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  1. Mob Skull [Gang] --- Far Shiverpeaks

    Yes I've been playing on BB for the last week you fucktard <3
  2. Mob Skull [Gang] --- Far Shiverpeaks

    -Still Recruiting!-
  3. Mob Skull [Gang] --- Far Shiverpeaks

    Lele still use my written Recruitment message, fuck you... and put the "Well, we have a lot of Girls" back in, even if its not true anymore (it was Docs fault) Greetings! o/
  4. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    Btw the Signatures got disabled?
  5. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    I thought there would be some toxic shit already lol Was nice flextom thanks for the fights, the only ones we got with Blobbadons always running away even if we only were 13 ppl o/
  6. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    Who do you think got the biggest Block list?
  7. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    Hidey <3 come to me o/
  8. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    Polish <3 Hope we'll meet o/
  9. Hört sich an als hätte drakkar probleme Nice fights on eb tonight, Gang loved those lootbags nice fights whoever commanded the german blobs (Yes there were alot of pugs but most of em rallied u guys so was fair wasnt it? x3)
  10. FSP - Gankdara - Piken

    Gogogo lets just all Raid in EotM
  11. FSP - Gankdara - Piken

    Yeah but its insane man The good old wvwers have to qeue up for hours because of these PvE scrubs comin like 4 years too late
  12. FSP - Gankdara - Piken

    So....lets meet in eotm?
  13. FSP - Gankdara - Piken

    Guys, Patchday <3 How are your Q's so far? 150 EB 60 Gandara BL 70 Piken BL ~40-50 FSP bl
  14. FSP - Gankdara - Piken

    Dont let him read this otherwise he will list how often he rekt you and that Guild you were in \o/
  15. FSP - Gankdara - Piken

    U drunk mate?