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  1. His name is Jafar, he comes from afar. Just fucked your mom's arse in his flying car. Admiral Ackbar.
  2. IQ dropping faster then Chester Bennington off a tree.
  3. Gone for 2 hours, thread gets turned into a Vietnam flashback. Wew lad.
  4. This is getting good. Keep it up.
  5. They are both missing fidget spinners in the picture.
  6. Ah so this thread is where all the good salt went.
  7. Those aren't exploits those are intended mechanics so rangers have a place in WvW.
  8. We can see that, but dont worry once you get a bit more AC matchups under your belt, you too can proudly call yourself a shooter instead of a tosser.
  9. Select superior AC, place superior AC on top of zerg, while the zerg is distracted with destroying the AC, kill them with mortars. Get on my level Darude.
  10. Just make a bunch of fully white charr upscales. Nobody in this matchup will know the difference.
  11. I think you are all forgetting that now we have white commander tags. So you can literally have a KKK themed raid in WvW now.
  12. The correct term is Europoor
  13. The corpse pile is growing you say. Also nobody can teach you how to place a million ACs, its not a lesson, its a lifestyle. Man who buy drowned cat, pay for wet pussy.
  14. How bout those G20 protests.