we have any. No privacy or freedom of speech anymore in this world either. I don't have a phone or a Facebook account because I'm anonymous and wish to stay that way. To bring this back on topic remember that GW1 had 1000 skills, dual class system and healers and they still tried to balance it. GW2 has a fraction of that number and they don't even try. Here's some nostalgia for you old school players: https://gwpvx.gamepedia.com/PvX_wiki And finally a joke by the Ceo of Arenanet if you needed a laugh about the state of the game's balance after path of fire.
  5. I'd like to personally thank OnS and TW for breaking the T1 wall and bringing Magumma and their ganking, pinsniping, spawn camping playstyle into T1. It's so much fun trying to fight a server that every chance it gets retreats to a choke or a portal to their beloved SMC and waits to lure the zerg. Then afterwards they surround the enemy and kill them with siege and their famous "cloud" formation. It's a lot of fun to try to beat a server with a link for bandwagoners to hop onto the pain train and get free wins. Of course you can be sure that if they ever lose their link they will tank to T2 again until they're relinked. I greatly enjoy fighting Magumma and watching pugs like myself struggle to survive their endless full zerker bombs or dire condition stacks. It's very entertaining and a challenge to be pulled from maximum range and immobilised while they instakill you. I love that I can run a nomad's Firebrand with all defensive traits and still die instantly to the amazing power that is Magumma. It's truly a gift from the god Arenanet themself that the fights that used to be about skill have devolved into mindless spam of dps, while not needing any strategy because you're spread out and bombing from all directions at max distance. Here is an example of Magumma at it's finest running roamer builds and not giving the enemy a chance to have a fair fight. Because that would mean Magumma might actually have to learn to tank and heal and work together rather than just spam damage on people that aren't stacked perfectly on the commander while moving.
  6. Mag - BG - JQ

    This game has always been non-competitive and promotes bad sportsmanship. Ever since release the best tactic has been staff 1 guardian braindead zergs. The game is not balanced by Arenanet and the players who play this game love it. There is no sportsmanship because the whole game has always been about transfer to the winning server to win. Arenanet encourages this because it makes them money. I wish I never even enjoyed or became addicted to this waste of time because all I see now is a shell of a once fun game. The sustain hammer train meta was probably the most fun fights this game ever had. But of course it was nerfed because all the dpsers couldn't 1 shot a zerg. It's really a shame it took years for Arenanet to finally add healers because they actually make fights last longer than a couple seconds. If only they never abandoned Guild Wars 1 to make this disappointment. The pvp in this game is an even bigger joke with most custom servers dead. Then there's the complete lack of regular balance and the game recently being dropped as an esport. There's always been this lack of Arenanet caring about the game as much as the players. Of course this is more of a problem of every mmo nowadays. Microtransactions over content is pathetic and the fact that gaming has become a business instead of a fun past time is truly a sign that humans greed has no limit. All I see everyday is the worst of the human race in mmos maybe its time for them to truly die once and for all. The endless time sink of grinding your life away for pixels loses its appeal once you've been permanently banned after all. Enjoy the ego boost that comes from gaming because I know none of you people have a real life that compares to online. That's the plague of today's facebook generation after all. People are more concerned with their social status and fake friends than their own opinions of the world. It's a real shame when you study psychology and realise mental disorders are common in everybody but most are too proud to admit it. Narcissism, psychopathy and sociopathy are all encouraged in our society to be successful in our flawed system. It's why we have people like Donald Trump as the president of America. The majority rules and the majority are brainwashed to think like sheep through television advertisements. Nothing changes...same shit different day.