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  1. Ty for the fights on Desert BL, was fun having to fend off Gandara and Deso off our Air Keep
  2. Kk I'll tell them
  3. Monty too busy and Tiru at work = no spam
  4. I heard Raiden had an offer from JS to go to JS and command
  5. Forgot everyone plays condi?
  6. In today's time, you would get pulled 23 times and evaporated
  7. Zenith coming closer to actually playing guard.. I almost pink away a tear.
  8. AH so was Sky the Deso/Gandara commanding that admitted to doubleteaming?
  9. ^ This is what I imagine Xynster looking like hahahahaha
  10. 16 pages btw, Well done!
  11. Both teams want 1 objective = double team, Heard it first on forums here bois
  12. Double teaming accusations HAHAHAHZAHHAHAHA
  13. Bijuu wipes first, then waypoints, dies again, Whispers comm they suck then dies again dw