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  1. [AmP] Amplified Wrath - Revenant PoV #2

    doesn't count tho, they wintraded
  2. 2nd EU Tournament

    don't think anyone really wants to play arena anymore so would have to be eotm and wouldn't really work cuz a lot of guilds on same servers and it would take ages waiting for matchups/opposite colours
  3. General WvW Fights

    My sentence was kind of poorly worded, what I meant was, it would be nice to hunt blobs with bloodlust stacks and blob busting builds like lays does, instead of scrimming all the time. the game kind of needs to be alive for this type of gameplay though or else you're running around empty borders.
  4. General WvW Fights

    ye i agree with most of this, we should make open field "open field" again. on the topic of open field "gg", most of the time when we wipe open field we don't waypoint and we res eachother because the groups have moved on most of the time (this saves us running from spawn and means we get more fights overall during raid) but since you were afk you were still around and stopped us from ressing, you did let us res eventually and maybe you don't want this kind of agreement to let guilds res themselves since it goes against playing the actual game mode just like scrimming at south. It did seem like your guys were salty about us pushing you when you were afk (which we didn't realise) since you chased our disengage for longer than is usually respectful (chasing anyone low for a couple second if it seems like you can kill them) which made us a bit salty too. I would like to go back to the old style of raids where you actually hunt blobs instead of scrimming all the time just like lays does with bloodlust stacks and different builds probably, but it's so hard to wipe blobs these days especially with only 15 and recruiting is shit.
  5. 2nd EU Tournament

    When's finals/semifinals?
  6. 2nd EU Tournament

    Since Anet didn't nerf epi on the balance patch why don't we just ban it? I mean we banned more than one Mesmer in the last tourney when boon mes was considered "broken", and imo epi is more broken than boon mes was.