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  1. Bez. I'm sorry to tell u. But nobody cares what u think or say. U are nothing for fsp anyway. U never lead and always dodge fights. So GG and keep doing that. Ah, bez we are red this week. Go there for your raid and say: "if they wanna fight they have to come here!" All fsp laughted at u for that! U lost respect from many players already, and everytime u talk u lose respect from someone. btw my post was mostly for real commanders, u are not invited Dodgeinas
  2. Bez. fsp 1pushed us since first fight. Anyway i'm not telling lie if we said we had no q since the beginnin. Why u think we were mad on many players? Cause we lost some fights? Who cares. We are not like u that have to play with best setup to tag up otherwise u hide or find excuses. We fought u anyway, even with less numbers. For us is fine. i'm deluded by some players that went on borders instead of fight in os. If u want a proof that we didnt had q ask kintosz, or joey. They both are in TT. Message for real commanders (not bezainas): If u want fights this week ask me or rav or any TT/Ez We have to play with this link for 2 months. Let's try to make the best we can for oraganizing fights, since most of the guilds and fight players are in our 2 servers atm. Like we did today with Nation, Etheri, Fabz and the BB group. we had nice fights in BB bl.
  3. prob u cannot even read. but ok. i dont care. #StayStrongFSP And ty for sharing your TS. Was funny to hear all your drama ^^
  4. First: who are u? (c) Forza Second: as i repeated to Trelis yday i didnt complained that u run 30+. i just said that is retarded cause your players will not improve if u run those numbers. This is why fsp is completely trash in fights same numbers. Maybe one day u will realize that and stop complaining about omg Vabbi is stacked of guild players, we cannot fight them unless we play inside our keeps, etc.. Ah no wait. FSP is big and strong. Best server EU Let's go PUGS follow the good commanders in FSP they tag 24/7. U will always have people to play with, build sieges, sm t3 24/7. easy bags, good organization! FSP want u boys. If u transfer now Kill will recruit u... i heard they need rangers! #TransferFSPnow2017