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  1. Community Events

    I had fun on Friday night drunken raids when was over in RoF.... PLU, Cappy, Fridays night are never the same!
  2. Time for Rangers?

    Frontline soulbeast and druid for WvW... bring in the new recruits!
  3. Question about Celestial AH Frontline Guardian

    PoF is out... Time for guard to get full minsrels!
  4. CC is a friendly European based semi-hardcore WvW guild. We promote a fun, mature atmosphere that allows a good group of people to come together to enjoy WvW. Currently CC hosts 3 weekly scheduled WvW raids, closed and open raids. Experienced Leadership. Friendly atmosphere. Support from the leadership when faced with difficulties. Support for personal progress that benefits the guild. Guild website and TS. You can view the rules of our guild on http://www.coordinated-chaos.com/rules You can send us your application using http://www.coordinated-chaos.com/recruitment Any questions you might have can be answered by the following people in-game: Asha (asha.4159) Kim (Boja.8179) Brooky (brooky bud.4658) Fruit (paullafort.4138) Stark (Starkghost.6723)