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  1. RoF vs. Miller/Drakkar vs. Dzago/Abaddon

  2. RoF vs. Miller/Drakkar vs. Dzago/Abaddon

  3. RoF vs. Miller/Drakkar vs. Dzago/Abaddon

  4. RoF vs. Miller/Drakkar vs. Dzago/Abaddon

    Nein is the only German word I know! Also regarding the shadow play dude, do you happen to be recording on to the same HDD that your game is also installed on? If so maybe consider getting a separate HDD and running your recording software off that, or getting a SSD if you don't have one. That should fix your lag :P! Weaver looks like it's going to be fun! Although I'm a little sad that they've went the hybrid route, seems like celestial will be meta again! I'm still gonna stick to power based stuff myself tho, and d/d ofc! already got my builds figured out!
  5. The Art of Tactical Withdraws!

    I didn't even consider that it might read like that! My bad!!
  6. were to go next

    Are....are you the human female meta irl? Glasses and scarf and all

    Can I 1v1 you for 100g?
  8. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    Cmon Shino, just fight him already FFS
  9. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    Somebody once told me- that stence was gonna troll me, but I haven't seen him here yet. he was looking kinda of dumb- with ballista's at like 1, A.M spawn camping with no regret. but then the bags stopped coming- yes they just stopped coming, RoF went to sleep no they didn't keep running- into the siege and I can't blame them, they was outnumbered it was lame my friends..:(