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  1. t1-t4 mu thread

    If it means something for mag it also means something for blackgate.
  2. t1-t4 mu thread

    No no no Kovu look at Blackgate's kdr. That is a clear indicator of their high level of skill and has nothing to do with anything else.
  3. How Have We Become So Boring?

    @Sulla we are boring because there is nothing in the game mode to be proud of any more. Wining a matchup is most often decided by what server your server got linked to. So that doesn't matter. If there is one thing mag has proved it's that kdr is meaningless. The best guilds out there right now run so fat that they would be shamed into disbanding back in the day. Wvw is functionally no different than the old champ farms in orr. Any players that are left that still want to fight just for the fun of fighting have to deal with so much bull shit from guilds that are playing to farm bags. This permeates every version of the game mode too. I can't tell you how many times I come across groups of 4 or 5 roamers in guilds that would rather chase and blob down a solo roamed than fight alone. Even the likes of void and xt are guilty of it. Everyone runs from those that outnumber them and blobs down those they outnumber.
  4. NSPPT, SBI and Nobody Cares

    I think this meta has a lower skill floor and higher skill ceiling than the previous meta. Pug blobs will be worse.
  5. NSPPT, SBI and Nobody Cares

    If you haven't seen a meta defined by ground targeted skills, tempo, and positioning what do you think this meta is?
  6. NSPPT, SBI and Nobody Cares

    Os runs fewer than kek. That is also a very dismissive attitude. If you don't want to accept what I say that's fine but I think you are underestimating things.
  7. NSPPT, SBI and Nobody Cares

    I have fought groups from t1 to t4 in the last four weeks. It was the same throughout all the tiers. If you want t1 examples I fought pyro in t1 and saw them pulling off many outnumbered fights. And on my own server I've seen os consistently wipe double their numbers in this meta.
  8. NSPPT, SBI and Nobody Cares

    @Magical HoT meta was dominated by boon uptime and cleave skills. Which meant most fights were just two groups running into each other trying to force cooldowns. It was more often decided by numbers not skill because more numbers means more cooldowns to pop. This meta is all about ground targeted damage. This damage can be dodged and mitigated and a groups cohesion, its drivers decision making and its members skill make the difference. The tomes provide sustain to push keeping the meta from becoming hyper pirate ship without allowing continuous pushing. Groups should be playing for tempo and position now not cooldowns. It's the first meta in a while that allows more than the most skilled 20 mans the ability to fight double the numbers and win consistently.
  9. NSPPT, SBI and Nobody Cares

    @Magical I have to disagree. There is more strategy in this meta than the last meta ever had.
  10. NSPPT, SBI and Nobody Cares

    @celestial the funny thing is that mag hates fighting blackgate but functionally your servers are the same. I saw essentially no differences between you two when nsppt was in t1.
  11. NSPPT, SBI and Nobody Cares

    I suppose with doc in your rectum you can handle the pug blobs. If sieges and pug blobs are your thing go for it I guess.
  12. NSPPT, SBI and Nobody Cares

    @Henrik blobgate isn't the only reason no one fights in t1. Rumor has it the only way most of mag can get off each night is by posting their current kdr in map chat. They would never risk blue balls just to fight. @SullaRecently our pugmanders have mostly been on nsppt bl and eb so you are unlikely to find many guild groups on those maps. If you are fighting defenders you are on the wrong maps. Especially since the defending group is probably bouncing between you and the hod group all night.
  13. NSPPT, SBI and Nobody Cares

    Is that nsppt on top of na for total kills for the week followed by sbi and hod in the number 2 and 4 spots? Every other tier should be very ashamed. Get your asses out there and actually fight. You might lose more and your precious kdr might suffer but at least you'll be able to say you had the balls to fight where others ran. I also just noticed nsppt has the lowest percentage of points from ppt too so y'all are ppting more than nsppt lol.
  14. NSPPT, SBI and Nobody Cares

    It's a yawnfest for everyone then. Sunday night I was with a guild trying to find fights and the only thing on either bl was siege. They had to throw cats and shield gens in a ppt siege just to get into a tower so that sbi would pull an ewp and actually fight.
  15. I wouldn't give tw credit for any server politics. They lost a power struggle on nsppt and then imploded. I've never seen someone fail so hard before. Honestly I have to give malevolent props if he was the one propping up tw politically. He must have been god tier to make up for that level of ineptitude.