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  1. T1-T5 MU thread

    Not sure why youre saying melee meta is gone. You can still melee train if you have decent amount of guardians to sustain from the condi bullshit. True you cant run the train as it was in the good ol days but some form of it is still doable these days.
  2. T1-T5 MU thread

    Exciting pirateshitting. I miss melee train meta.
  3. T1-T5 MU thread

    Honestly i miss the AG link. True both AG and SFR dont have many experienced WvWrs but atleast the overall fighting quality was slowly getting better which was good to see. Not to mention a lot of AG people were decently friendly, supportive and even often times joined ts. The surmia link we have tho is utter cancer - bit of trolls who dont even know what trolling is (just being straight A grade assholes to everyone), high and frequent toxicity in team chat, no contribution nor no effort even bothering to join teamspeak to help any commanders and if i even understood correctly then half of the server had allready transfered back to the EZ steamrollo servers. Oddly enough ranged DPS also started suddenly vanishing ever since we got them. Often times when we get top notch warrior bubbles up on enemies who are very badly positioned or caught with their panties down, then barely and ranged DPS follows there. Pretty sure there are good people in surmia also atm who are supportive and friendly but the overall image most of surmia has shown is quite negative. Ah well, guess will have to do with what we have. Miss you AG peeps o/
  4. Thniking of returning, need advice

    All in all prolly gona get some "you suck git gud" comments from the casual plebs who think they are best comms EU or sth bai ! :*
  5. Thniking of returning, need advice

    Completely and utterly clueless on who you are? But my guess is youre one of those commanders who fought me not long ago and was able to 1 push me in every fight due to having 50-60 in teamspeak with atleast 4 warriors and 10 guards in squad. Hate to break your bubble but SFR is crawling with people who literaly come to WvW for the first time so basicaly in terms of having any population who has played WvW atleast a year or even half a year is extremely low. Hence why recruiting in SFR these days will get you tons of people into the guild but they need quite a bit of training and help in settling into WvW. All in all if most of you plebs who showboat over 1 pushing enemies in SFR and if im tagging then ill give you a short overview what im often running with even when we have map queue: 25 usualy in teamspeak, 35 being the highest peak on good days, 5-6 guardians max, 1-2 warrirors casually, 4 warriors best. So the very best set up i get on the best days is 6 guardians, 4 warriors with 35 in teamspeak the most. In other words often times when you wipe me its due to lack of sustain aka guardians, lack of warrior bubbles to disable enemy melee trains and the most important part - half or more of the blob utterly clueless due to refusing to join ts. If you were the guy earlier in EB then today i had 25 in teamspeak with constant 30 man queue, 5 guardians and 2 warriors. So given i took down your T3 quentin, T3 langor and got all the way to your keep lord room, i did fairly well with what i got. How well could you have honestly done in these conditions? If youre gona say very good then come join SFR and youre more then welcome to show what youre capable of fighting on the exact same conditions as i do on a regular basis. As for flextom which im also guessing that hes reading this: Remember when i went full cloud formation on you during our last MU and we wiped you on open field 4? times atleast and after that you started avoiding us on open field areas?. Can you guess what was the sole reason why it worked for me? Here it is - i got 47 to teamspeak and that was the highest peak i got in a long long time. In other words people actualy knew what to do so half of our blob wasnt utterly clueless. So often times when i meet you then its not that im afraid of what youre capable of, its the big ass dedicated following group making up the fat melee train of yours. Also in the bay fight where you were wondering why i wouldnt push up on the outer hill there. Do you realy think id push up there when at that time i had 35 in ts, no melee train to speak of and let myself get 1 push in the tight area? Not gona happen as i saw you had one hell of a big melee train and heared atleast solid 63 in your ts. To stop a fat melee train you either get one yourself or spread like cancer and flank the melees as much as possible, hence the cloud formation i often want to use against you due to SFR not capable of having any melee train power. Now the couple days after that when we fought again then i got my casual 25 into teamspeak with 4 guardians and 1 warrior amongst with everyone else not in ts following being utterly clueless again. All in all i love fights but im not gona spoon feed enemy comms who can push into anything not cause of their skill but due to what kind of people are following and supporting them. As for me saying you suck git gud via whispers, it was made to taunt you and let you attack me more on open field areas when during that time i had the power to organise my blob to not stack with me and flank u from every corner. All in all if you are commanding and you are able to 1 push an enemy blob then something is very wrong and often time that something which is wrong isnt orientated towards the enemy commander tagging at the time. Often times it all falls down to individual players experience following the commander, the number of people willing to participate in teamspeak and the number of people willing to switch to the needed classes when called for. Ive been on the same boat as many of you who are 1 pushing hard into enemies, after all i originated from Gunnars and at the peak i got 50 into teamspeak casualy with all i having have to do was say to buff up and 1 push due to how good Gunnars fighting quality had gotten in its peak. For me it got boring as fuck at that point, hence one of the reasons i stopped tagging then. Good commanders arent decided based on if they have strong enough following group that lets them 1 push into enemies. Whether a commander is good or not is decided on how he fights with what he has, how he takes the worst conditions and makes the best out of it. If i wanted to 1 push enemies frequently while laughing "haha how bad enemy blobs are" then i would have joined some over stacked server with veteran WvWrs like FSP for example. Come and join the server with the lowest fighting quality amongst with biggest teamspeak decline if you want to show what you can do as a commander, then you can boast as much as you want if youll do far better with what i usualy have following me. All in all prolly gona get some "you suck git gud" comments from the casual plebs who think they are best comms EU or sth. Cant say i care, i just block em in game and ignore salt forums usualy. *my 2 cents for you*
  6. Thniking of returning, need advice

    No realy who are you.
  7. Wich alliances will be on EU ?

    Pretty sure most of the guilds and general population will bandwagon to some alliance that has the most veteran players of WvW. The server linking we got was a clear obvious indicator of the mentality that majority of players have. Many prefer going to where ever place thats the easiest filled with veterans and then pat themselves on the shoulder for 1 pushing enemy blobs filled with mostly newcomers. So yeah dont expect much of a balance out of this. Personaly in my opinion those idiots down in the anet should have just deleted servers instead of making linkings. Ah well, enjoy WvW while it lasts and get a guild that has people you like being around or become a drifting pug.
  8. Thniking of returning, need advice

    Who are you again?
  9. Thniking of returning, need advice

    Who are you again?
  10. T1-T5 MU thread

  11. T1-T5 MU thread

    I find it quite bit retarded that many people in the salt forums still havent realized that in majority of blob fights its the people that carry the commanders, not vise versa. Commanders are simply there to provide opportunities for people following in killing enemies. The more experienced people following, the less brain power needed on any commander on giving those opportunities of wiping. Meaning even a complete moron of a commander can wipe anyone if the people around him are long time veteran WvWrs who know what they are doing. So yeah i do find it bit sad when ever any commander in salt forums surrounded by veteran WvWrs who have played this game mode for many years think they are OP as fuck and everyone around them sucks hard when it all comes down to simply who has the most experienced players in their current server. Commanders youre not some special snowflakes whose IQ is above everyone else. Your normal average Joes just like everyobody around you (including me) so get your head out of your arses with those high egos and enjoy the game. Any time you steamroll enemies and call them shitty then switch to that server, get a tag up and see how youll manage in their position, in their terms and status. Just my 2 cents. Let the salt unleash ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Thniking of returning, need advice

    So how has the tuesdays changes from patch impacted WvW? Is melee more playable now? Is condi less cancer? Any new blob vs blob footages to show if the patch made an actual impact?
  13. Thniking of returning, need advice

    Prolly some special snowflake in need of attention. Used to have a lot of them back in the old forums. The most retarded one was "Shino is love, Shino is life" who wrote love poems and life stories about Shino all day and night. This forums has allways been a special attraction place for ePenis wars between commanders, trolls, attention whores and snowflakes who believe theyre unique and one of a kind.
  14. Thniking of returning, need advice

    Lol thats what im doing atm - playing BDO. Though its hard for me to get past the aspect of having have to grind to level up (eventhough they decreased the amount of exp needed to level up from 56-60 a lot) and the RNG aspect of upgrading your gear to the PVP requirements. Honestly i love the combat there and the graphics are top notch but what i mentioned above is something i realy hate about that game. I just wana PVP without having to go through boring ass PVE and the casino online part.
  15. Thniking of returning, need advice

    @Shino Never hated AG but i did have to stirr up some shit and drama so AG would fight better via dislike against me. Fighting AG outside server vs server was a literal 1 push slaughter fest day in and day out. It got boring pretty quickly given we had MUs vs AG often.