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  1. YB - DB - NSP

    Last time I faced NSP (when paired with TC), I found tons of solo roamers to fight on reset night. Today, I found a total of one. When do the NSP roamers typically play?

    Reset night was surprisingly fun. I had more 1v1 fights last night than the entire previous matchup. Where were all of these HOD roamers last week? Thanks for the fights NSP and HOD roamers.
  3. HOD-CD-TC

    I'm just as dead against 40 as I am against 15-20. However, groups of 40 means less total groups on the map. CD has been hell on solo roaming in DBL.
  4. HOD-CD-TC

    I'm having mixed feelings about CD winning this matchup and thus not being in next week's match. I'm going to miss having Outnumbered for a large portion of the time. I'm not going to miss being run over by 15-20 of them several times a night.
  5. MAG JQ FA

    NCSoft is a Korean company.