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  1. Disco, I'm doing the same. Bullying everyone who places AC midfight... but usually when I tag up those peeps build Trebs infront Gates Everyone has such scrubs, sadly^^ Dont make it look like FSP is the only one lol @Schweigi Well, I dont know about the Blob v Blobs but I do know that literally all of your Guilds get salty (except Holy and pA maybe?) and chase like retards, even if we let them rezz. Mostly on Open Fields. We rek you, we let you run. You rek us, you chase till narnia. Sad. So its basically not working
  2. Polish help me, Deso made me salty
  3. I didnt said I didnt accepted it dude, I just said that Deso is even worse. If you could read, you can read I wrote that we sadly have such ppl building acs @Monica I just dont like the Emojis here x3 @Zxyxz Keep on going, wont make you a better player. Thanks for informing us about the new named Biju, self-knowledge is the first step to recovery, good luck!
  4. Lol. Didnt said it like that but mate, you are the true Deso fag mate. Please get on the facts, I never said we are allowed to get carried. I even said I dont like that this happens but I said that you are not fucking allowed to speak about that cause Deso has, next to Jade Sea, the most faggots who are building ac's in Open Field or anywhere. So please, learn to read little Booi :> Typicall childish behaviour from a faggot who lost all his arguments propably What will come next? FSP would be nothing without link? Oh already mentioned that shit whats been mentioned to every Nr. 1 Server OMG x3 Please, attach yourself to a rope unless you got proper salt and not the basic shit everyone gets when hes Nr. 1 :> Even without Link we will beat the shit out of the Server you will bandwagon to :>
  5. Lol, you should not talk bout open field ACs dafuq. We have faggots on the server because we're Nr.1 Server atm, you have these faggots with ACs in Open Field without being Nr.1 Server and not being a target for bandwagoners so you better shut the fuck up. Yes Joey indeed is right, still, YOU should not talk about open field acs x3
  6. Dont let me mention everytime Deso builded siege? Quentin, they love building ACs in Quentin when its all open and threewayd from Deso, RS and us. Or wait... Riverside... arent they known for AC's? Rivercart... I think there was something. Again just a thing everyone does. I dont appreciate the ACs in Fights and ppl that build them get bullied and screamed on till they die but still, its a thing that happens lele. BTW, If I would post Screenshots of Deso using ACs I would have no freetime left so.. stfu faggot x3
  7. Sov mate, just dont help KISS, for real. Let them fall or ignore them, we will do the rest and beat them to Oblivion and Uninstall x3 Zenith, I know that KISS is shit, but what is sad that ppl really handhold with them (DORF for example or basically most Public Deso Groups I've seen so far), while they are toxic as fuck. For real x3
  8. After I saw that low post I thought the spam would start again... thank god it didnt x3
  9. Old but gold man x3
  10. @Monica same here with AMX dude
  11. Sadly you are right Dominate. Thank god its not that far with the ppl following me tho x3
  12. Well, if you defend a Guild that behaves like shit, than u suck. Even we dont do it... or have you seen me defend amx somewhere? Nah man I stay neutral on that. If you really defend a Guild that adds in every single fight, blob up when they get rekt and double push ppl to outnumber them and still get rekt... lele
  13. I always see Deso complaining bout commander focus, if theres no other excuse, so... just check this thread. You were in a discussion with Bez, when he rekt you, you started complaining about commander focus. But fuck it, Dominate made me hungry now I mean I'm not even salty yet, sure AMX is overmotivated but they're not there at every open Tag so stop complaining like it would be every fucking day x3 What made me salty was KISS and that you guys defend such shit actions. How deep can a server fall?
  14. Always this shit about Commander Focus. PPL crying about commander focus when their Commander dies in enemy bomb, when he gets moad two times or even pulled along three others with no stab. Its always commander focus. Funny thing, I havent seen a single Guy Commander focusing, cause usualy the ppl on fsp brag about it when they start with it. Its always against Deso and Piken when ppl start complaining about Commander focus, get your shit together and stop searching excuses for your retardnes and man the fuck up. I dont complain about shit when I get moad once or twice in a few fights or when I get corrupted and pulled. I got pulled against Deso so many Times, I didnt gave a fuck cause they couldnt even nearly kill me. Then I check the forums and always see the same crybabys flaming about Commander focus, mostly Deso. Okay? So the Commander-Focus Server is complaining about Commander Focus? Sometimes ppl stand up and fight you dickheads with your own weapons, so stop Complaining. Usually u start this shit and basically everytime its you starting to complain about it when u even get fucked at the only thing that you're good at, Commander Focus. Obviously, like on fsp, its not like that with every commander so.. Just saying how it is cause it started to piss me off. Props to Dominate and the other Guy, I forgot his name. x3 Wont say FSP is free of this shit tho, with all that retarted Bandwagoners... but man, we still dont need to blob up to rek your asses, even outnumbered (what sadly is only happening when u handhold with every group online) you got rekt so... thank you and I hope we never see that salty ass fuck Server again. Bring back Gandara thank you.
  15. Ah okay, so, being a community-ish Guild allows them to add and Handhold in every Single fight? I mean we tried to treat them (even thise shitheads from Kiss) with respect but they just jump in and double push and still get there ass rekt. They may be low on numbers but add in the big amount of pugs also in there and Dorf clearly didnt looked like just 12 (they hit like it tho). The Pugs propably even did a better job. Anyways its always funny to see the kiss fanbois downvoting everything against them because they get rekt in the game lele x3