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  1. Tourney after the expac dust settles? Guild of Zoi always up for some fights now
  2. Geforce experience

  3. any gw2 lore source?

    Books dont contain wvw not interested...
  4. Post Your Rig!

    Pfft looks pretty but its all about the stats 1080gtx 8gb I7 cant remember but black sticker ext ocd Kabylake mb 32gb performance ram 2x 256 raid setup 4k display 120hz 1ms 2x 5k rpm fans plus exhausts vents x4 with full mesh bottom Laptop ofc
  5. Geforce experience

    Are you using 64 bit client? Gw2-64.exe? If so rename the file to Gw2.exe or whatever the 32bit file is called and you will see gfe will detect it again for optimisation Had this issue took me 6 months to stumble across this fix.
  6. Any guild fights Wednesday pm me Or we just gona upgrade keeps and blob and AC all day and run from big fights?
  7. Links

    I think ur misunderstanding....
  8. Links

    Or let them tick out remaining when logged out or in pveland? So they can leave map right after raid
  9. Links

    No not gaining after raid if ur t6 partipation it takes avout 10 mins for it to go back to t0 whilst this is ticking down you still get wvw chests and reward track chests you should be able to log and it ticka down in pve so u dnt keep map queue
  10. Links

    They nees to fix reward time outs or something see alot of people waiting at spawn waiting for their chests to pop after their raid so prevents nightcrews starting right after prime as they cant get in so map is still full for like 30 mins after a commander tags down...
  11. Yea nice farm on ER last night ty for fights love zoi
  12. RoF vs DL vs ER

    Are you DL? because all you do is blob fest as well as ER lol