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  1. FA-HoD-SOS

    Why would we we stop what we are doing to do a 2v2?....I suppose a "GvG". We play 2 hours a night..if you wanna fight our 2-4 man xfer to the server we are against and fight us. If you think we gonna run to guild hall cause you asked for a 2v2 your mistaken. We could care less if we fight neo or you lmao as we rather get our bags in wvw. Game too stale to sit around in a guild hall for 2 hours doing 2v2 when we have fun roaming the maps. You will get your "gvg" when AR gets paired against us and we can see who has the better roaming team? Lol
  2. FA-HoD-SOS

    Dang bro you figured us out. Good to see your not afraid to talk now though. Glad mag was able to break you of that.
  3. FA-HoD-SOS

    Transfer back to hod and see for yourself since you care so much to what we doing.
  4. FA-HoD-SOS

    I didn't see you guys around(different map) but based on team chat it sounded like DIE/BOMB were being the new docccpkrta...but again randoms in tchat could have been blowing smoke up everyone's ass as I just wasn't around much to see it.
  5. DB - HOD - SBI

    What guild are you from brazen?
  6. HOD-CD-TC

    Thanks for the fights last night TC/HOD on hod bl. o7 We are currently on eBay server Chuckles
  7. HOD-CD-TC

    Decent fights last night until everyone left the bl and we we're qued out of all the other maps ;(
  8. SBI - DB - HOD

    ty for proving my point that you're a pug shitter with that above statement. go kys now o7
  9. SBI - DB - HOD

    You can disagree or agree the is no true fight guild on SBI...aoe is the closest thing and they don't even run guild builds and have been casual for a while. You yourself are just a pug amongst the SBI blobs so ofc you think other wise. You idolize those types of guilds(cccp DOC krta sin hate) etc etc. You rather bring more numbers to fight than actually getting good at the game and learning to fight with less. You bore more spit shit and can't back it up smh.
  10. SBI - DB - HOD

    You guys have KRTA CCCP DOC and Sin who sit inside each other and bring 50+ to fight 10 and constantly build acs. You can't honestly sit here and attempt to make it sound like SBI has any sort of fight community. The only thing worthy on SBI is void. The rest are just Blobbing seige humping dumpster guilds.
  11. SBI - DB - HOD

    Yea cause SBI doesn't builds ACs...nigga it's 2017 get off that shit. O7
  12. SBI - DB - HOD

    aye ty for the fights tonight packit/void was fun o7