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  1. I have just returned to GW2 after a looong time playing other MMO's and just cant believe the level of skill, or lack there of, that the current commanders on my server display. So I thought, why not start a list of the shittest drivers/commanders to ever grace our servers? Add some in and let us know what server they are on! 1. Mez U Up (BG) 2. Mollaces Muscles (Not sure now, but was BG) 3. Tarkus (BG) 4. Chilli (HOD) 5. Zen (BP) 6. Malevolent (JQ) 7. Mance (MAG) 8. Cheddar (JQ) 9. Bee (SOS) 10. Hammo (SOS) 11. Doc Cerebus (SOS)