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  1. "for this i will focus your commander so hard" classic bijuu hehe gottem
  2. so i guess the kill vs holy even numbers is off the table feelsfuckingbadman
  3. hehe ecksdeh, lets blob with 30+ every raid (and random pugs adding to every fight obviously) and complain about guilds smaller than 20ppl handholding ecksdeh, refuse every even number offer, blob everything to death visit wvw monkey forums and claim that my guild is good at the game ehehehehe
  4. so much salt <3 love it. holy vs. kill even numbers? hehe
  5. nice to see that deso got some raidguilds again fun fights so far \o/
  6. Some random scrims and official GvG's i recorded over the past months
  7. pV won their matches against Vng, War and Ren 4-0 so 1st place for them. gz Vng got 2nd by beating Ren and War 4-0. I'm not 100% sure about the other group...they had problems making it into the guildhall so sIK vs Lays was postponed yesterday. Lays won both of their other matches and iN won against sIK and Zoi so guess Lays 1st and iN 2nd will advance (not 100% sure cause i dont know whats happening with the Lays - sIK match)