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  1. After gaining so much positive feedback from the first video, PART 2 IS HERE!! You guys are awesome and your support motivates me to make these <3 <3 more epic one shits, hype and memes than ever before! Smash the like and sub button and leave some lovely comments Also, be sure to watch till the end for extra hype https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9OLcA6xvds
  2. The Greatest WvW Video

    Sometimes I get really bored and make really random videos at 2AM in the morning, this is what I made last night and I had a lot of fun with it. I hope you guys will enjoy and appreciate these memes I put together for you in attempt to make you laugh <3 If you enjoy the video please show your appreciation with a sub, like and a comment and i'll be sure to make more
  3. Hey guys, I got really bored and wanted to switch things up. I thought I would give the good old Sword/Pistol thief a try with some tweaks and updates. Within 1.5h of playing it I was very surprised at how viable and powerful it can still be. This video is nothing special as all clips were gathered in one small session of roaming and I still have loads to improve when it comes to S/P (more than just 33333 xD). Based on the feedback on the video, if it is demanded I will put a lot more effort into creating more videos with much higher quality clips and editing. Likes, comments and subs are great ways to show your support!