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  1. Far Shiverdicks - Bagie Bay - Kantdara

    Shox is angry at Gandara why ? And who is he ?
  2. FSP-Gandara-Piken

    I had to post this for a change. We had great fights the first days I had a lot of fun. Big zerg fights from all 3 sides .. Sadly FSP went mayhem on ppt again with a zerg/blob when the other servers are sleeping/working/school w/e. Some people forget that if you are a blob server where guilds run to to not lose fights its an easy task to win ppt wise outside of the fights and run as a server on those ppt groups to stay on top.. Fighting wise we kicked arse same numbers and sometimes even lower K cya hope we will get more fights, and less PPT Remember what WvW stands for..