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  1. People bitching in FA map chat about the fact CD has more people running around than them. Lol, its about time someone found our coverage gap to pvdoor. Its been there the whole time. ~ Kovu
  2. I am on the wrong server. ~ Kovu
  3. They'd be capped at 500 members or w/e then. Might as well just call it two different guilds. ~ Kovu
  4. Lol at an entire tier rolling up a tier. I don't think that's happened in this game before. ~ Kovu
  5. I plant alts everywhere because I have friends on multiple servers. I figure that's likely the case for Chaba, too. ~ Kovu
  6. Maguuma has 30+ in ebg at this moment. They chose not to defend their map. Unrelated, is english your second language or do you intentionally prefer to sound like a blabbering child? ~ Kovu
  7. Nobody on FA feels bad for you, murawai. Not when mag pulls this shit during FA's weaker timezones (late SEA, EU, early NA). Though I still had them called out on it. =p Though in retrospect CREW doesn't run condi. It runs power boonshare. A different tune of cancer. Was there another group roaming around on the dbl? ~ Kovu
  8. When people stopped playing on the other maps. ~ Kovu
  9. I think the point being made is that SoS took the opportune time to PPT SMC while FA and Mag were, you know, actually fighting each other (near QL). That said, full props. It was fucking hilarious and I hope SoS does that everynight Mag wants to go YB shitter and turn SMC into fort knox. ~ Kovu
  10. You cant tank in this game anymore. DB proved that last week. FA just doesn't have late SEA/EU unless a guild rallies off hour. ~ Kovu
  11. Persona 5. =D ~ Kovu
  12. Said everyone to post in this thread. ~ Kovu
  13. Hello darkness, my old friend. ~ Kovu ~ (Sick dodge, BG.)
  14. pve