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  1. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    Hi Bez. What are you doing all day? I play bf1 because gw2 is dead and its not because of fsp.
  2. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    Na man one win is enough. You could loose the second time you know.
  3. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    Germany will launch its next inavision in which ever country you live dione now and its your fault now.
  4. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    This little kid has grown up and is looking like this today.
  5. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    Wait Kill is raiding in open ts channel because without pugs adding their fights they can not kill anything? Wrong guild name thenπŸ˜ƒ. Back to bf1 cya scrubs.
  6. WSR vs Rivercart vs Gankdara

    Atleast that cry baby from jd is not here very often. Oh wait.πŸ˜„ Inc some salt about that special night on eb.😁
  7. You win some fights you loose some fights. I remember last reset against fsp vabbi was farming all night winning more than 10 fights. Vabbi even having better kd with dead link ag. I also remeber fsp players telling me kd is everything half a year ago. So bois kd is everything haha.
  8. I think vabbi farmed piken on multiple occasions even with dead link ag. But why should the hunter be concerned about the preys feeling?
  9. Arrowdash vs PPT-Lake vs Tryhardfrench

    You are on the wrong server then lul.
  10. Well if two or more bb guilds handhold they can give a challenge. But yes you are right. πŸ˜„ Ty for fights this week.
  11. You would not respond if you would not care. πŸ˜ƒ
  12. Focus on blobbing lays with 30 vs 22? Big and strong! I dont know why you complain about enemy blob. Thats the only thing you should fight. Or do you have fun pushing over guilds with 15-20? Well and that video you talk about is few month old and was ez guild not tt. With tt we have around 20 for raid.
  13. We had 3 other fsp blobs to fight. And we had some fights in os.Be faster next time.
  14. This is Commander Shepard. And this is my favourite place on the saltforum.
  15. Thing is fsp always says they want good fights. But if they loose they are butthurt hard. I wonder what is good fights for them. Fights where they can yolo and one push enemy?