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  1. Ye, they're still asking me if I know your location so they can do a Madeline McCann search in your basement
  2. I come on occasionally, like once a week
  3. Lmao this thread is great and I haven't even had to start anything yet
  4. So that's what you look like, it's exactly what I imagined
  5. I'm just glad there's an ROF who's returning the fire, I was almost starting to feel bad with me bashing ROF and getting nothing in return
  6. There's a reason he has Wanka in his name
  7. I'll be damned, I haven't fought BB for ages
  8. In fairness if an erotic role player guild full of blokes came up and asked me to play with them you can guarantee that you'd see a Shino shaped hole in the wall
  9. If your guild leader went into rap battling he'd be unbeatable
  10. Holy shit I thought you were dead or something
  11. Just wait for them to fight AG my dear butttard
  12. Anet already raided my flat and gave it all to the elder dragons to explain the latest living story
  13. I haven't got any ritalin on me
  14. But what am I going to do with the drugs?! Kami doesn't do refunds
  15. You should know by now that one way or another I get my targets