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  1. Outnumbered buff OP. It will only take half as much time to farm pips this week. ~ Kovu
  2. Nobody cares about the third server. ~ Kovu
  3. Mag comes out at 8am and wants everyone else to know how much stuff they flipped while you are busy at your place of employment. tldr shut up about Maguuma's lack of OCX, FA's EU gap is MUCH larger. ~ Kovu
  4. Word on the grapevine is that NSPPT is making a comeback! =D ~ Kovu
  5. Maguuma pvdoor's SMC. ... Meanwhile @ Bravost. Mag 2v1'ing us in EBG with the grub.
  6. CREW cracks the T3 egg to milk the chocolatey filling, not so much for the sake of cracking the egg. As a relatively competent bunch we enjoy the fact that once the wall is down we can actually fight players and have some actual fun. (Except when they run away in the case of Maguuma, and formerly Yaks Bend.) There isn't a whole lot of love for the actual process of setting up catapults & shield gens and then sitting there for 20 minutes while the wall slowly depletes, is repaired from inside, then depletes again. (I take this time to alt+tab to visit facebook and e621.net) Heck, I can honestly say I care about ppt more than most of the people in that guild. ~ Kovu
  7. Saw this article in a hockey newspaper about development of the sport in China, and thought of you Packit. <3 ~ Kovu
  8. You're entirely right on that point. Guilds, especially FA late night guilds that are oriented towards fighting and not long term sieges on upgraded structures HATE fighting Maguuma because their style of gameplay is to turtle and pick. I'm not saying that they are playing the game wrong, I'm saying that the other kids on the playground don't want to play the game Maguuma plays. This is the shit people traditionally harp on Yaks Bend for -- but right now Maguuma is far worse. What happened to the server that would charge at others head on with inferior numbers with the hopes of a good fight? Maguuma's kdr is almost entirely from decent players from high rated ex-gvg guild militia running in small groups all over the various maps running high mobility cancer builds picking off the pve fatkid pip heroes on the other servers. I hate to break it to you, Maguuma isn't actually that good. And yes, there were 40+ ~ Kovu
  9. Mag, despite the fact they have 40+ behind a metric fuckton of siege @ SMC at 1AM pst. Seriously, we had to deal with more siege last week against Mag alone than we have so far against YB this week. That's saying something. Related, I heard Mag was supposed to be getting an ocx guild. ~ Kovu
  10. Wow, okay that bag farm in ebg last night was a nice change of pace from last week's runaway masters in Mag. YB doesn't give a single shit about KDR, and SBI actually exists unlike CD. This is probably going to force us into a T1 matchup next week, but god damn the next few days are going to be fun. ~ Kovu
  11. I haven't seen a group of Mag smaller than 10 in EBG all week. They "have no OCX", yet 30-40 of them still stay up late enough to hump that SM siege. Though to be fair I haven't seen a group of Mag larger than 5 on the BLs all week. Mostly just CD karma training. Mag the new SBI?? ~ Kovu
  12. 5-10. Riiight. ~ Kovu
  13. Fighting Mag in EBG is basically a never ending game of whack-a-mole. They follow your group picking off its tail, you turn around and attempt to CC them before they can run inside the nearest T3 structure (usually SMC). ~ Kovu
  14. I'm liking it. That said, two servers will never leave T1 and two servers will never leave T4. ~ Kovu