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  1. Get inspired everyone!
  2. FA = Why we in T1? BG = Why is our server full? JQ = Why nobody play during SEA? Now that we got the obvious out of the way, let the real PvF begin...
  3. Silly, It's blob and KDR! Good news, Mag stopped pinsniping. Bad news, Mag started pugsniping. Get with the program man!!! P.S. Candid selfies of Magumma server meetings...
  4. Brutal... And they are fighting SO HARD for relevancy!
  5. Achievement unlocked. "Rotate the dream" Having said that, weekly ppt now determine the next matchup so I can see some people getting pissed off at servermates about excessive or not enough of it.
  6. Dear [BOZ] of YB, Its the last few hours of the matchup and you guys are PPTing like your life depends on it. Congratulations, You "Win".
  7. Its light listening honestly. Been in far worst meetings... Hell, they even discussed a "solution" to their conflict! Thats a no-no!
  8. [KH] "Kid Tested, Mothers Approved"
  9. Damn YB, you guys over encumber so many from bags that its a new CC meta. I was so upset that I couldn't move until that sweet outnumber pip rollover! Keep up the good work boys!
  10. Just reviewed the NA server matchups. Remembered 1up, 1down. Next week T1 is BG, YB and Mag. "Winning!"
  11. "This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it on copyright grounds."
  12. "My 5-10 MAG roamers wander aimlessly and hiding in objectives while blaming one another for being the rallybot and ruining the KDR." Hey, this is fun! Don't you waypoint out before we start!
  13. Well, if you ever come up to a JQ group that's busy ramming the doors off the third server, make sure you kill EVERYONE but the ram operators... They'll keep on ramming because that's all they were taught to do.
  14. Well, if u need to finish it off i'd suggest you do it with hot toast and butter. Depends on how much salt you can stomach, use more butter to comphensate. Yes, half a stick of butter fine, just like dying of a heart attack at 23.