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  1. [RISE] vs [RED], [OnS], [OO]

  2. [RISE] vs [RED], [OnS], [OO]

    [RISE] vs [RED]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBg4_GFABvs&t=23s [RISE] vs [OnS]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igtOYBt6KYo&t=3s [RISE] vs [OO]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL7Q9gxns-s&t=53s More to come, enjoy all. Motivate for all pre-pof
  3. Team [RISE] Never Give Up


    Ragnarok - PoV
  5. [RISE] AS ONE

    to keep motivating to play this dead game. Never give up ! yes you can, you can make a team through dedication and the right people. Balls deep for life !

    BG KDR in EBG was leading by last time I checked before I tagged down. anyway it was a lagcity night in EBG that reminds all of us how it went down back in the days where three servers trying to battle it out to gain control of SMC. I tagged up for BG militia( without RISE, only 4 or 5) hoping to establish a bond once again BG has in EBG, so they can bring quality fights for my dearest Maguuma. I promised all of you in Mag I will bring fights to the table no matter how hard it is, BG militia will prevail. Maguuuuma Maguuuuumaaa Maguuumaaa *warchant*
  7. Dear Maguuma

    Dear Maguuma, It's different than I thought it would be here. It's cold-- so cold it goes deep into your bones. There is one place I can go to find warmth. That is to think of all of you in mag. I just wish I could be back there with you Mag. It's not easy making bond with the new players in bg. Two days ago I tagged up in BG EBG with a couple of the rise core players. yesterday both of them got killed roaming against Mag, never logged in for roaming again. Here we are in Blackgate a server long lost gone into the darkest deepest terror. We will bring the light that shines upon to all of you and bring balance to the worlds and try to draw the last ounce of heat from its long day and send it from our bags to yours. Sincerely, Jarvan A.K.A fagget P.S. stay being pieces of shits, you faggets!