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  1. SFR - FSP - Baruch

    ItS aLl CoMmAnDeR fOcUS
  2. SFR - FSP - Baruch

  3. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    Hagrid has to go back to the old forum
  4. FSP v Gankdara v Piken

    I'm sure you'll have fun in t2, Lemme know how it is
  5. FSP v Gankdara v Piken

    Because whenever I ask my fsp contact where fsp is, I get ''In spawn'' and Piken just PPT Piken can actually defend their stuff while FSP just sit and complain like the lunic witch guy in my signature
  6. FSP v Gankdara v Piken

    Gandara only has 1-2 queues max on prime, Perfect for me, All the bandwagoners are on vabbi and link
  7. FSP v Gankdara v Piken

    FSP no castle no morale
  8. FSP v Gankdara v Piken

    We figured you were slow to add for that very reason until our commy spoke with you ye Nontheless, Fights were good, Ty Kill bbe's and EXE
  9. Links

    Fissure of Woe has had a history of getting a high tier link, then getting stacked with bandwagoners. It then gets a low link and the bandwagoners leave, Its a plague. Now most of these bandwagoners moved to vabbi (or the balanced link) + we still got a proper link. So its overall better
  10. FSP v Gankdara v Piken

    We'll enjoy our farm until the most balanced link in EU comes 'round
  11. Links

    I like this link
  12. FSP v Gankdara v Piken

    All the big chatters are gone
  13. FSP v Gankdara v Piken

  14. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons