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  1. Phenomenals [FENO] (WSR)

    Still in WSR and still recruiting, currently looking for more ele and rev players.
  2. Phenomenals [FENO] (WSR)

    Still recruiting, looking for 1 engineer, 1 rev, 1 necro
  3. A brand new WvW raiding guild based on Whiteside Ridge is now looking for dedicated and motivated players who also have lots of experience with WvW. Together we're aiming to become one of the top WvW-focused raiding guilds, which is why we’re only interested in people that can prove to us that they’re worthy enough. In order to fill in you'll have to meet the following criterias; - Discord preferably with a working mic - Knowledge of your class - Being able to raid at least twice a week - Show dedication and put effort - Being able to take criticism and learn from your mistakes - Able to run builds with synergy with the rest of the composition Raiding schedule: - Monday 19:00 CET - Thursday 19:00 CET - Sunday 19:00 CET The schedule can be changed in the near future depending on how many available players we have for the different times What we’re currently looking for: - Engineer (Holosmith) - Necromancer (Scourge) - Revenant (Herald) - Warrior (Spellbreaker) - Elementalist (Weaver) To apply please contact me here on the forums or you can contact AaMelon.3509 or eye.7038 ingame. As always, communication is key, if there's something you're curious about please contact us. NOTE: Upon applying you'll be invited as a trial, during raids we'll judge and see if you have potential.