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  1. We need to do our own meetup with all 7 of our semi active members
  2. Ok while I'm here I want to announce that I will be doing my best to actually be nice for an entire week, so I'm going to tone down my assholishness and start being nice once more. Once I wake up after I go to sleep in a bit, now I may relapse since it's so ingrained into my nature but I'll certainly try.
  3. My reaction looking at the group photo then seeing the guy in the left at the back
  4. Why does france have so many tree lined streets? Germans like marching in the shade
  5. Welcome back mofo, sending positive thoughts from overwatch. Although I might play a bit when the new pvp season hits
  6. SA really is the guild that just keep on giving For the record, this is actually an SA fanboy that claimed that I'm worse than 99% of wvw, now I would agree to 50% of wvw but 99% seems a bit too harsh when you remember that desolation exists.
  7. It's their way of saying please notice me senpai
  8. Neither do I really, but if AG fights GH again you can be sure I'm coming back to get ya!
  9. I'm one of the (5) poor bastards linked to ring of fire
  10. You went back to GH? Smack some SA bitches for me since I'm not fighting gandara
  11. Did you hear about the new french tank? it has 15 gears, 14 go in reverse and one goes forward in case the enemy attack from behind
  12. Who's the person on the right?
  13. Ye, they're still asking me if I know your location so they can do a Madeline McCann search in your basement
  14. I come on occasionally, like once a week
  15. Lmao this thread is great and I haven't even had to start anything yet