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  1. sos vs jq vs fa

    You're telling us. LOL.
  2. sea/ocx server

    Given how much everything shuffles these days I feel like we're just playing matchup roulette, but without the payout. LOL.
  3. BG - SoS - CD

    Well, everything's getting shuffled again soon. More hope for you.
  4. According to Reddit, some of Synco's family and friends have access to that account.
  5. My condolences to the friends and families of the deceased. May the march of remembrance go well, and may he fight on forever in the Mists.
  6. Sos-Mag-Nsp

    Soooooo not joining the discord at work. I know what degenerates post there.
  7. Sos-Mag-Nsp

  8. SBI - DB - YB

    It would most certainly be fun!
  9. Sos-Mag-Nsp

    Loving the salt. *grabs popcorn*
  10. SBI - DB - YB

    The only thing that keeps me in guild wars 2 these days is my friendships with other players. Mostly, I log in to play WvW and that's it. I like killing the old guilds and friends that I've known that have scattered to servers. Funny enough, I've been enjoying the re-linkings, because with nearly every new link, I find an old friend that I hadn't played with in a while, which is pretty cool. It gives me a reason to reconnect (and then kill them and their guild when they're up against us on the next link.) :3
  11. Sos-Mag-Nsp

    Gankers gonna gank. lol
  12. SBI - SOS - NSP

    FA NA supports this NSPPT dream. We will gladly go back to T2 if you want the spot. Catch is, you gotta take Mag with you. ^__^
  13. SAB is the bomb. I'll be splitting time between raids doing SAB and the Diablo 3 season. :3
  14. SOS - BG -FA

    Needs more salt.