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  1. Lmao
  2. Falf why u not on foW
  3. Havent seen an IP in a while, What's going on Faulty
  4. Farmed at Spawn, Farmed at Bay, You guessed it! RS is my server name Crying over SM, Blobbing during the Day, You guessed it, FSP is my server name We lose Keep, We lose Bay, Doesnt matter because we're Piken anyway
  5. My boys can you stop hitting me with bali shots?
  6. Sorry I dont die
  7. Fuck's sake man, the insults are too good, my god
  8. Stay tuned for whoever calls commander focus first* Hint: people will whine as fast as this drum pedal:
  9. Shino playing this game again?
  10. Thanks
  11. Sure!
  12. Collectively hating a server, That is my cup of tea.
  13. Dont be upsetti, eat some spaghetti and bratwurst
  14. Oh Sure love, Hidey oh edit: [1:14 AM, 5/19/2017] Gandara blobs can't handle piken groups half their size [1:14 AM, 5/19/2017] I do not know how they expect to fight fsp
  15. If you think you can control randoms on the internet, Ill be the one to wake you up and say that wont happen.