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  1. Some deformed version of Sarah Silverman
  2. Its only wednesday my dudes.
  3. No more mexicans. Only white flags and trucks of peace this week.
  4. The only thing they will find in my basement are bikes, a furnace and a shrine that I use to summon the Eye of Sauron that I use to watch HD Steven Seagal movies.
  5. That's also the time police stop searching for him.
  6. But what if i can't get extra virgin olive oil. Shino is located in the UK while im in Europe.
  7. I know the type. Not impressed. Not enough Sombreros and bulls. Just reading the new patchnotes. Half the classes are becoming memes.
  8. I believe you have witnessed the ER fighting style of Try to backdoor and get fucked even more.
  9. What were they gonna return if not fire. Water or Vanilla Ice.
  10. Nah im just in the mood for some mexican food.
  11. Hungry. I could go for some Chili con carne with some Quesadillas and Cola.
  12. Implying im actually on AG lul.
  13. Duende my dude. Flattery will get you nowhere with me.
  14. I will take a guess that BB always goes for the walls never the gates.