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  1. The Shadow Objective [TAO] Clandestine Operations and Services Seeking self-motivated individuals with a desire for focus in clandestine operations. This includes missions of sabotage and intelligence, with the expressed intent of success through subversive action. Individuals are expected to maintain multiple operational accounts with level 80 characters for the purpose of infiltration and covert actions. Prior experience is not required, but is preferred. Agents should expect to be autonomous while building and maintaining their own objectives through the assistance of organizational resources. Expectations include a strict adherence to the Terms of Service and End User License Agreements as set forth by ArenaNet. Agents should be highly flexible to accommodate changes in WvW mechanics and ArenaNet policies. Requirements: Two Account Minimum WvW Access (Level 60+) Discord Working Microphone Preferences: Technical Knowledge Heart of Thorns Expansion Mesmer Thief Familiarity with Clandestine Operations Training is offered to any individuals willing to meet the requirements of admission whilst maintaining little to no prior working clandestine experience. In training, topics may include: General Clandestine Concepts Technical Aspects of Operation Rules and Mechanics Research Safe Security Practices Asset Development Identity Obfuscation Methods Psychological Operations Sabotage and Disruption Propaganda Development If you are interested in learning more about what is offered, please contact NSASpy.2057 or NSASpy.2391 for an interview.