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  1. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    ikr, don't speak german, playing on german server, what a nub
  2. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    pls flame me disco, at least you are actually from our MU
  3. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    flame me disco pliz
  4. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    I really don't know what are you trying to do over here. Everyone that fights against kill knows that your regular kill numbers are around 25-35 depending on raid ofc, but 90% of cases you got 10-30 (again depending on raid) pug cloud trailing you and actively participating in your fights. And those players aren't only some random pugs that just got to wvw for the first time and don't know wtf are they doing, but often FSP regulars from FSP wvw guilds that regularly participate in open tags etc, that from what you’re saying have easy access to your voice coms. Regarding our raids, with TT we never crossed 25 players, even that only when the PoF hype was on all time high and all the guilds were blobbing up. Most of the time we were running 18-22. With Ez we indeed raided with around 30 players more often than not, but our objective was to fight blobs. And if we saw more than 5 pugs trying to trail us, we used the catmander trick to hide our tag, so pugs couldn't really follow us. If you want, you can whisper me in game and I will teach you how to do that trick, maybe you will have more challenge in guild raids then.
  5. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    Okay, so you want us to believe that you have around 10 people joining your closed raid channel on regular basis, while they do something completely different, just to hear you speak. I mean, I understand that you think everyone reading these forums at this point is borderline retarded, quite frankly most of us definitely are, but we're still not retarded enough to believe such a bullshit. Not sure why is this discussion even coming up again in completely unrelated thread, everyone that had the honor to witness kill during their "closed" raids knows what's the deal. But now to actually be on topic, I wanna thank to Flex for giving us somehow decent fights on regular basis this week and trying to organize the Piken trash to create a somehow competent group. Anet fucked us over with this link and we are full stackerino, so props for trying despite the odds being against you guys. gl in next weeks frends and obligatory thank you lisa
  6. they reformed just to take that piken keep
  7. Far Shivercarts vs Cavemen Vabbi Feat Baruch

    ty for nice fights
  8. I demand a dramatic reenactment of the event!
  9. Sov is a living example that watching too much Naruto can fuck you up for life.
  10. power of friendship > proper builds
  11. stronk independent commander that don't need no support
  12. @Mokate That's why he plays range scepter DH so he doesn't have to go in melee range and get one shot by an unsuspecting necro, popping his RF without using any DH virtues. Truly a master of positioning. Also, I played my fair share of burn DH, and it absolutely doesn't depend on how many "EZ metabots" or however you call them you have in your blob. Your effectivity much more depends on enemies composition than your own. If you face range heavy blob (projectiles) with lacking condi cleanse or simply bad guards/revs, burn DH is devastating. Against most of the "hardcore" (hardcore in 2k17) guild open raids (melee heavy) or zergs under 30 enemies effectivity somehow declines. And lastly it's funny you even say: while blaming others using meta builds, like if they are somehow limiting your infinite potential, just in the previous sentence: Obvious hypocrisy is obvious. TLDR: think before you write, kiddo
  13. every minion counts as a kill, so it's basically a gvg
  14. you successfully ganking a minionmancer trying to cap a camp doesn't mean you are winning fights
  15. Desolation Seafarer's Rest Vabbi

    Ok... because I am a very petty person, I am going to drop one more post over here. I doubt our current MU will have better salt than this one anyways. So, you're saying you never really fully wiped that fight. Thankfully I have my shitty quality recording that can show our PoV in it. And I don't know what your definition of full wipe is, but the wipe seemed pretty full to me. Outnumbered buff and Ravya solostabing as a commander for bonus style points ofc. https://youtu.be/WC6OMcO2_K0