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  1. Guild of Zoi [Zoi] - Desolation

    Still recruiting Firebrand Rev Scourge Druid
  2. Guild of Zoi [Zoi] - Desolation

    Moved to desolation
  3. T1-T5 MU thread

    Decent fights last night eb deso vs fsp kill guild and pugs etc. We had 35 quad few zoi and random was winning a few until people queued map 50 man queue and wouldn't join squad so we had to port out as we lost a few people that couldn't get back in Massive shame as fights were fun no ac's in sight really
  4. Guild of Zoi [Zoi] - Desolation

    Still on wsr planning to remain here. Recruiting Rev guard scourge weaver
  5. T1-T5 MU thread

    No thanks, fuck you and your Americanisms taking over cultures hahaha Long live he Queen!!!!
  6. Guild of Zoi [Zoi] - Desolation

    Currently Recruiting: Rev, Firebrand, Scourge, Weaver maybe good Theif... Contact Info: Radymski.4987 (Sgt Pun) - Guild Leader/Commander Agnofinitra.6731 (Agnooo) - Dedicated Guildie / Guild Graphic Designer / Stability 2 Updated: rules/recruiting/videos.
  7. What happend to Vabbi?

    aye ok, probably just some people looking for some activity then that do want to play. Anyway nice what you guys did for a while (whether i like you or not is beside the point or u like me XD) but actually getting some good people together and those k/ds for a while and pushing vabbi to main I only fought once early days because people were always looking to dodge the vabbi matchup by tanking ppt or doing lots... shame really this is what this game is about really fighting and bragging rights, not who owns the most keeps.... anyway good luck to you lot, hope u can keep the train going on.... and other severs take note, improve their pugs and push up for the last few years of this game as it will be truely dead soon surely.... if we can get 3-4 servers to fight over the top t1 positions with K/D not ppt. IT MIGHT BE INTERESTING rather than fight ac/door or nightshifts...... and flex baby, look forward to fighting your pug blob
  8. What happend to Vabbi?

    Ye saw jaks stream last night 30 tops squad most night but full maps zzz
  9. What happend to Vabbi?

    Idk but seeing ez and to and some ash on wsr deso linking.... Also ng Are u bois here to troll or actually play with us? Cus we been working hard on wsr pug quality etc....
  10. RoF/RoS/WSR vs. Elona vs. DZ/AM

    To be fair alot of the links like wsr are not here by choice but by anet shitty linking same goes for dzag probably...
  11. RoF/RoS/WSR vs. Elona vs. DZ/AM

    Rof people left told u And when WSR tag community we getting 30 full map eb. But rof and some ros won't join and even people doing guild raid prime eb so that's why pug blob never had 50 but anyways when we get 30 nice wsr we one push u got boring
  12. RoF/RoS/WSR vs. Elona vs. DZ/AM

    Inc' stupid auto correct
  13. RoF/RoS/WSR vs. Elona vs. DZ/AM

    Although forgot to add ty for fights once, outnumber us but u got a solid push. See you around
  14. RoF/RoS/WSR vs. Elona vs. DZ/AM

    Haha everyone left rof at the start and still leaving now they were main link bit didn't really wana cooperate so most left. Also wsr didn't have many and ros had noone also hence the third link. Also if Germans stopped ppt karma train and downgrade a whole boarder then seige the shit out of it you might get some more fights lmao I mean cmon you guys not only made ac top of sm Lord room you covered every gate with trebs cats shit you even had shield gets on top loooooollllolol then complain you get no fights.... Shit most people that are still here didn't even bother login to fight ac