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  1. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    Appreciate the compliment. We tried fighting you but failed like 75% of the time. Atleast it's good practise for our people
  2. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    Swaggy, Swaggy wasting the time with me? No never If you are looking for a guy that insults you and gives you alot of hateful whispers then I'm not the right one. I can't be bothered to put so much hateful effort in this game which is for fun propuse I could be salty on teamspeak but isnt the intention of teamspeak to communicate with the allied players and not to flame the enemy ones? I'm not up to spend alot of energy to actually flame you because its just not worth it. It's simply only a game. It's still funny that you compare us with the big boys from T1/T2. I will repeat myself: Gunnar's Hold is a good fighting server but can't survive on the T1 and partly on the T2 level. I'm working with the pugs towards that goal but I agree there's quite a few things we need to improve. So I'm happy about constructive feedback And on Vabbi and UW most of the good players are stacked (which makes it even worse and more unbalanced). But about this topic there's alot of post already. Do me one favour and enjoy the fights rather then criticize us as a host server. Because if you keep on doing that you will end up smashing doors. Peace I'm out o/
  3. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    Spies everywhere. Nothing to add
  4. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    There wouldn't be the need to create a account here if you would have just whispered me in a friendly and polite way ingame. But you decided to write like a d*ck... The reason I blocked you even when I told you that we are not commander focusing you, was that you continued blaming me. Afterwards you probaly told your members to send me salty whispers to me. So why I should have respected you this evening, if you dont even try it the nice way? Thanks for the compliment. Exactly you even answer your own question I can tell people to stop but if they really stop its their decision. But one I thing I already can promise you: I didn't ask for commander focus. Well if I remember correctly none of [FLEX] was on engineer at that night. Also we usually never accept engineers in the squad. Like I already wrote. I dont deny that I decided after a few wipes to play more defensive. That's why I have choosen to fight you more in choke points. Wouldn't you do the same if you lose fights? I need keep up the moral of my followers. And I clearly dont do that with wiping. Like you said we moved out of bay. If I'm reading your text again it sounds like I have been in bay 24/7. If you didnt realise our focus was on upgrading bay to t3 and ofcourse we need to defend it. At this evening I got a whisper from a good friend on Vabbi/UW and he told me you were 34 PvD ppl in map. And with the pugs adding I assumed you were arround ~45 to max. 50.
  5. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    It was funny that your commander told the PvD members to whisper me salty things I had a good laugh in teamspeak thanks Well sorry If my firebrands are pulling (F1 -> Chapter 3 if you haven't realised it yet) the front line of PvD when I ask them to In your frontline is also your commander from PvD running what a surprise I'm really sorry. Next time I pull the moa's at the moa walls. Well about my nationality you have no clue either. Even If I speak fluently german I'm not from germany :* One thing I don't deny is that I decided to play yesterday defensiv. But if you stay in our mortar fire the whole time its not my fault. And the idea about destorying the mortar you got after 2h right?^^ As a 40 man PvD group + pugs I expect a bit more brain than this to be honest. Most Vabbi people (eZ, TT etc.) know me. And they also know that I love to fight and I would never commander focus. Also remember you fought 75% of Gunnar's Hold people yesterday and we don't belong to be honest in T1/T2. A happy matchup CAZZO! btw: Did you really create a forum account to insult me here? I feel honored.
  6. Thanks for the compliment I don't really expect that we move a higher up than tier 3 tbh. So we will stay close to each other. See ya o/
  7. Lets do it like real men: Blob v Blob And then someone cries that the fights were unfair or some commander focus happend Anyway we will met surely on the battlefield again soonish.
  8. It's ok mate I will just say that you dodge fights jk. Sadly we already had a queue on desert borderland when you whispered me. So no reason to change border with 60 ppl following me in AM borderland :). Thanks to Wall and DîRT from AM and Inc from Elona for the fights and lootbags
  9. Its the same like here on the forum see you later on the battlefield
  10. Nice on which borderland will you raid tonight [FI]? I will also lead tonight from 6:30 pm UK time - 10:00 pm UK time (19:30 - 23:00 Uhr deutsche Zeit ;). I would really like to fight against you with my people
  11. Seafarer's Best Augury Rock Ring of Fire

    Well in those fights Andrew didn't focus me So you are wrong in this case Thanks for downvoting all my posts in the past. I appreciate the time you spend to downvote the last 15 posts I did
  12. Seafarer's Best Augury Rock Ring of Fire

    Thanks to the SFR commander Andrew from [AmP] for the challenging fights on Seafarer's borderland yesterday. Fair fights without any focus Cheers
  13. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    Yeah respect for fighting with 13 ppl! Why toxic sh*t? Well yeah AM was just backstabbing each of us....
  14. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    Thanks III and Gang for the decent fights on RoF Borderland Big respect for fighting us for so long and not giving up!
  15. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    Big thanks to the Ring of Fire commander with the [Dmon] tag (or something similar) for the fights. Huge respect for fighting us and not hiding behind walls/gates! Sadly after you lost Garri you gave up (which is completely understandable)