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  1. Gandara-Riverside-BB

    Same shit on EB...first fight with 35vs50+ commander getting moad 2x. Seems like all the commfocus clowns bandwagoned to gandara FeelsBadMan

  3. Gandara-Piken-Riverside

    Think it's pretty hard these days to get a huge blob on your home boarder, especially if you have so many roamers as gandara. They always came back to fight even when they were smaller and I'm pretty sure it will be/was different on other boarders let's have a nice week with tons of bags and fair fights for all servers \o/
  4. Easy to explain. Noone playing during the night on kodash and RS so BB is close to Max. Tick at that time. So they gain a lot of points and win like 3-4 skirmishes by huge numbers but only get +3 victory points for each one.
  5. FSP - Gandara - GH

    but leading on necormancer will...?
  6. FSP - Gandara - Deso

    bijuuu gameplay video hyyyyyyyyypeeeeeeee (for this i will focus your commander so hard)
  7. Oktoberfest 2.0 (RS-Kodasch-Aba/Miller)

    nice bug on riverside boarder..:D hf aba btw how is this possible? How you died 28 times!? Green Kills: 0 Deaths: 28 Ratio: 0.00
  8. deso v am v elona

  9. FSP-Piken-RS

    Hmmmm i'm pretty sure holy did not add to that fight's they just stood there watching. Maybe i'm semi blind, then i apologize :>
  10. FSP-Piken-RS

    found some small appetizers make it happen plz <3 OS even numbers
  11. FSP-Piken-RS

    you sure? blyatxd there was 1 treb behind that hill (@blue tag) and no shield gens, maybe you should try to aim there not on the players and on the choke during the whole fight findus was leading you and maybe you should join him and the other 45ppl he had on tag ("braind dead eb ppl" - thats how you called them)? 10/10 mortar skills xd click me
  12. Gandara - Gunnaabi - BB

    FSP stats for EB: Kills: 7,418 Deaths: 5,087 Ratio: 1.46 Blue Boarder 1.33/Green 1.31, so EB still got the best k/d :> big castle to stronk
  13. FSP-Piken-RS

    for this i will focus your commander so hard, ecksdeh i have some sexy screenshots of you fireing with t3 sm mortars into open field fights on anza hill between rs and fsp eheheh
  14. FSP - Deso - RS

    "for this i will focus your commander so hard" classic bijuu hehe gottem
  15. FSP - Deso - RS

    so i guess the kill vs holy even numbers is off the table feelsfuckingbadman