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  1. Mag - BG - SOS

    No , no , no and NO... It's simple then all this figuring out you retards are doing. The problem with mag is a simple one. Mag isn't the throw back fight server it once was. There has been a change of guard for the most part. The change is much lessed skilled people. Lots of bandwagon garbage that's left over from the last run at T1. Most of the really good small man guilds have quit , xfered or just stopped playing. What you have left is this joke of a server called mag. I still do see a decent mag veteran player here and there. But a while back it was nothing but familiar faces that are battle tested skilled players. What you have now is a shit show of people promoting Zerg ball play. Pushing 1 and calling it skill. These retards have no idea how to fight outmanned and will not log on unless they know it's OmgK-train time. Add in the fact that Dr our link is full of free walking bags. Don't look for the old mag. It's gone. This new one is just a shell of what it once was. This fucking cunt isyreal is just one of many shit garbage players that mag has to carry. This is a sinking ship. A pretender server. No way to pull it self up against real competition. The old mag would send BG to eotm. This new mag can and will be farmed.
  2. SBI - MAG - SOS

    I've seen Isryel a few times , he seems good to me. You though , mr green I have not seen. But I sure am hopeful. I'm pretty hard to spot. Biggest , brightest charr mesmer in gw2. It's a date ?
  3. Mag SoS FA

    I'll be ur Huckleberry , tough guy. Let's have a 1v1. I'm just an below average mag shitter pug. Just say yes.
  4. DOLO and VR

    Maybe I should post my video of single handedly deuling and beating every member of DOLO ? That's right 15 of you lining up and deuling little ole me for nearly 3 hours.. I was 99-1 Enjoy the past.. that's what it is.. the past. I
  5. I am GOD, come at me bros 2v1 me i demand it

    Oh hi there internet cyberbully , boy oh boy do I have an offer for you. I'll take your 2v1 deal. But being a solid warrior of the magguuman army I'll add my twist. I will meet you for your 2 v 1. Bring anyone from your guild to 2 v 1 little ole me. I will do my best to do magguumma proud. I have a hard time getting 1 kill playing wvw. So this is almost an impossabro challenge. Do you accept my honorable offer ?
  6. Sos-Mag-Nsp

    Well Mr lordfggtgreen, I have a simple and crazy breakthrough tactic for you. How about you and your fellow shitstains destack and fight. It's like the Redcoats charging the Americans in singlefile, while the Americans fire from cover. Idiot.
  7. Hello wonderful ladies and gentlemen of t1. I would like to wish each and everyone of you a wonderful day! I do hope we can at some point tangle out on the field. Just please go easy on me. I'm soft as bbyshit.