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  1. HoD - SoS - Sbi [T3]

    The fight dodging was real tonight.
  2. With $1000 bucks, a mercedes, and about 5 hours to cruise the strip near the airport you couldn't get anyone on your dick.
  3. So does he actually command? I thought he was just some scrub from TIE who milks the Maguuma Glory Days Prostate about twice a day to try and connect himself to adequacy.
  4. Need a list for this shit: 1. w/e just saved Maguuma a months supply of viagra 2. This Maguuma cloud is really just underwater bukkake, right? 3. Destro, you fairweather fuck. Maguuma wins something you are all over here, but when they are losing you are harder to find than your mother's dried up hole because of all the flab in the way.
  5. TSYM is Back

  6. When you say "YOLO" a little bit of you dies inside.
  7. FA-DB-SoS

    Soo, how's everyone liking the new specializations?
  8. CD / DB / TC

    Yes, there was a shitmander convention in St Louis and the ventilation system failed after the chili cookoff. Simply tragic.
  9. FA-HoD-SOS

    Yeah, I wish that as much effort went into mechanics that go into storyline. The original GW was complete shit for story (Nightfall was pretty good though) but it was still good.
  10. FA-HoD-SOS

    except that we can't track it due to the API being as broken as the story instances. They didn't break this much stuff during HoT, so I wonder what changed this time.
  11. FA-HoD-SOS

    Well played. I wasn't paying attention, but I should have been. 2nd place (certainly SoS at this point) gets to deal with the Shit Sandwich of a match with YB and try-hard JQ. So evil!
  12. FA-HoD-SOS

    So, has anyone confirmed that you can buy the elite specs in WvW? Because if so, this weekend will be completely nuts; but if not it will be dead AF.
  13. Mag - BG - JQ

    Destro only shows up when Mag is winning.
  14. FA-HoD-SOS

    I'm not in the know as I'm just on IoJ and only back to play with TSYM atm. I know some people were expressing concern at getting stuck in T1 at expansion time and ending up like FA without a link because they were in 3rd place getting gangraped in T1 the week before the new linkings. That said, tanking never goes well and I think most people know that by now. No one is at least losing their shit in map chat over us pushing hard over the weekend.
  15. FA-HoD-SOS

    Shout out to CREW last night. If they weren't the glue holding the FA Zerg together, EB would have been a giant shitshow but instead it was threeway battles all night.