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  1. and have either shitty metal music or dubstep playing in the backround. Because nothing says hardcore like playing an MMO while playing a little goblin creature while some guy with bright coloured hair and piercings screams uncomprehensively in the background
  2. Might end up going online with a core guard spec sometime this week if I get really bored, firebrand can go fellate itself
  3. Desolation-Riverside-RIng of Fire

    You're the single most retarded shit I've ever seen post about morning trains.
  4. Lmao, how did I only just see this
  5. Nah, Rof isn't that bad, apart from FENCE there's no-one really that retarded unlike a lot of other servers
  6. Nice to know your life revolves around mine
  7. What's a shit tier poster like you doing on life
  8. I wouldn't trust them with a pet rock let alone a brain
  9. Don't be silly, that would imply Rof has any brains in the first place
  10. Desolation Seafarer's Rest Vabbi

    Lol nah you're alright mate
  11. It has massive potential and It's definitely worth me learning some more but it's properly clunky and frustrating to use, like we're talking original daredevil staff levels of clunky The tomes can definitely use some more working since at the moment the DH elite spec can get the same or better effect just by pressing one button that the tomes require 3+ presses to achieve. The mantras aren't great tbh, they work with mesmers because mesmers have clones and stealth to help cast them but guardians just don't have that. It's really hard for guardians to do anything apart from jackshit when casting the mantras
  12. Lmao we're actually winning. I guess if you mash enough high population servers together somethings got to go right
  13. I get to test out firebrand and determine whether or not I actually play wvw anymore
  14. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    Lmao I really should start just blocking ragers in pvp
  15. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    There's people roaming?!