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  1. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    wait for it... who's backpedaling now?
  2. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    Hah! Told you he was on Piken.
  3. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    You don't even play wvw, you hate conditions, but you think you can talk shit about piken without knowing anything. The game changed and you cant evolve, fucking hominid, keep bitching about conditions the more Anet will buff it. We were complaining about players like you too and Anet turned that into a skill: Slow Boy, you on the wrong forum, go back to tumblr and pretend to be oppressed by conditions instead of getting good.
  4. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    remember kids BULLYING IS BAD! unless its germans...or white people...or rangers
  5. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    thats a thorough and thought out response, thanks babe.
  6. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    someone linked the Ez builds and told pugs to use it, when i looked at it i was thinking it must be sabotage why does a condi necro use an axe and not a scepter? why does a full minstrel firebrand use a greatsword but not Virtues trait line?! the meta has strength in numbers as a "variant" because most dmg now is done by conditions...and conditions completely ignore toughness. its like someone saw the two metabuilds for frontline and support firebrand and was like "yeah hey we can merge this into one" and the other said "but we cant make it look like we took this from metabattle!" so you changed it enough to say its your own build and you agreed on a build that makes each guardian less than the sum of a frontline and support firebrand. go meta or go home.
  7. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    Gandara can kill Vabbi?! Must be hacks. Everybody knows every good player is on Vabbi/UW and Rav is totally undefeated. I must get my bottom into this!
  8. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    lol damn, this aint even the current MU thread and we get people bitching about piken...worse part is i think UnknowZ is on Piken but why even come to a wvw salt forum and trash your own server? thats the worse kind of player. do something about it, shut up, or fucking move to Underworld
  9. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    I wanna be with Gunnars forever
  10. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    oh no piken might be catching up with their bullshit ppt, WE MUST PPT HARDER NOW! - Vabbi- how long can you "fighters" keep up this ppt? I know you keep saying you dont like to, but someone there is clearly capping shit with effort. Its almost like...even Project Vabbi...cant control their own either way, have fun with bb and gandara or farshittierpricks, piken dodged a bullet there because we for sure cant control our ppt'ers
  11. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    Who needs a challenge anyway?!
  12. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    Vabbi/UW might be overstacked but i think you guys should start choosing which guilds are worthy. Some guilds on psbl tonight should probably transfer to piken because they're so bad...actually they died quicker than the guilds raiding on piken, a ppt/scouting guild actually beat them..heck even the pugs stayed alive longer. sry im just salty im not getting my anal thrashing tonight from vabbi
  13. FSP-Gandara-PS

    Aren't you fighting BB? PS is with Vabbiworld
  14. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    "Killing Vabbi makes my day, getting killed by Vabbi makes my hole weak"
  15. i stopped playing for a year, salt detox y'know missed you too bae <3