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  1. Man, What happened this morning? Woke up to see SBI's keep flipped. I though they were the champ in flipping all of EBG.
  2. Shh... No Tears, Only Dreams.
  3. Don't be to worried about getting aids man... All you have to do is to think positive!!! Oh wait... humm... No....
  4. That's refreshing... compare to the derp that is "complain about queue and blobbing during reset"
  5. HAW! Proved you wrong! SBI do know about borderlands, desert one even!
  6. Weeks... Pfft, try years. By week 3 mag will shit down the tier from boredom because they ran out of easy wins or blob so hard that they are in tier 1 again. Old school mag gave no fucks and YOLO into anything. You fuccbois now go through a council debate just to minimize casualties for imaginary points.
  7. Yak's Bend does too. Just sayin...
  8. Thats the new feature in the next expansion.
  9. Had a 1v1 with somebody on mag and he got super salty from getting rekd by retaliation damage. I ignored most of his whispers but until he asked how not to get killed by retal. The convo then became constructive and eventually we asked why are you on your server. He pointed out how hes superloyal because his ingame friends paid for the transfer so he would do any mudane thing they asked. (operate rams, supply mule) After typing that out, he realized how un-fun it was. 3 weeks later he transferred out of mag. Apparently he questioned the reasoning behind blobbing out opposing servers only to be called disloyal and was promptly gkicked. He couldnt even solo roam without people calling him a spy.
  10. The Boycott Action Plan WHO = everyone and anyone who cares about World vs World as your favorite game mode. WHAT = TL:DR!!! DO NOTHING!!! WHERE = wherever you play and socialize about this game. WHEN = before the release of Guild Wars 2's next expansion. WHY = Force ArenaNet to recognize the importance of WvW by depriving financial income of current and new players. HOW = 1. Casual = DO NOTHING, BUY NOTHING, ENJOY THE GAME AS IS. 2. Competitive = State on MULTIPLE forums about the lack of balance, content in WvW. Encourage others that you're in the Boycott and refer them to this action plan. 3. ESL = Redirect new and interested players to F2P mode. Actively question ArenaNet in official forum and social media about their plans for WvW. State past experiences and lack of progress since... forever. (Expect infraction / banning) Remember that these actions are YOUR PERSONAL consumer choices. If ArenaNet do make WvW changes or you are getting value from this game, feel free to buy the game. POSSIBLE OUTCOMES: ***** ArenaNet hears us and finally gives us what we wanted. **** ArenaNet hears us and gives us SOME of the stuff we wanted. *** WvW the same, ArenaNet poll players for cannons again. ** WvW population leave, Game is PvE land. * DED GAEM... Bigger than that FYRE Festival! "Let’s just do this and be legends man!" I do sincerely hope that ArenaNet really make changes for the better to this game and that this boycott will not happen. However, EVERYONE HERE invested too much time, money and energy to this game and they refuse to recognize the importance of our contribution to their success. Until they honestly deliver what was promised years ago, this will be the line that is drawn in the sand.
  11. Why would a Peruvian celebrate a Southwestern US holiday? But if you celebrate Kanamara Matsuri while sucking on a popsicle, I guess thats a cultural diversity win right?
  12. New expansion leaked but nothing new for WvW. Lets discuss all the good and bad points for a boycott of the upcoming expansion. Remember to vote with your wallet!
  14. Difficulty Level: Asian Y'all ready for this WW3 simulator? Careful, creepy uncle Kim is gonna wipe some shit all ova ya face if ya act up!
  15. Hey Kefro, wanna know how to make JQ great again? Ask ArenaNet to stack your server and unlink everyone else. Oh, make sure they glicko adjust it all to your favor! Because if you're winning a participation award, make sure its really, really big and shiny. #nobodycares