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  1. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    Blue was Bad, because few trolls join the map. 50-55 public blob vs 65-70 guild blob its usless to fight. Why Hardmode Is Legend and Astha still leading on RS? 0.3 K/D on ebg vs chat commander GG. I hope RS will open soon. Need my main acc on RS
  2. WSR vs Rivercart vs Gankdara

    He means Astha shitlead i think. I quit his publics after 5 embarrassing fights. All wipe he stick in bomb ppl die and he too. At least i was follow Astha 4 times after he comes back to gw2 and i will never follow again. I think many good players will agree.
  3. WSR vs Rivercart vs Gankdara

    U mean on Green BL vs the Astha shit blob on saturday from Skie? After Lyroc chance the map with Astha we onepush the mighty wsr blob from Skie and farm him on Spawntower. Later wsr goes ebg because fights are to hard. But we follow and wsr is camping SM with many AC. GOOOD JOB Where are this commanders? Name? Liberius Stormbla was tag sometimes but get farmed. Ok ok he kill us sometimes on a choke i agree. At least we all know Skie will be offline in 2 months and wsr will be death.
  4. WSR vs Rivercart vs Gankdara

    because other server make nightcapping, when we to be fast asleep. But thats is ok, because nightcapping ist the best part of the game. And the real primetime RoF and Gandara have only bullshit blobs. I think it was Liberius froom Gandara when he find a camp or choke he give good fights but bullshit movement on openfield.
  5. Drakka & Kodash & Jade

    Da würde eh nur sowas bei rumkommen.
  6. Drakka & Kodash & Jade

    Hey Myrmi Guck dir einfach diesen scheiss an. LUNA und RUN locker 50 mann gegen 20 Franzosen. Steini ist sowieso einer der grössten wannabe WvWler in GW2. Auf allen Servern wo der bis jetzt war lacht man ihn aus und seine EX Member schämen sich dort gewesen zu sein. Ich dachte auch immer es geht nicht schlimmer als ich ihre Videos gesehen hab, aber dann zeigte mir jemand LUNA. Wieso stellt man sowas online? Das ist doch peinlich. Beste Scene ab 3.00 Steini und Shanya gehen down gegen max. SECHS [EC] Leute. Einfach der Hammer.
  7. Desolation-Riverside-RIng of Fire

    I Agree. Riverside have a Guy who is 60 years old and he leads the morning crew. On Prime he is to old for make this shit. Reactions like a turtle and he will wipe all the time because he die. So he play in the morning. But whats with Server like Desolation, No Enemy blob on prime to reset, no enemy blob on Prime Saturday or Sunday, BUT in the night they get 20+ que on one BL.
  8. Desolation-Riverside-RIng of Fire

    Sure we end ktrain in the dead morning. And then? All other will end ktrain in the dead night? Whats wrong with you?