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  1. Thanks for the compliment I don't really expect that we move a higher up than tier 3 tbh. So we will stay close to each other. See ya o/
  2. Lets do it like real men: Blob v Blob And then someone cries that the fights were unfair or some commander focus happend Anyway we will met surely on the battlefield again soonish.
  3. It's ok mate I will just say that you dodge fights jk. Sadly we already had a queue on desert borderland when you whispered me. So no reason to change border with 60 ppl following me in AM borderland :). Thanks to Wall and DîRT from AM and Inc from Elona for the fights and lootbags
  4. Its the same like here on the forum see you later on the battlefield
  5. Nice on which borderland will you raid tonight [FI]? I will also lead tonight from 6:30 pm UK time - 10:00 pm UK time (19:30 - 23:00 Uhr deutsche Zeit ;). I would really like to fight against you with my people
  6. Seafarer's Best Augury Rock Ring of Fire

    Well in those fights Andrew didn't focus me So you are wrong in this case Thanks for downvoting all my posts in the past. I appreciate the time you spend to downvote the last 15 posts I did
  7. Seafarer's Best Augury Rock Ring of Fire

    Thanks to the SFR commander Andrew from [AmP] for the challenging fights on Seafarer's borderland yesterday. Fair fights without any focus Cheers
  8. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    Yeah respect for fighting with 13 ppl! Why toxic sh*t? Well yeah AM was just backstabbing each of us....
  9. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    Thanks III and Gang for the decent fights on RoF Borderland Big respect for fighting us for so long and not giving up!
  10. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    Big thanks to the Ring of Fire commander with the [Dmon] tag (or something similar) for the fights. Huge respect for fighting us and not hiding behind walls/gates! Sadly after you lost Garri you gave up (which is completely understandable)
  11. FSP - Gandara - GH

    Ok well you were the only Vabbi guy in home bl tonight Special snowflake \o/
  12. FSP - Gandara - GH

    A big thanks to Kale, Kill, AH, Pure and the Gandara public for the fights on Gunnar's Hold Borderland. Especially AH provided us some nice and even fights. Remember we only had Gunnar's Hold people and no Vabbi people on Home Borderland. So I think we did pretty good ^^
  13. FSP - Gandara - GH

    Yeah since the linking with Vabbi I most likely lead on Gunnar's Hold Borderland because people tend to stack in EB. Like I already said to you in whisper, 95% of the people following me in Gunnar's Hold Borderland are GH people. For us Gunnar's Hold people its a really though challenge to fight against T1 servers but I noticed we are not doing that bad. Looking forward for some nice and fair fights the next couple of days on Gunnar's Hold Borderland.
  14. FSP - Gandara - GH

    Thanks for the fights yesterday in Gunnar's Hold Borderland. Nice and even fights against Kale, Jd, Pure, LoF etc.
  15. Gunnar's Hold - Baruch Bay - Jade Sea

    Another awesome evening with loads of fights on Gunnar's Hold Border. Thanks to CaDi, rS, LAST, WaR, FS, BOT, VAI and the publics for the fights and the lootbags