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  1. FarShiverDicks - PPT's Rest - Kantdara

    It did have an entire brain trust until they got unlinked from Shino.
  2. GettingFarmedPeaks-TpotCarrySquare-HidebehindAClation

    80% of the EU forum population calling you shit. ''Nothing notable of that''.
  3. GettingFarmedPeaks-TpotCarrySquare-HidebehindAClation

    Ah so she must be the ''wife'' Sov rants about.
  4. GettingFarmedPeaks-TpotCarrySquare-HidebehindAClation

    Literally who ?
  5. GettingFarmedPeaks-TpotCarrySquare-HidebehindAClation

    I think it went like this . Dye joins the room, Sov proceeds to REEEEEEEEEEEE for 10 minutes then leaves TS and goes to inspect his katana collection. Dye says whatever and moves on.
  6. GettingFarmedPeaks-TpotCarrySquare-HidebehindAClation

    Really digging that extra chromosome.
  7. GettingFarmedPeaks-TpotCarrySquare-HidebehindAClation

    Effective for the enemy PPT cause as stated above. If you wipe Sov's entire raid they win.
  8. GettingFarmedPeaks-TpotCarrySquare-HidebehindAClation

    From what I gather on this salt mine thread is that Sov follows Trudeau quotes in WvW.
  9. GettingFarmedPeaks-TpotCarrySquare-HidebehindAClation

    I have too much time on my hands.
  10. GettingFarmedPeaks-TpotCarrySquare-HidebehindAClation

    Even if they trade 10 for 1 kill its a win for them.
  11. GettingFarmedPeaks-TpotCarrySquare-HidebehindAClation

    I interrupt this salt mine to bring to you a reminder that today is national steel beam inspection day.
  12. Desolation Seafarer's Rest Vabbi

    Come back after 4 days to find the thread packed with salt.
  13. AG vs Far shittyPPT vs Token German server

    Careful now. You might get labeled with hatespeech against FSP