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  1. t1-t4 mu thread

    lol geez its been years, forgot how garbage individual blackgate players and the general server mentality is. It's basically like fighting 2015's Yaks Bend, except the players are even worse and there are a shitton more of them. Will be glad to go back to T2. ~ Kovu
  2. FA-HoD-SOS

    I overheard some people talking about maxing out on hero points or w/e for toons you mean to use before the expansion hits. My ranger has all of that stuff with map completion and has 364 unspent hero points. I haven't heard/looked into how it'll actually work, though. I've never been fond of spoilers. ~ Kovu
  3. FA-HoD-SOS

    As far as I'm concerned this is the most enjoyable match I've participated in, in a while. Last week was kind of meh with two opposing map queues running around. We'll see how it goes, going into the week. ~ Kovu
  4. Bum Buddies YB JQ

    FA's weekday EU coverage, both in terms of guilds and players who play in that timezone is lackluster compared to JQ, YB and most of the servers in this game. Its like that when we have a link, its certainly the case now. linked T4 servers are greater in number than FA at that time. HoD certainly shat on our precious ppt then. (Of course we cleaned the floor with their blood the other 18 hours of the day.) We're only ahead sometimes, some days in this matchup during those hours because YB can't defend their own side keeps from JQ. Quite a lot of the early-week EU ticks FA scored 2nd place on a <100 tick. Potentially related, YB had a higher tick than FA through most NA skirmishes over the weekend and into the beginning of the week, FA managed to steal 2nd in some of those skirmishes through ppk. There were times when I enjoyed this matchup. I'm personally more looking forward to HoD next week. ~ Kovu
  5. SBI - FA - YB

    Fun little scrim with TKx tonight! Hope to get more in down the road! ~ Kovu
  6. SBI - FA - YB

    Should be a close matchup if the first 24 hours are any indication. kdr is pretty close, too. ~ Kovu
  7. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    I don't think BG even knows what the outnumbered buff looks like. Except for a few of the players who visit wikipedia. ~ Kovu
  8. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    FA is tanking. T2 HYPE ~ Kovu
  9. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    I predict this will be another week of easily capping out on pips quickly. ~ Kovu
  10. BG-FA-JQ

    I haven't been run over in a single matchup so many times this side of 2013. #StillFunnerThanMag ~ Kovu
  11. BG-FA-JQ

    "I like FA" and "shame they don't have more numbers" are two sentiments never felt by our opponents in T2. With Magtank in full force you might well be seeing us every other week. ~ Kovu
  12. BG-FA-JQ

    Outnumbered buff OP. It will only take half as much time to farm pips this week. ~ Kovu
  13. Mag-FA-NSP

    Nobody cares about the third server. ~ Kovu
  14. Mag-FA-NSP

    Mag comes out at 8am and wants everyone else to know how much stuff they flipped while you are busy at your place of employment. tldr shut up about Maguuma's lack of OCX, FA's EU gap is MUCH larger. ~ Kovu
  15. Mag-FA-NSP

    Word on the grapevine is that NSPPT is making a comeback! =D ~ Kovu