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  1. What happend to Vabbi?

    game dead. meta boring, and did i mention game dead?

    forum dead boys.
  3. RoF/RoS/WSR vs. Elona vs. DZ/AM

    so happy i left that bitch btw dont complain about gettin no fights in t5. you're there for a reason.
  4. Thniking of returning, need advice

    come to baruch bay, nice community. Some language barrier, but a lot of people speak and understand english. cupala = bubble <-- this what i learnt so far
  5. Thniking of returning, need advice

    was there...escaped it...got linked with it...almost went out to hang myself.
  6. Bratwurstside-Moapeaks-Jizzsea

    shox du arschloch!
  7. Piken-Gandara-Baruch Bay

    nice fights tonight cheers. all the backstabs toxic retard horse 123 shit was fun.
  8. Piken-Gandara-Baruch Bay

    well we had some nice action on reset. sadly it didnt last untill 10pm ...i didnt know most spanish ppl log off to go for dinner
  9. Bratwurstside-Moapeaks-Jizzsea

    not even an echo coming back, dead game. dead forum.
  10. Piken-Gandara-Baruch Bay

    they loyal af.
  11. Piken-Gandara-Baruch Bay

    what are you talking about? i get bitches!
  12. Piken-Gandara-Baruch Bay

    Update..(+autism self portait)
  13. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    my morning coffee was never this good lmao ty all. wanna see how u all gonna figure it out after relinks.
  14. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    even without uw i think you are strong and next relinks once kill decides to join u vaabi gonna be even stronger.